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Tailored Living Teams Up with George to the Rescue Once Again

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Tailored Living Will Participate in an Upcoming Episode of George to the Rescue

Tailored Living will once again partner with NBC's George Oliphant to help renovate a home for a deserving veteran on an upcoming episode of George to the Rescue!

Tailored Living will showcase their home organization skills with a custom craft room for the recipient. We would like to thank our franchisees in the New Jersey area for their willingness to complete the installation and provide onsite support!

For the second time, Tailored Living will have the opportunity to collaborate with our sister company, Budget Blinds, on the renovation. Budget Blinds will provide custom window coverings for the home.

The show will air this October 2013. In the meantime, be sure to check back for updates on the project and connect with us on Facebook for exclusive behind the scenes photos!


Promoting Health with an Organized Pantry

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Promoting Health with an Organized Pantry

In “Essential Pantry Design Ideas for Organizing Your Home”,  we provided tips and tools for organizing a walk in pantry. But in smaller kitchens, the pantry’s contents must approach the bare necessities––those foods and kitchen items that directly contribute to you and your family’s well-being.

The pantry, lately, has received a bad reputation for its association with sugary cereals and late-night gluttony. We praise the refrigerator, in its place, for storing our dairy, produce, and that oh-so-delicious doggy bag.

But as we step away from the processed foods that got us through the ‘50s, and as most return to treat meats as delicacies and not necessities, the pantry can regain its rightful place in the home: directly on par with the fridge it complements. Armed with healthful pantry design ideas, and determined to upgrade your home organization levels, you can alter your pantry of guilty pleasures into one that tempts you to make the healthiest meals.

First, you must throw away and stop buying processed foods you do not want in your home: the 27g of sugar in your cereal, the MSG in your instant noodles, the corn syrup in your barbeque sauce––the list continues. Replace those “ready-to-eat foods” with natural base ingredients, such as dried lentils, brown rice, quinoa, or dry oats, all of which can be stored in a single pullout bin for smaller packages, or basket, for bulk items.

The second batch of staples to be introduced to your pantry includes oils, dressings, spices, and herbs. Whether your head chef is more of an “extra virgin olive oil with lemon” type, or a “turmeric, mustard seed, and cayenne” kind, our home organization specialists are happy to recommend spice racks, custom shelving, and other appropriate pantry design ideas for your family’s unique lifestyle and cravings.

Next in are the fruits and vegetables; potatoes, apples, carrots, tomatoes, and onions are few among many that don’t require refrigeration. Most people could benefit from storing more vegetables in the house only because it makes them more immediately available and therefore attractive than food that implies a checkout line. Make them as easy to access as possible by keeping them in a shallow pull out basket drawer just below shoulder level.

Last come the drink necessities: the coffee beans, the stevia, the tealeaves, and the wines. Keeping quality refreshments such as these in the home saves not only time, but also money. Who needs an artisanal but overpriced cup of coffee, when you have a pound of freshly roasted beans at home? Shelving made to the height of your beverage items or custom wine racks that fit either inside or outside your pantry are two viable solutions for saving pantry space.

At tailoredliving.com, you can locate your nearest consultants, ready to help you design and install the most efficient shelving and storage system for your wellness aspirations. For more pantry design ideas, be sure to visit our related article on essential pantry design.


Home Organization Ideas From a New TV Series

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Tailored Living Franchisees Featured on WOW TV

Tailored Living is excited to announce that our franchisees in the Greater Toronto Area have partnered with WOW TV—a brand new Canadian series recently airing August 1st. WOW TV focuses on healthy living inside and out, offering unique home ideas for maintaining home organization and improvement to viewers everywhere. Tailored Living franchisee, Dan Petcoff, speaks on this segment about how to convert your ordinary garage into a coveted "Man Cave." Tailored Living offers a variety of garage organization solutions  such as overhead storage, gridwall racks, garage cabinets, and garage flooring. To begin renovations on the garage of your dreams, find your local specialist here and schedule your complimentary in-home consultation today!



Less is More: Creative Closet Design for Small Spaces

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Less is More: Creative Closet Design for Small Spaces

As society begins shifting towards a philosophy of ‘less is more,’ we have seen the rise of smaller homes, the shortening of ingredient labels, and the celebration of slowing down. But as these welcome changes take place in our environments and in our minds, the truth remains that minimalism must be supremely designed. If a smaller microchip doesn’t always entail a reduction of storage capacity, then a smaller closet space doesn’t need to either. With the proper closet organizers and closet accessories, Tailored Living can make your little closet feel like a trip into Narnia.

Before taking on a closet organization project, there are many points of consideration. One of the first closet areas we are all guilty of neglecting is the overhead space. While most people have some kind of shelving installed, only a few forward-thinkers take advantage of pull-down racks and pull-down rods. Faster than pulling out a wobbly stepping chair, and with more space efficiency than your current baskets or shoe boxes, these closet organizers give you an entirely new hanging rod, right above the one you already have.

After displacing all those shoes that used to rest hidden atop your singular rack, you’ll need a place to put them. With a custom shoe rack made with our professional consultants, you can use this closet accessory outside your closet so that it can be as tall as you can safely reach, and as wide as will appease your insatiable appetite for great shoes. Alternatively, to return to the ‘less is more’ approach, we can strategize and install a shoe rack that fits snugly and discreetly within your small closet.

Tailored Living can also help you select pullout drawers complete with custom dividers, or jewelry drawers made for your accessory storing needs. Our home organization specialists can provide a vast array of cutting-edge closet organization tools, with the knowledge of how best to utilize them. Each of our team members knows exactly what questions to ask to get the job done easily, efficiently, and expertly the first time.

To inquire about our services or to schedule your complimentary in-home consultation, simply visit www.tailoredliving.com. We look forward to helping you maximize the function of your small closet space.


Thinking Outside the (Shoe) Box on Storage

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Thinking Outside the (Shoe) Box on Storage

Even if you think you already have too many shoes, there's a good chance you're still plotting to buy more. While we'd all like to have the shoe collection of your average Hollywood A-lister, most of us are saddled with more down-to-earth budgets, and worse yet, nowhere to put them all.
So what do you do to keep your shoes accessible, out-of-sight, and still leave room for the inevitable additions? Here are a few tips to get you started:

Off-the-shelf solutions
  • Shoe trees. Whether you want to hide your shoes in a closet or a spare room, or if you plan on proudly displaying them by the front door, a rotating shoe tree is a great solution to not only keep your shoes organized but makes for easy browsing when you're trying to find just the right pair. 
  • Closet hangers. If you've got more room on the clothes bar than you do on the floor of the closet, then you should consider a shoe holder that hangs in the closet, or on the back of the door. If you have the room, use more than one so you can group types or colors of shoes together. 
  • Under-bed boxes. Closets fill up fast, but often there's room to be made under your bed. If you've got a floor-length bed skirt on your bed, then you've got plenty of space to store your kicks. Shoe boxes come in a range of sizes, and some even have wheels for easier access, but even with that, this probably won't be the most accessible storage place, so consider using the under-bed area for the seldom-used and/or out of season shoes. 
  • Shoe cabinet. That's right, there is actual dedicated shoe-specific furniture out there waiting for your favorite pumps and heels. You can find these in a variety of shapes and sizes with finishes to match your other furniture. It's not the cheapest solution, but if you're out of room in the usual places, it can be a great and attractive solution. 
A fresh look at an old place
If you've maxed out the conventional hiding spaces for your shoes and you're still not done tucking them away, it's time to take a fresh look at your closet and shelving options that you may not have considered.
  • Look up. Most closets are the same height inside as the ceiling of the room they occupy, but most closet shelves are within easy reach. There's a good chance that there are at least a couple feet of unused space in the top of your closet just screaming for shoe storage. Adding one closet-length shelf several inches above whatever you have in there now will provide room for possibly dozens of pairs of shoes to be stored in their boxes (or if only six inches-or-so are available, just the shoes). Of course, you won't want to put shoes you need very often up there, as you'll probably need a step stool to retrieve them, but it's perfect for the ones that you almost never wear but can't bear to part with. 
  • Look down. There is probably some room underneath your clothes as well. Take a look at the space where your shorter hanging items are and see if there's room to add some shelves in that space. Even if there's just a little bit of space there, it may be the perfect spot to keep your more frequent selections where you won't have to crawl on the floor to retrieve them. 
Anywhere else?
There's always more room, but once you move beyond the bedroom and closets, you'll probably have to make some trade-offs in accessibility and temperature/humidity control. The attic and outside storage rooms or garages are probably not the best solutions, but if you take the proper preparations, you might be able to use those spaces in a pinch. For a serious collection that includes seasonal options, a climate-controlled storage unit may even be your best option, keeping your seasonal clothing, shoes, holiday decorations and other belongings safe and out of your way until it's time to actually use them.

If you keep an open mind and a creative eye, you are sure to find plenty of options above and beyond anything I've mentioned here. And be sure to think outside the box and browse the Internet for ideas – your perfect solution might be an old piece of furniture or unused pegboard just gathering dust in the garage.

And remember, there is no wrong answer as long as it works for you and gets that disheveled pile of old kicks off the floor.

Jessica Johnson directs social media programs and looks after the branding of Extra Space Storage, found on the web at www.extraspace.com. Shoes, boots and more can always be stored offsite, like in this Hialeah storage units facility, where you could even make a closet for shoes and accessories right in the storage unit.


Essential Pantry Design Ideas for Organizing Your Home

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Essential Pantry Design Ideas for Organizing Your Home

One of the biggest problems those with busy schedules encounter is a lack of time to prepare and enjoy freshly made food. When we buy premade food, eat out, or order in frequently, we not only miss out on the enormous health benefits of mindful cooking and consuming; we also forsake valuable moments that could be spent sharing traditions with family, or laughs with friends.

What many of us don’t realize is that cooking does not always have to be an extremely time consuming project. By offering simple pantry design ideas, we hope to show you how functional home improvement techniques can make cooking at home easier and more enjoyable.
  • Diversify storage space and optimize organization levels with shallow pullout drawers. Multi-purposed tools for storing anything from small food items to kitchen appliances, they can be customized to fit within your pantry to meet a range of lifestyle needs. 
  • Maximize storage capacity with pullout bins and baskets. Also customizable within your existing pantry space, they can be made to store pet food, unrefrigerated fruits and vegetables, an assortment of food bags, and even kitchen towels or recipe books. 
  • Use baskets and other simple accessories to organize loose food items and ingredients. 
  • Take advantage of custom shelving so that each of your pantry staples have a proper storage space. Options range from large shelves to built-in spice racks to a variety of wine storage solutions. Our home organization specialists are available for complimentary consultations at www.tailoredliving.com. 
With even a few basic alterations to your current pantry design, you can increase the ease of storing and preparing your meals. Tailored Living looks forward to helping you restore the joy and health of home dining.



7 Ways to Organize a Walk in Closet and Create More Space

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7 Ways to Organize a Walk in Closet and Create More Space

Closet organizers are note solely for gaining square footage back– they’re also savers of time and money. Nothing is more disruptive to an otherwise routine morning than a missing left shoe or a hiding cufflink, and no one wants to spend money replacing seasonal items that have simply been forgotten about. Such problems as these are simply organizational, and can be easily solved with utilization of closet accessories. Following are a few tips to get started on improving your closet space.

  1. All small items from belts to undergarments can be stored and sorted within custom drawer dividers. Tailored Living can offer personalized divider services to fit your current drawers and specific needs. 
  2. Pullout drawers are perhaps the most popularly discussed, but most overlooked, of the closet organizers. Simple solutions to wrinkled wardrobe and buried items, they can be built thinly for ease of viewing your items, or with depth for maximal storage. They are also customizable by size, color, and materials to match your taste and budget. 
  3. An easy solution to commonly tangled or lost accessories is the jewelry drawer. A shallow pullout with custom jewelry dividers, you can use as few or as many as you need. It’s an ideal way to protect your valuable pieces, as well as to keep track of them all. 
  4. Though often thought of as outside the family of closet accessories, safes are excellent tools for keeping track of your most precious valuables. Whether you’re storing emergency cash or a beloved inheritance, we’re happy to help you find a strategic space for a safe within your custom closet. 
  5. An alternate solution to the pullout or mounted mirror is one that hosts your reflection on one side, and your toiletries on the other. A multi-purpose accessory, it frees up space in both your bathroom and your closet. 
  6. Those with high ceilings or those who won’t risk balancing on chairs may take advantage of vertical space with pull-down racks and valet rods. Pictures of these practical innovations can be found here (link to http://www.tailoredliving.com/closet-organization/closet-accessories/). 
  7. Consulting to a closet organization professional will ensure your home improvement efforts save maximal time, money, and space. At Tailored Living, we pride ourselves in taking the time to ask the right questions about your needs and lifestyle so that the investment in your service is one hundred percent personalized. To speak to a local expert or to schedule a free in-home consultation, simply visit www.tailoredliving.com.