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Top Five Reasons you should Hire a Specialist to Organize your Garage

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Top Five Reasons you should Hire a Specialist to Organize your Garage

Has your garage become a warzone full of clutter and unused household items? Do you fear that opening a cabinet will result in an avalanche of equipment, tools, and gear falling on your head? If this sounds like your garage, or sounds like the direction that your garage is heading, maybe it is time to hire one of the specialists at Tailored Living to organize your garage. With that being said, here are the five main reasons for hiring a specialist to organize your garage:

1.Experts know best  
Doing it yourself is great when it’s a simple project like replacing a leaky faucet, but when tackling a large project like the organization of your garage, it is best to seek an expert to make sure you are getting the best use out of your garage as possible. 
2.They can maximize your space      
Tailored Living garage organization specialists know exactly how to maximize each and every inch of available space in your garage. From equipping the walls with custom shelving and gridwalls, to installing overhead storage and custom cabinetry, garage organization specialists will provide you with the best organizational solutions to fit your lifestyle.
3.It will get done right the first time      
Working on a large project such as garage organization can be a long and time-consuming project. Making mistakes only lengthens the time of completion, but when you hire a Tailored Living garage organization specialist, you can rest assured knowing that the process will be done quickly and correctly the first time. 
4.They walk you through the entire process and show you what it will look like upon completion  
The first thing that a garage organization specialist will do is determine what exactly you are looking to achieve with your garage space. Organization? A space for activities? A storage area? After they have determined the primary garage function, they will lay out the design using their special 3D imaging software, D’Vinci, to show you how the room will look once completed. 
5.You will have a project manager to keep you updated   
Your Tailored Living garage organization specialist will keep you updated throughout the entire project and make sure everything is being done to your satisfaction. 


Tailored Living Renovates the Boys & Girls Club

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Tailored Living Renovates the Boys & Girls Club 

Tailored Living and its sister company, Budget Blinds, recently teamed up with NBC’s popular home improvement show George to the Rescue to bring a facelift to The Boys and Girls Club in Newark, NJ. If you are unfamiliar with the show, it features the renowned home improvement specialist George Oliphant as he travels the nation completing remodeling projects for families and community organizations in need.

For the episode featuring Budget Blinds and Tailored Living, George improved the teen room that provides kids with a fun atmosphere within The Boys and Girls Club in Newark, NJ. The Newark Boys and Girls Club sees over 200 teens on a daily basis who are seeking guidance and support from upstanding community members who volunteer their time at the club. According to the Club, nearly 50 percent of Newark teens will fail to graduate from high school and the Club has made it one of their primary goals to change this statistic for the better. Along with helping students graduate from high school, the organization seeks to keep African American teens from becoming part of an alarming statistic that has three out of ten males in the criminal justice system before the age of 18.

The teen room that was remodeled is used to host a multitude of structured programs that promote responsibility, building of character, and the importance of becoming a contributing member of society. It also has a number of televisions, computers and other entertainment devices that are only available for the teens to use after they have completed some of the guidance programs. Using their 3D interactive design software, D’Vinci, Tailored Living showcased new organizational systems that included an entertainment center and storage areas for computers, books and personal belongings. Along with the extra storage space, Tailored Living coated the floor with their special PremierGarage epoxy coating to provide a slip-resistant surface that is easy to clean and aesthetically pleasing. Jay Feingold, Charlie Dennis and the rest of the Northern New Jersey Tailored Living crew did an amazing job with the renovations and are happy to be part of such an inspiring project.

To catch the episode on the air, tune into NBC 4 on April 27th at 10am EST to watch the crew get to work!  


Tailored Living's TV Appearance Re-Airs

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Tailored Living’s TV Appearance Re-Airs

NBC recently announced that the George to the Rescue episode featuring Tailored Living will re-air this weekend, April 13th and 14th!

This past July, Tailored Living completed a garage renovation for Corporal Sherman Watson – a 3-time Purple Heart recipient and marine veteran. The garage featured custom cabinetry, shelving and flooring, branded with Marine Corps logos for added personalization. In case you missed it the first time, be sure to tune in this weekend and check out the following list for show times in your area:

Sat 10a  
Sat 7p  
Sun 1230a  

LA - KNBC - Sun 430p  
Chicago - WMAQ - Sun 1135p  
Philly - WCAU - Sat 10a  
Washington - WRC - Sun 105a  
Dallas - KXAS - Sat 1230p  
San Fran - KNTV - Sun 530a  
Miami - WTVJ - Sun 1130a  
San Diego - KNSD - Sat 5p  
Hartford - WVIT - Sun 12n  
Boston - NECN - Sun 11a



Closet Design with Custom Closet Organizers

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Closet Design with Custom Closet Organizers

Your closet may be so unorganized that you may not bother taking the time to arrange your clothing in a way that makes it more conducive for quick selection and easy navigation. When a closet is designed by the organization specialists at Tailored Living, you can rest assured that the closet design is perfectly customized to your specific needs. Every cubby, drawer, cabinet, and rack is crafted to the exact dimensions that best suit your closet space.  

Custom Closet Organizers by Tailored Living

There are many different ways to customize a closet. The best way to start is by pinpointing what your individual needs and design tastes are. From there, a Tailored Living closet design organization specialist will work with you to decide which types of closet organizers will work best. Some of the closet organizers available through the friendly professionals at Tailored Living include:

Tilt-out bins: Perfect for storing soiled items and keeping different types of clothing organized and ready for laundry day.

Valet rods: Can be customized to fit into any space and are perfectly placed to meet a client’s height and reach requirements.

Drawer organizers: Never worry about having to find matching socks again with a drawer organizer that keeps them all separated and neatly organized.

Tie racks: Hanging ties on regular hangers can be a hassle and can cause ties to get wrinkled or crumpled. A tie rack is the perfect solution for keeping ties looking as sharp as possible.

Jewelry organizers: Keeping necklaces and bracelets separated while keeping track of every pair of earrings can be difficult for someone with a large collection. A jewelry organizer is the ideal closet organizer for this situation.

Integrated ironing board: Ironing boards are often large and clunky, taking up much needed closet space. Tailored Living’s integrated ironing boards neatly fold away to maximize your space and reduce clutter.

Safes: Tailored Living can incorporate a safe into your closet design that is both hidden and secure. Use it to store your most valuable possessions.

Televisions: Spend a lot of time in the closet getting ready? Tailored Living can mount a flat screen TV to keep you entertained.

These organizers are just some of the extras that can be included in your closet design. Tailored Living can also provide customized shelves, cabinets, and unique racks to meet your additional storage needs.