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Get that Showroom Feel in Your Garage with PremierFlex Garage Flooring

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Get that Showroom Feel in Your Garage with PremierFlex Garage Flooring

Blow up some balloons, wash the cars, and open the garage door because your garage is about to become a showroom.  With PremierFlex garage floor tiles, you can turn your dirty, cluttered garage into an inviting space you will want to show off. 

Tailored Living PremierFlex tiles are a fun yet practical way to improve the garage.  With 15 color choices offered, you have the ability to personalize your space by using color combinations inspired by your favorite sports team, hobbies, or other design interests.  Tile patterns could even be used to define parking spaces or other designated areas.  With a little creativity, your garage flooring could transform the space into a new and exciting area.  There are many different colors to choose from and the task can be overwhelming. Call on a professional to help you find the right solution for you.

Garage Tile Flooring 
Garage Tile Flooring in a Checker Pattern 

Garages are inherently one of the hardest places in the house to keep clean because of rain water, tracked-in dirt, and car fluid leaks that add to the accumulation of sawdust and other debris floating around from garage projects. Our garage floor tiles have a unique design that allows easy cleaning and liquids to drain for safe walking or playing. The PremierFlex tiles’ design offers a safety measure by allowing liquids to drain. This design also allows dirt to fall through for easy clean up keeping your garage looking spotless.  Flex flooring tile is ideal for garages, workshops, exercise rooms, kid’s rooms and playrooms, as well as patios or even around the swimming pool. With all the wear and tear garage flooring goes through, it only makes sense to use an option that can endure your day-to-day activities.  By utilizing PremiereFlex tiles, you will have a convenient alternative to the commonly used concrete floor.  The tiles are durable and can handle heavy pressure, not to mention they’re extremely easy to take care of. 

Flexible Tile Garage Flooring 
Flexible Tile Garage Flooring 

Be sure to contact your local Tailored Living specialist for a free in-home consultation. During the consultation you will have the chance to explore options that best fit your home and garage space. Get started designing today by imagining the possibilities with a range of customized and beautiful looks to complement the architecture and style of your home. Click here to view examples of our beautiful garage designs.


Garage Storage Solutions

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Garage Storage Solutions: Custom Overhead Storage, Garage Shelving and Gridwall Racks

The garage is a space with enormous potential that often turns into a cluttered mess.  The difference between disorder and functionality is as simple as implementing one of Tailored Living’s many garage storage solutions.  The secret is in the details!  Follow these recommendations from Tailored Living’s professional organizers to revive the old garage into a new and improved space 

Overhead Garage Storage

The floor is often taken over by piles of toys and stacks of boxes or crates. The ceiling and the walls are useful locations to store your belongings and is often overlooked as a storage space. Tailored Living’s specialists will look at every usable space for your garage organization solutions. Overhead garage storage is very popular because it offers excellent storage for seasonal items such as sporting equipment, holiday decorations and camping gear. 

   Overhead Garage Storage 

Garage Shelving

Garage shelving lets you see what you have on hand at the moment. If you’re fairly organized, but need a place to put those clearly marked plastic bins, shelving is an excellent option to include in your garage organization system. Shelving units are another important way to make the most of the garage.  Through cabinet installation equipment stays organized while keeping it hidden from others.  Cabinet doors even do double duty by keeping dust and bugs out.  Now that the golf clubs are put away and protected, it’s time to make room for the tools!  A workbench is a garage storage solution that is a nice to create a workshop.

 Garage Storage   

Gridwall Racks

If you don’t want a lot of cabinetry taking up your garage space, gridwall racks provide a nice alternative for your garage organization.  Gridwall racks create a multi-purpose space to store and easily access difficult items, such as sporting equipment, large tools, and bikes. Accessories for gridwall racks like baskets and hooks are available to organize loose odds and ends. Gridwall racks are a scalable garage storage option that can be tailored to your needs.  Click here to see more pictures of gridwall rack systems.
Gridwall Racks 

Transform your garage by utilizing the color white to brighten up your garage or red to make a bold statement.   Choose from a variety of designs like stainless steel cabinets for a contemporary look and feel in the garage. Get a free in-home consultation today for a sneak peek into your custom garage design.


Tailored Living on George to the Rescue

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Tailored Living® Successfully Renovates Garage on NBC's George to the Rescue

Compton, CA – Tailored Living® featuring PremierGarage® was on scene July 27th for the big unveil of Corporal Sherman Watson’s newly renovated home, fostered by NBC’s George to the Rescue! For those of you unfamiliar with the show, each week, George to the Rescue follows Emmy award-winning host George Oliphant as he teams up with design and construction experts to rescue a family or community in need of home or facility improvements.

It was a heartwarming experience watching Corporal Watson and his family shed tears after host George Oliphant unveiled their newly renovated home. A tour of the house ensued, ending in their new custom garage, donated and built by the Tailored Living team. The garage featured new custom cabinetry, shelving and flooring, branded with Marine Corps logos for added personalization. “The whole house looks absolutely amazing but my favorite room was the garage,” said Corporal Watson. “My wife is going to have to drag me to bed every night!”

Tailored Living was proud to partner with George to the Rescue to help a well deserving retired Marine attain a more beautiful and comfortable home for him to raise his children. The company’s long standing reputation of delivering the best products and services in home organization was in full display on the happy smiles of the Watson family. Tailored Living’s participation on the show is a testament to its dedication to community service and appreciation. Stay tuned for more information on the show’s airing date this fall! 

Corporal Watson 
Corporal Sherman Watson with his daughter, Karmen 


Tips on Mudroom Design

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Blend Organization with Lifestyle in Your Mudroom Design

Having organization in your home helps save time in the day. Designing a functional space, like a mudroom, is a perfect way for your family to keep track of items used on a daily basis. Having a designated space for specific items is essential for saving time and keeping your family organized. Doing an inventory of your family’s specific needs is a great way to start on your path to creating a great mudroom design.

Studies have shown that most people enter their home through the garage. Because of this, the garage can be the perfect place to build a mudroom. You can choose to create a locker style mudroom to properly store items for your family’s extracurricular activities. Make the most of your mudroom by creating a place for each family member. With children, it’s a good idea to have a place for their coats, shoes, and backpacks. This will help control the pile of stuff that often ends up on the floor at the end of the day. Declutter and get organized by having a hooks for all your coats, a space for all those shoes and a cubby for each bag.

For those of you that live in a climate where you’re battling the elements, having a place to kick off your dirty shoes and clothes is essential for keeping the rest of your house clean. Choose from cubbies, a shoe rack, or a bench for your mudroom design and organizational needs. Incorporate baskets with shelves into your mudroom design to keep track of smaller items so you never misplace them again.

Tailored Living will work with you to create the perfect mudroom design that works well with the flow and style of your house. Our home organizational specialists will come into your home and go over all your specific needs. They will then share with you a 3D image showing you exactly what their proposed design will look like. The specialist will also bring material samples in a multitude of colors so you can choose a mudroom that flows perfectly with the rest of your home.

If you are ready to transform your cluttered space into a functional mudroom, give your local Tailored Living office a call today and schedule your free in-home consultation.



Design Tips for Shared Closets

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Closet Organization for Him and Her

Let’s face it, men and women have very different needs when it comes to organizing the closet to neatly fit their clothing. Is it possible to accommodate both their needs in one space? Let the battle of the sexes begin! Ding-ding!

Round One — Shoes
Women typically own 30-50 pairs of shoes, whereas men generally own 5-10 pairs. Adding a rotating shoe rack is a great way to organize your closet and accommodate a large number of shoes. These rotating shoe racks come in a variety of sizes, increasing their versatility. Another solution for organizing shoes in your closet is to add layered shelving. Doing so neatly displays your shoe collection and provides easy access to them.

Round Two — Clothes
No contest. She wins this round easily as she requires two-thirds of the closet space for her articles versus one-third for his. Tailored Living’s professional organizing specialist, Scott Barnes, recommends installing a divider unit such as shelving or drawers to more clearly define the space and prevent overlapping.   

“The closet should be designed with a clear break between his and her clothing with a shelving or drawer unit,” said Barnes. “This helps keep the peace, as one will usually ‘steal’ storage space from the other if there is no break.”

Shared Closet 

Round Three — Accessories
There’s plenty of room to go around when it comes to closet accessories. You can save space and get organized with a pull-out rack installed right into your wall space. Pull-out racks are useful for ties, belts and scarfs.  Another solution for keeping accessories organized is to add custom dividers to your drawers. Velvet lined jewelry drawers are also available.

Final Round — Decorative Options
Depending on your style, this topic could prove to be a serious battleground. The good news is, Tailored Living offers a wide variety of decorative options that can satisfy any taste. You can easily avoid a drawn out conflict by accommodating both tastes. For example, everyone wins with a decorative finish. Tailored Living has a wide assortment of decorative finishes that are both neutral and attractive to each counterpart. These include chocolate, white, cherry and maple finishes.

And the Winner Is
Both! Once you find the closet organization system that best accommodates both sexes, you’ll be well on your way to an organized life. Everything you need will be easily accessible with a custom closet organization system tailored specifically to his and her needs. Schedule a free in-home consultation with your local Tailored Living representative to get started!


Interview with Home Organization Specialist Scott Barnes

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How to Get an Entryway Design Tailored for You

Seven Questions with Tailored Living’s Home Organization Specialist, Scott Barnes

Scott Barnes, Tailored Living business support representative and franchisee, took the time to speak with us about his approach to creating the best entryway for your home. Read on to get great tips from an industry professional with years of home organization experience!

TL: What are the common problems you see with entryways?
SB: The biggest problem is the clutter, especially on the east coast where families are constantly kicking off shoes every time they come in the house, or hanging big bulky coats on a lone coat rack. It becomes a big ugly mess. That’s generally not what you want your guests to walk into. Sometimes moisture is a problem. In mudrooms for example, boots are often taken off that still have quite a bit of snow on them.

TL: What are some different types of entryway solutions?
SB: Redoing the coat closet is one solution. If the house has an existing coat closet, Tailored Living can go in and make it more functional. Usually a coat closet has one long hanging rod and one shelf. That leaves a lot of unused room underneath and on top of the clothes. One solution is to make the hanging section proportionately sized for what’s being placed there. This leaves extra storage space various articles. Another idea is to build some type of bench or tall cabinetry in the entryway itself.

TL: What is your favorite entryway solution?
SB: The cabinetry option because it looks the best. You could really dress it up with some nice finishing stains that complement your existing home décor. It becomes a focal point, even if it’s by the backdoor. Entryway cabinetry can be a great addition to your home and can even increase its resale value.

TL: How does adding a nice entryway design add resale value to the home?
SB: I think organization in general adds a lot to a home’s resale value. We’ve learned from experience that having home organization systems installed is a big selling point since it adds functionality to the home and sets it apart from other options. The fact that our
franchisees constantly helping new homeowners get organized speaks to the fact that home organization is valued and in demand.

TL: What is your approach when helping someone with their entryway?
SB: I take an inventory of what they need. I look at what system is currently in place and relevant questions. Do you take your shoes off before going upstairs? How many kids do you have? Do you need a spot for them to sit down and put on their shoes? Do you use coats regularly? What sets us apart from a lot of other cabinetry companies is that we go through an interview process with the client. We ask questions and take notes in order to come up with a tailored solution.

TL: What is the key to a good entryway design?
SB: A key to a good entryway design is creating a solution that reduces stress and saves you time. If you know where something is, then you don’t have to go searching for it which gives you more time to spend on the important things in life. Great design also reduces clutter which in turn, reduces stress and makes you feel more relaxed at home.

TL: How does the Tailored Living process work?
SB: It all begins with a free in-home consultation. We sit down with you, discuss your needs and then use our 3D rendering software to redesign your space. You can see the result first-hand on our computer screen making it easier for you to choose the best organization options. During this consultation, we’ll also show you our complete sample book to help you better decide on the best materials, colors and styles to match your tastes. We have a wide range of product offerings and almost everything we do is completely customized. Once you’ve made your selection, we place the order and professionally install it.
Tailored Living’s home organization solutions go beyond the entryway and mudroom. We offer storage and organization solutions for the laundry room, pantry, closet, garage and home office. To learn more about how you can get a customized home organization system installed, contact a Tailored Living to schedule a free in-home consultation.

entryway 1 
Tailored Living Entryway 


Closet Customization

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 How to Customize your Closet with Decorative Features


Closet organization comes in many shapes and sizes. Walk-in and reach-in closets both have their pros and cons and they can each include different features in their custom designs. Specialists are available to help you with your decisions but the design of your closet is completely up to you. When you have a customized closet built, storage and retrieval of clothing and accessories becomes a breeze. 


With so many options when it comes to design and layout of your closet organization it can sometimes be overwhelming to come to a final decision on your custom design. Drawers can be installed to store anything from the clothes you fold to your extra accessories. You can combine cabinets to store your jewelry or even install a safe right into your closet to protect your valuables. Glass doors can be used to show off your pristine collection of clothing, jewelry, or accessories. You can even dedicate shelves to your footwear that are custom fit to the length of your shoes. Your closet will be teeming with functionality and style with innovative closet organizers. Shoe racks, valet rods, bins, and cabinets are some of the best ways to organize your clothing selections, but a specialist can also provide you with extra features that can make your closet uniquely you. 


A personalized closet solution will not only help protect your belongings, but will also showcase them in an attractive way. Your clothing, shoes and jewelry are not simply material objects; they’re investments in your career and overall appearance. Overcrowding your closet or forcing shoes to fit in poorly made universal shoe racks can permanently damage your items. Increase the longevity of your belongings by making sure they’re stored in a place customized for them. Customizing your storage solution will also help you utilize the entire space of your closet- and not limit you to the single rod archaic structure of traditional closet spaces. For more modest sized closets the wasted space above and below could be easily used as additional store space. Build it yourself closet solutions can be sloppy and flimsy, and often look out of place or too industrial. A personalized closet solution will make complete use of the space you have and offer attractive, individualized storage solutions custom fit to your house and lifestyle. 

closet organizationgrants you the option of having customized jewelry cabinets, safes, televisions and even a pullout ironing board that tucks away into a drawer when not in use. Your custom design can include as many of these options as you want to help organize and simplify your life! The possibilities are endless. Whether you dream for an extravagant and modern walk-in or just want to fully optimize the limited space you have, customizing your closet’s organization will help you better enjoy and preserve your belongings. By customizing the design of your closet you can finally have the closet of your dreams, in the home you own today.  




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Tailored Living Featured on NBC's TODAY Show

Tailored Living® will showcase their expertise in the garage once again on NBC’s the TODAY show, airing Tuesday, September 18th on NBC.


The 10:00AM ET/PT segment featuring a realistic setup of garage cabinets and grid wall designed by Tailored Living will focus on how to best accessorize your garage. With cooler months ahead for most parts of the county, Tailored Living’s display will house practical accessories to ensure that your most used items are close at hand; like that snow shovel that’s been tucked away for the entire summer.  Viewers will also be interested to see that unsightly trash and recycling receptacles can be easily stored out of sight with the help of pull-out containers and garage cabinetry.  


Special guest, George Oliphant of NBC’s popular home makeover show George to the Rescue, will provide helpful tips for ways to best organize your garage with the use of exclusive accessories from Tailored Living. 

When it comes to garage organization, Tailored Living has a solution for everyone.  Tune in to the TODAY show on September 18th for tips on storing your children’s sporting equipment with the use ofgridwall racks.For the avid gardener, learn how integrating hooks can help keep your tools organized and within reach. 

Tailored Living is excited to partner with NBC and George Oliphantonce again to share our skillset when it comes to garage organization and our commitment to delivering the best products and services in home organization.  

Be sure to watch NBC’s the TODAY show on Tuesday, September 18th and visit our Facebookpage for the latest updates and exclusive photos.                                             



Tailored Living on NBC's George to the Rescue

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Airing Date Announced for Tailored Living’s Appearance on NBC’s George to the Rescue 

NBC recently announced air dates beginning October 13th, 2012, for the George to the Rescue episode featuring Tailored Living! For those of you unfamiliar with the show, each week, George to the Rescue follows Emmy award-winning host George Oliphant as he teams up with design and construction experts to rescue a family or community in need of home or facility improvements. 

This summer, Tailored Living completed a garage renovation for Corporal Sherman Watson – a 3-time Purple Heart recipient and military veteran who was injured during his tour of duty in Iraq. The garage featured new custom cabinetry, shelving and flooring, branded with Marine Corps logos for added personalization. It was a heartwarming experience watching Corporal Watson and his family shed tears after host George Oliphant unveiled their newly renovated home. To view the episode, see the following list for airing times in your area:

George Airings 

It was an honor for Tailored Living to partner with George to the Rescue and take part in this inspirational event. Through hard work and dedication, we increased the quality of life for a brave marine and his family. The company’s long standing reputation of delivering the best products and services in home organization was in full display on the happy smiles of the Watson family. Make sure to tune in beginning October 13th to see the amazing transformation!   



Your First Home Office

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Getting Started on Your First Home Office

by Maria Samuels

In recent years, home-based jobs have surged in number. In fact, on
the website of the United States’ Bureau of Labor and Statistics (bls.gov), it
has been stated that back in 2004, 20.7 million Americans have engaged in
home-based money-making undertakings.

From modest yet profitable entrepreneurial undertakings to freelance
professional stints in various fields like accounting and research, many
avenues have been opened to career-driven individuals who opt to work within
the confines and comforts of their homes.

If you are one of these individuals, having a home office is nothing
less than necessary. So here are some important guidelines to help your home office design
project get started.

Things to Consider 

There are three major priorities when it comes to designing your home

Space - This home organization project has two
components. The first is the location in which you wish to put up your home
office. The most common choice is the bedroom since most people regard this
spot as the most comfortable option there is. Having an office in your bedroom might
be nice for privacy, but if you expect to meet up with clients or conduct
meetings from time to time, a home office in the living area or one adjacent to
your patio or garage, is something you should consider.

Next you’re going to want to make sure to properly determine your workable
space by asking yourself how much work space you need and how much work
space your living quarters could actually allot. Note that the location and
dimensions of a workplace directly affect a person’s level of productivity.
This is due to how the human body responds to specific room conditions such as
inadequacy in terms of legroom.

Theme - There are several home office designs
to choose from. Modern design for instance is very popular these days. This
theme, which traces its roots to clean and minimalistic temperaments, is best
for small spaces that could use an illusion of size and airiness. A classic
work space design on the other hand is best suited to individuals who prefer
nothing more than the pragmatic.

Functionality - Design should always go hand in hand
with practicality. The most important thing to take note of when coming up with
a home office is how the area could translate to a work-conducive space as this is the
primary goal of the project.

For utmost practicality, you will need these office essentials:

Work desk 

In terms of structure, these tables may range from a modest
configuration to more sophisticated designs equipped with built in cabinets,
adjustable height, and even detachable rollers.

Here is an example of a home office design with the desk incorporated
into the workspace:

home office1

Swivel chairs on rollers are the most recommended since these are
quite dependable in terms of practicality, mobility, and comfort.

Filing cabinets 

To easily retrieve important files, bills, and other documents, or to properly
store the more recent ones, aptly labeled cabinets are a must. For quick access
these cabinets can be placed on the wall, directly above the work desk, or
under or beside the work desk.

Lighting fixtures 

Aside from the available light in the room you’ve chosen to use for
your home office, it is imperative that an additional lighting fixture –
specifically for work-purposes – be introduced to the area. Work-conducive
lighting should be low or glare-free. Fluorescent lamps with asymmetric lens,
and colors that complement the room’s chrome temperature, are your best

Guest author Maria Samuels was a semi-professional interior designer
before working as a Materials Specialist at In Style Modern, a furniture and
fixture company which specializes in



Tailored Living Garage Organization

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Before and After: Tailored Living Garage Organization Capabilities

Have you ever wondered what your garage would look like if you had enough room to store all of your belongings in an organized fashion? Have you envisioned your dream garage but can’t convince yourself to tackle the overwhelming task of a garage organization project? Well it’s time to conquer your vexing garage fears and build the garage you have been dreaming of with the help of the organizational experts at Tailored Living!

Does your garage look like this?

Garage before 10-5-12

The main problem that most people have when it comes to garage organization is that they put their excess “stuff” into the garage and don’t have enough storage space for all of it. As you can see in the picture above, there are a few metal shelving racks that are filled to the brim with odds and ends. The key to organization is simplicity. The easier it is to store and retrieve items, the less clutter a space will have because items will be put away instead of strewn about. Tailored Living came in and added tall cabinetry behind and away to open up the space and a gridwall to hang frequently used items. Here is what the area looks like after the Tailored Living treatment:

garage after 10-5-12

On the right side of the garage (see below), we see a white bookshelf acting as a shoe rack and a backpack hanging haphazardly on the side of the metal storage unit. The drywall is plainly visible, bicycles are tossed arbitrarily toward the back of the garage and the floor is cluttered with toys, tools, and trash.

garage before 2

Tailored Living came in and showed just how effective a true gridwall system can be. The clutter is no more, being replaced by product specific organizational tools. The nets for children’s toys make them easily accessible but also keep them off the floor and out of the way. Yard tools and equipment are easily hanged up and the bikes have been hoisted up and out of the way. Finally, the flexible floor tiles pull the room together and create a viable work and play space in an area that was previously useless other than for parking a car.

garage after 2

Take control of your garage organization and you may be surprised to find the gem of a garage underneath all the clutter!



Closet Organization Tips

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Simple Steps to Organizing Your Closet

by Susan Johns

If you were to ask a person what the toughest job in home organization is, the answer would definitely be “closet organization”. Yes, it is one of the toughest and most hated jobs by most people thanks to the limited space available in most of closets. Space has been the biggest enemy when it comes to organizing the closet. So how can one organize all their belongings within this limited space?

De-clutter: All home organization work should start with de-cluttering. Once all the unwanted and unused things are removed, space automatically pops up thus providing a clear idea as to how to proceed with the organizing work. All the old shoes, dresses, etc. that have gone out of fashion or those you can hardly fit into should be disposed off. Few people have the habit of storing things for “future use”. This again should be avoided as half of the things stored this way will not be put to use in future.

Cleaning: Once the closet is de-cluttered, it’s time to clean it. A damp cloth is an ideal tool to clean the space correctly. Once cleaning is done, throw in scented soaps or scented sachets to provide a refreshing feel to the closet.

Organize: Once the de-cluttering and cleaning process is done and you are left with useable items, the organizing work can begin. It is a wise idea to group similar things like skirts, shoes, etc. Color coordinating will make the closet look well organized and also make it easy to find clothes. The most used items should be stored on top and less used items in the middle. Shoes should definitely be stored on the bottom rack as it is easily accessible and manageable. A pull out rack will make it easy to access needed items. Items that are to be kept without folding like suits should be hung using a hanger. Hooks can be used to create extra storage space. Out of season clothes should be stored high up. Suitcases that are not put to frequent use can be utilized for seasonal storage.

•Accessorizing: Using accessories wisely provides a neat and clean look to the closet. Use hangers of same colors. An umbrella stand can be used not only for holding umbrella but also to hold your yoga mat and other accessories. Using boxes for holding shoes can provide a coordinated look. Try to provide light between the closet door and storage area. A stackable laundry basket not only looks clean and neat, but also makes it easy to carry the laundry to the washing machine.

Maintain: Maintenance is more difficult than cleaning and organizing. Make sure that only neat and clean items are put inside the closet. Once in a while the scented sachets can be replaced by new ones to retain the freshness.

The above process should be repeated at frequent intervals to assure a neat and clean space. Considering the closet as a small room in your house is the best way to keep it well organized.


About the Author:
Susan Johns is a freelance content writer specializing in home/interior décor writing. With over 5 years experience in the field of furniture and home decor, she has written numerous articles and blogs in this area. Please visit her blog http://decoreview.com


Home Office Organization Tips

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Be Productive and Reduce Stress with a Custom Home Office Design by Tailored Living

by Allison Cooper

Working at home is an ideal situation for most workers since it offers benefits such as not having to face the traffic of the daily commute, a reduced work wardrobe budget, and a great amount of freedom. However, with all of this freedom, you also have a responsibility to create a work environment that motivates you to be productive, reduce stress, save time and money, and meet deadlines.

The key to your success lies in the organization of your workspace. Once you have a space in mind, you will be able to set the wheels in motion toward creating a perfect working base. If you feel a little challenged and are not completely sure what components will best help you create that perfect work environment in your home, you can consult with a professional who will help you find the right configuration for your home office. Your home organization specialist can be the critical first step in your new professional venture.

Whether you make your own plans or enlist the help of a professional, you will need to create a space for your business.  The home office design will need to fit all of the furnishings and supplies that you will need to make each day run smoothly without making you feel cramped. Start by figuring out exactly what you need and how much space it all requires.  Sometimes that list may feel overwhelming, but it is important to identify the key components to get you started. Again, if you don't know where to start, a professional office planner could make sure you don't miss anything.

While other items are subject to personal preference, the one thing every office needs is the right desk for you. Finding a solid and sturdy desk can be difficult, especially with all the available choices. One type of desk to consider is a simple, classic writing desk (usually made of wood) with drawers.  Alternatively, you can select something more sleek and modern like this Euro-style Ballard Office Suite. You don't want to make this purchase twice, so make sure the desk you choose will suit you for the long term.

Your office chair is another place where you want to zoom in on what will make you happy, comfortable and productive each time you sit down to work. Make sure it feels good on your back, because you'll be using it quite a bit!

Remember that you will need to store your important files so find the right filing cabinet system to help with organization.  In general, erring on the side of too many drawers is better than the opposite so that every type of item has its own place. Although the world is often at your fingertips in the computer age, you will likely need at least a few physical books and a good place to store your hard work. Finding a good bookshelf that works well with the rest of your furnishings will help round out the foundation of your working space.

Home Office 2
Tailored Living Organized Home Office 

About Allison Cooper
Allison Cooper is a writer and editor for Beyond Stores, a leader in the online furniture retail business. When not working, Allison tries to spend as much time as possible organizing her home in wake of the mess her children frequently leave behind. 



Maximize Your Space with a Murphy Bed

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How to Accommodate More Guests without Sacrificing Space with a Murphy Bed

The holiday season is quickly approaching and at this time of year, most often relatives will visit from all over. It is a time of jovial events, delicious food, great company, and long nights. This year when the relatives come to stay at your house, put them up in style with the comfort and ease of a Murphy bed.

If you have never heard of a Murphy bed before, they are quite easy to explain. It is a normal sized bed, usually a full, and it can fold up into a cabinet against the wall when it is not in use. Naturally a bed that folds out of the way can be placed in a number of different rooms or situations to create a sleeping space without taking up all of the area that a normal bed, or even a futon, would cover. Murphy beds were created to save space in small areas, which makes them perfect for installing into your home office or spare room. Tailored Living home organization experts can help you redesign your home office to naturally incorporate a Murphy bed. The entire room can be built using the colors and wood selections of your choosing and to your specifications. The actual wall bed will be masterfully incorporated into the office cabinetry and will look like a seamless cabinet when folded away.

A Murphy bed is the perfect addition to add to your home before relatives start coming over for Thanksgiving and Christmas. With an extra bed in your home you can accommodate more family members on the holidays, you can invite more friends during the year to come stay comfortably at your house instead of a hotel, and your children and their friends will have the perfect room for sleepovers and slumber parties! If you live in a smaller space such as a loft, or you have a spare room in a larger house, you should consider implementing the use of a Murphy wall bed. Tailored Living home organization specialists can come to your home and help you assess your current situation and work with you to find organizational solutions like Murphy beds to fit all of your storage and organization needs.



Kitchen Pantry Designs

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Get Ready for the Holidays with a New Kitchen Pantry Design

Every homeowner’s kitchen pantry design is different than the next. It may be different because of their diets or because they don’t cook a lot of meals. Each and every kitchen pantry design should be customized to organize the contents in a way that makes the most sense to whoever will be using the pantry most often. The best way to do this is to section off your pantry into areas where you can grab everything you need without having to think about and search out where the items are stored.

Tailored Living home organization specialists have outlined some possible sections to create with your new kitchen pantry design modules that will save you time and energy when cooking up your delicious holiday dishes.
Sections to consider creating:
- Barbecue sauces, salad dressings, liquid smoke, vanilla, anything in liquid form that you use in your recipes should be stored in one central area so you always know where to look for it.
- Cake, pie, bread, and brownie mixes along with anything else of this category should all be placed together. Since they aren’t used as often as some of the other things in your pantry, you may want to consider placing them somewhere out of your immediate reach.
- A spice rack or spice drawer is perfect for keeping all of your flavor bursting spices in one place and making it easy to see them and pick out which you need.
Fresh vegetable and fruit storage
- Airtight modules that can slide or tilt out are perfect for storing your fruit and vegetables. There are also baskets available for anything that doesn’t need to be kept in an airtight container!
Recipe books
- Your library of recipe books and homemade recipes that you have collected throughout the years can all be stored in a place out of the way, but right there whenever you need them.
Custom cabinetry to match your home style
- Although this isn’t a, “section” per say, it is a section of your home and your kitchen pantry design should complement the look and feel that you have adopted for the rest of your home

Turn your average pantry into an organized and instinctual space with the help of your local Tailored Living home organization specialist today!



Tailored Living on NBC's the Today Show

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Garage Storage Solutions from Tailored Living Featured on NBC's The Today Show

Tailored Living's team of home organization specialists constructed a display of garage cabinets and practical accessories for the featured segment on NBC's The Today Show that aired on September 18, 2012. The energetic host of NBC's George to the Rescue, George Oliphant, provided helpful tips for ways to best organize the garage with exclusive accessories from Tailored Living.
See the entire clip here!


Tailored Living Salutes an American Hero

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Tailored Living Featured on NBC's George to the Rescue

After enlisting in the Marine Corps in 2002, Corporal Watson completed the rigors of Corps training and was deployed to Iraq to proudly serve his country. Assigned to the 3rd Battalion 5th Marines, Watson was the Vehicle Commander for a Heavy Machine Gun/Anti-Armor Weapons Team, an integral unit for combing enemy territory and keeping ground troops safe. Sustaining a bullet wound to the shoulder during his first tour, Corporal Watson rehabilitated, was awarded his first Purple Heart, and quickly returned for a second deployment in Iraq. A second gunshot wound to the knee earned Watson a second Purple Heart, another trip to rehabilitation, and his final opportunity to enlist and re-deploy to Iraq.?It was during his third tour in 2006 that Corporal Watson’s vehicle was hit by a roadside bomb, flipping it, and causing causalities to his whole unit. The physical damage that resulted led to Corporal Sherman Watson’s honorable discharge from the Marine Corps after earning three Purple Hearts.

Returning to his hometown roots in Compton, CA, this proud marine was trying to make a life for himself and his growing family, but following the injuries sustained during his three tours in Iraq, daily home improvement tasks became difficult. Splitting time between school, his family and “The Veterans Alternative” (an organization that promotes therapeutic relationships and conversation between veterans about their experiences), Sherman lacked the time, funds, and experience to accomplish the home improvement projects needed to make his house a better place to raise his children. That is where Tailored Living and George to the Rescue came in.

“Tailored Living worked very hard with George to the Rescue to design and install a functional, organized garage space in order to pay tribute to Sherman Watson and the incredible sacrifices he has made for our country,” states Dan Tafoya, Senior Vice-President of Tailored Living. “Providing time-saving and stress-free organizational solutions to fit his personal needs will let Corporal Watson spend more time on what is most important – his family and his community. We are honored to be part of this show and opportunity to give back to a very deserving man and father.”

Tailored Living’s design team of experts used D’Vinci™– a proprietary interactive design software – to create a functional and fully organized space by adding new cabinetry and flooring that helped transform the Watson family garage into a multi-purpose space for their growing family.

Be sure to tune in on October 13th to watch Corporal Sherman Watson’s incredible garage transformation! Check your local NBC listings for airing times. For more information, click HERE.

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