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Prepare Your Kitchen for Guests with a New Pantry Design in Time for the Holidays

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Prepare Your Kitchen for Guests with a New Pantry Design in Time for the Holidays

Tired of spending valuable cooking time searching through piles of spices, ingredients, and that one can of dried tomatoes that you know you bought but can’t remember where you put it? If this sounds familiar, maybe it’s time to consider a new pantry design.

The kitchen and its surrounding area is often the hub of holiday gatherings and is one of the most important rooms in the house during the holidays. Guests will come to the kitchen to talk and to drink and of course to eat! You will want to make sure that your kitchen is ready to handle the increase in foot traffic. It is best to use your new pantry designto stow any items that were on your kitchen counters. Items left on counters run the risk of being knocked over, broken or spilled with a large group of people milling about the kitchen counters. The smart and safe thing to do is to incorporate more storage into  new pantry designsand to organize your kitchen supplies and ingredients in a way that both makes sense and is easy for you to retrieve when necessary.

There are many options available to you in terms of storage for your new pantry design. Tailored Living has a plethora of storage options ranging from customized spice racks, slide out bins to hold produce, and specialized wine racks built specifically to fit your new pantry design. Storage doesn’t have to be fancy, simple shelving – when done right – can really give you the space you were looking for in your new pantry design. For example, many people have shelving in their pantries, but waste large amounts of space by keeping such large gaps in between the shelves. With customized shelving from Tailored Living, you will be making the most out of every inch of space available to you.

To turn your pantry design ideas into reality,give the local specialists at Tailored Living a call today. A Tailored Living home organization specialist will be happy to perform an in-home consultation in which they will talk you through all options and upgrades available to you. What are you waiting for? Get started today!   


Promoting Health with an Organized Pantry

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Promoting Health with an Organized Pantry

In “Essential Pantry Design Ideas for Organizing Your Home”,  we provided tips and tools for organizing a walk in pantry. But in smaller kitchens, the pantry’s contents must approach the bare necessities––those foods and kitchen items that directly contribute to you and your family’s well-being.

The pantry, lately, has received a bad reputation for its association with sugary cereals and late-night gluttony. We praise the refrigerator, in its place, for storing our dairy, produce, and that oh-so-delicious doggy bag.

But as we step away from the processed foods that got us through the ‘50s, and as most return to treat meats as delicacies and not necessities, the pantry can regain its rightful place in the home: directly on par with the fridge it complements. Armed with healthful pantry design ideas, and determined to upgrade your home organization levels, you can alter your pantry of guilty pleasures into one that tempts you to make the healthiest meals.

First, you must throw away and stop buying processed foods you do not want in your home: the 27g of sugar in your cereal, the MSG in your instant noodles, the corn syrup in your barbeque sauce––the list continues. Replace those “ready-to-eat foods” with natural base ingredients, such as dried lentils, brown rice, quinoa, or dry oats, all of which can be stored in a single pullout bin for smaller packages, or basket, for bulk items.

The second batch of staples to be introduced to your pantry includes oils, dressings, spices, and herbs. Whether your head chef is more of an “extra virgin olive oil with lemon” type, or a “turmeric, mustard seed, and cayenne” kind, our home organization specialists are happy to recommend spice racks, custom shelving, and other appropriate pantry design ideas for your family’s unique lifestyle and cravings.

Next in are the fruits and vegetables; potatoes, apples, carrots, tomatoes, and onions are few among many that don’t require refrigeration. Most people could benefit from storing more vegetables in the house only because it makes them more immediately available and therefore attractive than food that implies a checkout line. Make them as easy to access as possible by keeping them in a shallow pull out basket drawer just below shoulder level.

Last come the drink necessities: the coffee beans, the stevia, the tealeaves, and the wines. Keeping quality refreshments such as these in the home saves not only time, but also money. Who needs an artisanal but overpriced cup of coffee, when you have a pound of freshly roasted beans at home? Shelving made to the height of your beverage items or custom wine racks that fit either inside or outside your pantry are two viable solutions for saving pantry space.

At tailoredliving.com, you can locate your nearest consultants, ready to help you design and install the most efficient shelving and storage system for your wellness aspirations. For more pantry design ideas, be sure to visit our related article on essential pantry design.


Essential Pantry Design Ideas for Organizing Your Home

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Essential Pantry Design Ideas for Organizing Your Home

One of the biggest problems those with busy schedules encounter is a lack of time to prepare and enjoy freshly made food. When we buy premade food, eat out, or order in frequently, we not only miss out on the enormous health benefits of mindful cooking and consuming; we also forsake valuable moments that could be spent sharing traditions with family, or laughs with friends.

What many of us don’t realize is that cooking does not always have to be an extremely time consuming project. By offering simple pantry design ideas, we hope to show you how functional home improvement techniques can make cooking at home easier and more enjoyable.
  • Diversify storage space and optimize organization levels with shallow pullout drawers. Multi-purposed tools for storing anything from small food items to kitchen appliances, they can be customized to fit within your pantry to meet a range of lifestyle needs. 
  • Maximize storage capacity with pullout bins and baskets. Also customizable within your existing pantry space, they can be made to store pet food, unrefrigerated fruits and vegetables, an assortment of food bags, and even kitchen towels or recipe books. 
  • Use baskets and other simple accessories to organize loose food items and ingredients. 
  • Take advantage of custom shelving so that each of your pantry staples have a proper storage space. Options range from large shelves to built-in spice racks to a variety of wine storage solutions. Our home organization specialists are available for complimentary consultations at www.tailoredliving.com. 
With even a few basic alterations to your current pantry design, you can increase the ease of storing and preparing your meals. Tailored Living looks forward to helping you restore the joy and health of home dining.



7 Ways to Organize a Walk in Closet and Create More Space

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7 Ways to Organize a Walk in Closet and Create More Space

Closet organizers are note solely for gaining square footage back– they’re also savers of time and money. Nothing is more disruptive to an otherwise routine morning than a missing left shoe or a hiding cufflink, and no one wants to spend money replacing seasonal items that have simply been forgotten about. Such problems as these are simply organizational, and can be easily solved with utilization of closet accessories. Following are a few tips to get started on improving your closet space.

  1. All small items from belts to undergarments can be stored and sorted within custom drawer dividers. Tailored Living can offer personalized divider services to fit your current drawers and specific needs. 
  2. Pullout drawers are perhaps the most popularly discussed, but most overlooked, of the closet organizers. Simple solutions to wrinkled wardrobe and buried items, they can be built thinly for ease of viewing your items, or with depth for maximal storage. They are also customizable by size, color, and materials to match your taste and budget. 
  3. An easy solution to commonly tangled or lost accessories is the jewelry drawer. A shallow pullout with custom jewelry dividers, you can use as few or as many as you need. It’s an ideal way to protect your valuable pieces, as well as to keep track of them all. 
  4. Though often thought of as outside the family of closet accessories, safes are excellent tools for keeping track of your most precious valuables. Whether you’re storing emergency cash or a beloved inheritance, we’re happy to help you find a strategic space for a safe within your custom closet. 
  5. An alternate solution to the pullout or mounted mirror is one that hosts your reflection on one side, and your toiletries on the other. A multi-purpose accessory, it frees up space in both your bathroom and your closet. 
  6. Those with high ceilings or those who won’t risk balancing on chairs may take advantage of vertical space with pull-down racks and valet rods. Pictures of these practical innovations can be found here (link to http://www.tailoredliving.com/closet-organization/closet-accessories/). 
  7. Consulting to a closet organization professional will ensure your home improvement efforts save maximal time, money, and space. At Tailored Living, we pride ourselves in taking the time to ask the right questions about your needs and lifestyle so that the investment in your service is one hundred percent personalized. To speak to a local expert or to schedule a free in-home consultation, simply visit www.tailoredliving.com. 


Kitchen Pantry Designs

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Get Ready for the Holidays with a New Kitchen Pantry Design

Every homeowner’s kitchen pantry design is different than the next. It may be different because of their diets or because they don’t cook a lot of meals. Each and every kitchen pantry design should be customized to organize the contents in a way that makes the most sense to whoever will be using the pantry most often. The best way to do this is to section off your pantry into areas where you can grab everything you need without having to think about and search out where the items are stored.

Tailored Living home organization specialists have outlined some possible sections to create with your new kitchen pantry design modules that will save you time and energy when cooking up your delicious holiday dishes.
Sections to consider creating:
- Barbecue sauces, salad dressings, liquid smoke, vanilla, anything in liquid form that you use in your recipes should be stored in one central area so you always know where to look for it.
- Cake, pie, bread, and brownie mixes along with anything else of this category should all be placed together. Since they aren’t used as often as some of the other things in your pantry, you may want to consider placing them somewhere out of your immediate reach.
- A spice rack or spice drawer is perfect for keeping all of your flavor bursting spices in one place and making it easy to see them and pick out which you need.
Fresh vegetable and fruit storage
- Airtight modules that can slide or tilt out are perfect for storing your fruit and vegetables. There are also baskets available for anything that doesn’t need to be kept in an airtight container!
Recipe books
- Your library of recipe books and homemade recipes that you have collected throughout the years can all be stored in a place out of the way, but right there whenever you need them.
Custom cabinetry to match your home style
- Although this isn’t a, “section” per say, it is a section of your home and your kitchen pantry design should complement the look and feel that you have adopted for the rest of your home

Turn your average pantry into an organized and instinctual space with the help of your local Tailored Living home organization specialist today!



Laundry Room Ideas

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Get Your Laundry Room Organized with New Cabinets

In busy households, most laundry rooms become unorganized as clothing, towels, and empty detergent containers seem to pile up quickly. Avoid an unpleasant mess with laundry room cabinets. Cabinets work just as well in the laundry room as they do in the kitchen. Consider incorporating laundry room cabinets into your next laundry room design from Tailored Living. They offer convenient storage for extra linens, household supplies and oversized detergent and fabric softener containers.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       With an organized space, laundry day will be more enjoyable and feel less like a chore. For added convenience, Tailored Living offers a variety of accessories that work well in conjunction with laundry room cabinets.
Some additional laundry room ideas include: 

  • Add a valet rod above the counter for hanging items fresh from the dryer.
  • A pull-out laundry hamper keeps dirty clothes out of sight as it is concealed behind cabinets.
  • A pull-out ironing board offers space-saving convenience since it folds back on itself to slide back into the wall.
  • Create a sort-as-you go laundry room design with integrated pull-out baskets for whites, darks, reds, delicates, and more.
  • Eliminate unsightly dirt and lint that often accumulates in the laundry room with slide out trash bins for easy disposal.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Contact your local Tailored Living home organization specialist today to begin designing a laundry room perfectly tailored to your needs and lifestyle.



Organizing for the New Year

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 Home Improvement Tips to get Organized for the New Year

New Year’s resolutions have a way of dying soon after they are made. Make this year different by learning how to not only start these plans but maintain them. If getting organized is one of your 2013 resolutions, then it may be time for a little home improvement. Consider the following ways you can get organized in the upcoming year.

Use every room to its potential:
From the entryway to the office, there are several ways to make a space work. Do not overfill some rooms and neglect the potential in others. Tailored Living makes shelving and organizers for every room’s purpose. You could make a room work extra hard by giving it a second purpose. Murphy Beds offer a convenient second use for any room, giving guests comfortable sleeping quarters. They are even offered in options that include shelving, helping you keep a room in order.

Organize for convenience:
To keep a room looking neat, the most-used items should be within reach. By doing so you will not have to look far to put your belongings back or dig through drawers to find what you are looking for. By tailoring a room through a little home improvement, such as shelving measurements and special organizers, you are making a room work better for your individual needs.

Create a home for every item:
As people receive gifts over the holiday season, they need to find new places to keep them. Consider donating old items to make room for the new. When every little knick-knack has a place, clutter is less likely to happen. You do not have to look far to put all your stuff away. Putting it all away becomes more straightforward, giving you ease in the organization process.

Design a space you want to show off:
Whether it is Tailored Living’s PremierGarage brand cabinets or an attractive entryway design, you want people to see the home improvement you have put into your living spaces. By installing special features in your home, you will feel encouraged to be keep rooms organized. Not only do your spaces look good but you want them to stay that way as well.

Tailored Living offers a variety of home improvement options to spruce up every room in the house. Organization is creating conveniently-designed rooms that you are proud of. Maintaining a New Year’s resolution has never been so easy!