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Tailored Living CEO Chad Hallock Gives Thanks to Veterans

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A Warm Thanks to Military Veterans from Tailored Living and Budget Blinds CEO Chad Hallock

Every year, the Thanksgiving holiday marks a time to reflect and give thanks to those who have enriched our lives and have helped us succeed. Whether they are friends, relatives or mentors, it is a great opportunity to extend our appreciation. This Thanksgiving, Budget Blinds and Tailored Living co-founder and CEO, Chad Hallock, would like to give thanks to one group in particular: veterans of the United States military.   

“I came from a very modest background and often struggled to make ends meet growing up,” said Chad Hallock. “I decided to take charge of my future and founded Budget Blinds with my brother and three close friends. Through hard work and dedication, we managed to grow it into a successful franchise business. We later founded its sister company Tailored Living. I truly believe that this was made possible in large part by the selfless sacrifices our veterans have made over the years to protect the American Dream.”

Since the birth of this nation, the proud members of the United States Armed Forces have indeed put everything on the line to ensure that we live in a country where every citizen is free to pursue their dreams. In Chad’s case, his dream was to start his own business and now he would like to make that dream possible for veterans as well. He and the other Tailored Living and Budget Blinds founders are doing this by launching the Million Dollar Franchise Event which grants significant discounts off the purchase of either franchise system.

“Launching the Million Dollar Franchise Event is our way of giving back to veterans. We want to give them the opportunity to live the American Dream of owning their own business; the same opportunity they helped give us when we founded Tailored Living and Budget Blinds,” said Chad Hallock.

This Thanksgiving, let’s all remember to give thanks to the brave veterans of the U.S. military for all they have done for this country. For more information on the Million Dollar Franchise Event, please click here.



Prepare Your Kitchen for Guests with a New Pantry Design in Time for the Holidays

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Prepare Your Kitchen for Guests with a New Pantry Design in Time for the Holidays

Tired of spending valuable cooking time searching through piles of spices, ingredients, and that one can of dried tomatoes that you know you bought but can’t remember where you put it? If this sounds familiar, maybe it’s time to consider a new pantry design.

The kitchen and its surrounding area is often the hub of holiday gatherings and is one of the most important rooms in the house during the holidays. Guests will come to the kitchen to talk and to drink and of course to eat! You will want to make sure that your kitchen is ready to handle the increase in foot traffic. It is best to use your new pantry designto stow any items that were on your kitchen counters. Items left on counters run the risk of being knocked over, broken or spilled with a large group of people milling about the kitchen counters. The smart and safe thing to do is to incorporate more storage into  new pantry designsand to organize your kitchen supplies and ingredients in a way that both makes sense and is easy for you to retrieve when necessary.

There are many options available to you in terms of storage for your new pantry design. Tailored Living has a plethora of storage options ranging from customized spice racks, slide out bins to hold produce, and specialized wine racks built specifically to fit your new pantry design. Storage doesn’t have to be fancy, simple shelving – when done right – can really give you the space you were looking for in your new pantry design. For example, many people have shelving in their pantries, but waste large amounts of space by keeping such large gaps in between the shelves. With customized shelving from Tailored Living, you will be making the most out of every inch of space available to you.

To turn your pantry design ideas into reality,give the local specialists at Tailored Living a call today. A Tailored Living home organization specialist will be happy to perform an in-home consultation in which they will talk you through all options and upgrades available to you. What are you waiting for? Get started today!