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The Best Places in Your Home for a Murphy Bed

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The Best Places in Your Home for a Murphy Bed

However much you may want to, it can be impossible to invite friends and family to stay over for the holidays if you don’t have a place to put them up. Maybe you converted your old guest room into a home office, or maybe your son is home from college and he needs his room back, either way, a Murphy bed might be the perfect solution this holiday season and every holiday season to come.

There is no rule that says where you have to put your Murphy bed, each home is unique and allows for different locations for an extra bed. Take some time to assess the space situation in your home and determine where a Murphy bed might work best. That being said, some of the best places for a Murphy bed are usually rooms that don’t get a lot of traffic. Home offices are often designed with space for a guest to spend the night on an air mattress, but with a Murphy bed, you can easily use that same space, but with a beautiful wall bed. If your children’s’ rooms are a bit on the small side, a Murphy bed could be the perfect solution to allow them a perfect bed to sleep in, while still offering them a place for activities once the bed has been folded away.

Murphy beds are perfect for game rooms, and attics or basements if they have been remodeled and instead of using a futon in your living room, try a Murphy bed disguised as part of the cabinetry! Murphy beds can really work in any room as long as there is enough available space to work with.

Wherever you decide is the perfect place for your new Murphy bed, don’t forget to give your local Tailored Living a call to help create the perfect customized design for your home’s personal style. Tailored Living organizational specialists will also complete the measurements, design, and installation of your customized bed! You still have time to get a new Murphy bed for Christmas, don’t wait, call today!



Tailored Living CEO Chad Hallock Gives Thanks to Veterans

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A Warm Thanks to Military Veterans from Tailored Living and Budget Blinds CEO Chad Hallock

Every year, the Thanksgiving holiday marks a time to reflect and give thanks to those who have enriched our lives and have helped us succeed. Whether they are friends, relatives or mentors, it is a great opportunity to extend our appreciation. This Thanksgiving, Budget Blinds and Tailored Living co-founder and CEO, Chad Hallock, would like to give thanks to one group in particular: veterans of the United States military.   

“I came from a very modest background and often struggled to make ends meet growing up,” said Chad Hallock. “I decided to take charge of my future and founded Budget Blinds with my brother and three close friends. Through hard work and dedication, we managed to grow it into a successful franchise business. We later founded its sister company Tailored Living. I truly believe that this was made possible in large part by the selfless sacrifices our veterans have made over the years to protect the American Dream.”

Since the birth of this nation, the proud members of the United States Armed Forces have indeed put everything on the line to ensure that we live in a country where every citizen is free to pursue their dreams. In Chad’s case, his dream was to start his own business and now he would like to make that dream possible for veterans as well. He and the other Tailored Living and Budget Blinds founders are doing this by launching the Million Dollar Franchise Event which grants significant discounts off the purchase of either franchise system.

“Launching the Million Dollar Franchise Event is our way of giving back to veterans. We want to give them the opportunity to live the American Dream of owning their own business; the same opportunity they helped give us when we founded Tailored Living and Budget Blinds,” said Chad Hallock.

This Thanksgiving, let’s all remember to give thanks to the brave veterans of the U.S. military for all they have done for this country. For more information on the Million Dollar Franchise Event, please click here.