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Tailored Living Franchise Support System

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The Tailored Living Franchise Support System

When an individual is seeking to start their own franchise business, one of the main things they should consider is the support system a given franchise company has in place. Running your own business can seem like a daunting venture so it’s important to feel that you’re not alone.

Over the years, Tailored Living has been steadily growing its franchisee family. Today, it’s over 100 strong thanks in part to an established and tried system that has helped franchisees succeed.

At Tailored Living, a new franchisee can expect a thorough support system that begins with a business coach who is there to guide them through any difficulties they may experience. They also have a wide network of franchisee peers that they can turn to for advice. Additional support includes frequent webinars and training sessions.

“We want to make sure our franchisees feel they always have someone there to help guide them through any problems,” said Chad Hallock, CEO of Tailored Living. “It’s one of the things that have allowed us to grow into one of the top home organization franchises in the nation.”

Tailored Living believes military veterans make excellent franchise owners because they are already trained to work effectively within support systems. Because of this, its parent company, Home Franchise Concepts, launched the Million Dollar Franchise Event last year to encourage veterans to become business owners. The event offers a $5,000 discount off the purchase of a Tailored Living franchise with the goal of granting $1,000,000 in total discounts. For more information, visit www.HFCsupportsvets.com.

Transform Your Space With Cabinets

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Simply Modernize Your Space With Custom Laundry Room Cabinets!

Contemporary custom cabinet designs can transform your cluttered laundry room into a modern, convenient space!
With the right laundry room cabinets, countertops and better use of space you can transform a cramped laundry room into a favorite gathering and workspace!  You can add a desk area for crafts or sewing.  The laundry room is one of the most underutilized areas of the home.  Just look at the wall space and think of it as a blank canvass ready for you to create the perfect space for whatever extras you may need.  Add a refined air to even the most mundane task (i.e., doing laundry) with beautiful baskets, contemporary custom cabinets and compartments to keep your laundry room as neat as a pin. 
Mudrooms have long been relegated to the laundry room, but imagine if you had the perfect place for boots, coats, and hampers! Laundry rooms may be hard working but that doesn’t mean they have to be void of function and stylish design. Open shelving organized with decorative baskets can hold off-season essentials. Raising front load washers and dryers off the floor makes for easy access to laundry room cabinets that can be strategically installed underneath to store detergent, towels, or even a hidden hamper! 
Laundry rooms can be well organized to work harder for the entire family while having an improved aesthetic design. Tailored Living’s organization specialists are here to assist with the solution. Tailored Living offers free in-home consultations to help turn your custom cabinet design ideas into a reality.  With the help of Tailored Living your cluttered laundry room into a modern, streamlined room whose uses are limitless.
 Laundry Room Cabinets 

Start the New Year with a New Career

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Tailored Living Presents an Opportunity to Be Your Own Boss

The New Year presents new opportunities to make much needed life improvements. Regardless of whether your resolution is to better your health, take a family vacation or give back to your community, now is the perfect time to make a change. In case you are searching for a career change, Tailored Living presents an exciting avenue to become your own boss!
Tailored Living is one of the largest home organization franchises in the nation. It differentiates itself by offering homeowners complete whole-home organization services that include free consultations, expert measuring and professional installation, all in the comfort of their homes. What makes the Tailored Living franchise opportunity particularly enticing is that it is home-based. This means you can set your own hours and minimize operating costs! You also benefit from a proven business model, a network of industry leading manufacturing partners, and a corporate business support division that is ready to help you with any difficulties you may experience.
The Tailored Living franchise opportunity is even more attractive to military veterans due to the launch of the Million Dollar Franchise Event by Home Franchise Concepts – Tailored Living’s parent company. The event grants a substantial discount off the purchase of a Tailored Living franchise to military veterans of all backgrounds. For more information, visit www.hfcsupportsvets.com.  
Make 2014 your most prosperous year yet by becoming your own boss and having full control over your financial future. Happy New Year from everyone here at Tailored Living!

A New Year Means a New Home

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Top Home Organization Tips for the New Year

Like most of us, in-home organization is at the top of your New Year’s Resolution wish list, especially after the holidays!  Do you wish for even more storage solutions for Christmas decorations and all those gifts Santa showed up with?  Do you wish you had an entry way that could handle all your guest’s coats and boots?  And how about a pantry organized for cake mixes, spices, sauces, recipe books, fruits and vegetables? And to top it all off, a laundry room designed and tailored to handling however many guests decide to spend the holidays with you next year! 
A beautiful entryway to your home is about reconciling its two uses, a well-trafficked area for family and guests, and the other as a decorative statement.  Tailored Living can help you design creative cabinetry and clever storage that makes for a beautiful statement to showcase your entryway. 
Custom Pantry and Cabinetry to Match Your Home Style 
A Tailored Living specialist can complement the look and feel that you have adopted for the rest of your kitchen with a pantry that provides a multitude of space to store your kitchen essentials.  
Laundry Room Solutions 
With an organized space, laundry day will be more enjoyable and feel less like a chore. For added convenience, Tailored Living offers a variety of accessories that work well in conjunction with laundry room cabinets. 
• Add a valet rod above the counter for hanging items fresh from the dryer.
• A pull-out laundry hamper keeps dirty clothes out of sight as it is concealed behind cabinets.
• A pull-out ironing board offers space-saving convenience since it folds back on itself to slide back into the wall.
• Create a sort-as-you go laundry room design with integrated pull-out baskets for whites, darks, reds, delicates, and more.
• Eliminate unsightly dirt and lint that often accumulates in the laundry room with slide out trash bins for easy disposal.

Organize Your Kitchen For the New Year

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Prepare the Heart of Your Home for Healthier New Year Habits with a new Kitchen Design

Got your New Year’s resolutions ready? Is one of them to eat and live a healthier lifestyle? One factor that could help contribute to the success of your resolution is redesigning your kitchen to make it more organized and more conducive to cooking healthy meals. Simplicity is the key here, the easier your kitchen design is, the easier it is to find and cook the ingredients for a healthy meal, the more likely you are to do it.
The key to making the items in your kitchen more accessible is through organized kitchen cabinets. Proper organization can be achieved through many different means depending on the wants and needs of each homeowner. Every home and every person is unique, Tailored Living works very close with homeowners to determine the type of organizational style that suits them best. Once the homeowner and organizational specialist have worked out how to best section off areas of the kitchen design for their specific uses and purposes, it is time to decide what types of kitchen organizers will be used to complete the transformation. 
Spice racks
  • Keep all your spices in one place with your new kitchen design that incorporates slide out spice racks that are out of the way until you need them. Liven up your healthy dishes with just the right amount of the perfect spice!   
Customized cabinetry 
  • Possibly the most important part of any kitchen design, cabinetry can make or break your kitchen. Too much and you don’t have enough counter space, not enough and you don’t have enough storage space. Working with a Tailored Living organization specialist can help you determine exactly how much cabinetry you need and what will go in the cabinets once they are complete. 
Wine racks
  • Just as, if not more, important than any spice racks! Wine racks from Tailored Living are available in many different styles to suit each individual homeowner’s personal taste and style. 
Start planning your new kitchen design today with the help of your local Tailored Living and start the New Year off healthy!
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