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5 Uncommon Ways Closet Accessories Can Be Used

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 Spring is in the air and the experts at Tailored Living want to share with you 5 uncommon ways closet accessories can be used! Start by separating out your heavier winter clothes, outerwear, and boots.  These items can be stored away easily in pull-out bins or on overhead shelving units.  

o First on our list of uncommon custom closet accessories is the wall-mount or pull-out ironing board for pressing some life into those spring garments that have been tucked away all winter.   

o Second, built-in pull-out shoe racks are the perfect solution for keeping shoes out of sight and organized now that you’re ready for flip-flops and sandals!

o Third, move your lighter hanging garments to the front of your closet to ensure that they’re easy to access. Have Tailored Living incorporate valet rods that pull down with ease into your custom closet design, letting you take advantage of the high space in your closet for long and short hanging items.  Consider moving your shorts, t-shirts, and other casual items to the drawers in your main wardrobe unit or fold them neatly and place on lower shelves.  

o Fourth, you’ll want to display your brightest spring accessories; purses and hats oh my! Custom shelves with enclosed glass front doors are ideal for storing purses and hats to ensure they’re close at hand for the next special occasion or spring outing.   

o Fifth, integrated valet rods work great for securely hanging scarves and sliding tie racks to keep your custom closet organized.  

Right now, you can take advantage of our Anniversary Sale ($250 off your project PLUS $100 in Free Accessories) and incorporate these custom closet design accessories into your closet space. You will feel more organized, spend less time searching through a cluttered closet, and get out the door faster to enjoy the weather now that spring has sprung!  


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