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Choosing the Right Type of Garage Flooring Based on How Your Garage Space is Utilized

When choosing the right type of garage flooring, you first need to make your selection based on how your garage space is utilized.  Two very important factors when making the right choice are determining functionality and flexibility. For all the vehicles, improvement projects, parties, and games that take place in your garage, you need a garage flooring option that is multidimensional and durable for lives that are just as multifaceted.
Tailored Living’s PremierFlex™ garage floor tiles may be flexible in form with their cushioned support and “flow through” design, but they’re also made to be flexible in their everyday functionality for your family.  All Tailored Living garage floor tiles are installed according to your individual taste, so you can design the pattern, choose the colors, and plan the layout however you please! But just in case you’re not sure what you can do with all this freedom, here are three garage flooring design ideas that will give you the liberty to transform your garage into a truly personal and adaptable space:
1. Construct a Time-Saving Organization System: Create blocks of color or patterns in separate areas of your garage floor to designate individual parking spaces for your bikes or other vehicles. Color coat parts of your garage floor to show work spaces, storage or any other designation you need, so all your garage space is used efficiently and effectively, saving you time down the road.
2.  Build an Unforgettable Playroom: Utilize your garage floor tiles with a design suitable for a playroom for kids. You can choose colors both you and your kids will love, and add patterns with your colored tiles to create a checkerboard, hopscotch court or winding path for a human-sized game board. This gives kids a great space to imagine and play on rainy days, and any day in between.
3. Create an Envy-Worthy Sports Zone: Whether your sport is football, basketball, baseball, amateur, college or professional, you can bedeck your garage floor with tiles to match the colors of your favorite team! Consider installing a television, some chairs and a fridge for game days, so you and your friends can cheer on your team in the ultimate fan dugout!
If your garage floor needs to shine and perform, Tailored Living offers garage flooring solutions that can add protection, increase safety and enhance your garage’s overall good looks. Our PremierOne® hybrid polymer garage floor coatings from Sika®, the worldwide leader in industrial floor coating systems, are available in several color and finish options that can let you express your personal taste.
Best of all, PremierOne® floor coatings can be color-matched with our garage organization cabinetry, creating a completely customized space that reflects your style while increasing your home’s value!
All of these ideas for your garage floor are designed for each and every possible circumstance, event and activity in your garage. Call Tailored Living today to speak with one of our specialists about the possibilities for your garage.

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