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Incorporate a Murphy Bed to Accomodate Holiday Guests

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How to Get Your Home Ready for Extra Guests During the Holiday Season

One of the greatest joys of the holiday season is reuniting with friends and family from around the country and even the world. As we prepare our priority destinations and plane reservations this October, it’s important to also prepare our own homes for accommodating loved ones.

If you’re short on space this holiday season, a custom Murphy Bed design from Tailored Living is the perfect solution. With its elegant, space-saving design, you can easily turn any room into a comfortable guest bedroom. Simply unfold the bed from its wall-mounted disguise, put on your favorite bedding and adorn it with pillows. Extremely easy to put together and fold away, but with a refined design that makes it look like a more permanent part of a home, you can choose whether you keep the bed open for a month or a mere evening of comfortable rest.

When the Murphy Bed is neatly folded away, it appears more as an armoire or sturdy dresser than as an open invitation to sleep over. Strategically designed with elegant hardwood, it looks to have two doors that would typically reveal shelves or clothes hanging space. Even the real pull-down handles appear as if they will open the closet’s double doors! The sides accommodate shelves for displaying artwork or storing books, but those spaces can double as storage room for your guest.

In some of our more complex wall bed designs, the shelf portion turns into a functional and spacious desk area. If you currently work from home or are in need of a designated homework space, it’s easy to turn your guest bedroom into a multi-purpose room with a Murphy Bed. 

For inspiration about how you may design your custom Murphy Bed, please visit our photo gallery and be sure to request an in-home consultation with a Tailored Living Home Organization Specialist today.

With a full range of textures and finishes, we’re sure to offer a space-saving design that complements your home’s décor, and with the expertise and training of each of our home organization specialists, you’ll have a Murphy Bed in your home just in time for this holiday season!


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Tips for Organizing Bikes in Your Garage

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Tailored Living––“How to Fit Bikes in With Your Garage Organization”

Bikes are ideal for short-distance commutes because they promote eco-friendly living as well as a healthier body. They’re also cherished forms of weekend leisure for families. 
With the right kind of garage organization skills and home improvement tools, you can keep all your beloved bikes within reach and in crisp condition, while keeping your garage presentable and, more importantly, functional.
Here are some of Tailored Living’s top bike storage systems.
Tailored Living’s durable gridwall rack is an excellent home improvement solution because it is so versatile. Simply by switching out different kinds of accessories used with them, you can change what you store on your garage wall by season or year. No matter how many kinds and sizes of bikes you and your family own, you can simply adjust the number and arrangement of bike hooks and gridwall bike racks you use. Extra space on gridwall racks can be used for storing helmets, sporting equipment, gardening tools, and more.
Like gridwall racks, bike hoists store your bike off the ground so you free up valuable floor space. But in addition to saving space, you protect your car from accidental scratches, and your bike from haphazard damage. Keeping bikes securely out of the way of moving vehicles is essential for extending their lifespan.
Our standing bike racks are intelligent garage organization solutions for families with one to two bikes. Using this device to stack bikes securely above one another, it can sit snugly in the corner of a garage. It is ideal if you’re renting a home or apartment and can’t install more robust wall or ceiling systems, or for those seeking an easy way to keep bikes safe and orderly.
 Request a free in-home consultation with a Tailored Living home organization specialist to learn more about the various kinds of bike storage solutions we offer, as well as to see what other kinds of home improvement tactics could help tidy up your garage. Inspiration for design can be found inside our garage organization gallery, which features images of each of the above bike storage methods.


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