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Organize Your Garage in Style

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3 Garage Storage Cabinet Ideas for Maximum Organization and Style

If you’re looking to transform your typical garage into one that’s aesthetically attractive and functionally sound, Tailored Living, the exclusive distributor of PremierGarage®, is the ideal solution for your home. Our unique garage cabinets have the obvious benefit of making it easier to store and find items like tools, sporting equipment, and gardening supplies, but they additionally offer the benefit of durability. With shelves finely crafted to withstand heavy loads and extreme temperatures, each model is built for strength with rugged, all-steel connection hardware.
Compliment the desired style of your space with our wide selection of colors and finishes, and discover the many ways to keep garage storage items safely off the floor and behind closed doors.
Traditional Garage Cabinets
The first thing typically noted about a garage with a cabinetry system is how inviting the color and style uniformity appears. With upper and lower garage cabinets that can also be made to fit a matching workbench, it’s clear these professionally installed and sturdy designs do more than protect even heavy items from lingering dust and pests. Since they are offered with baskets, installed drawers, and built-in cabinet dividers, they also allow you to keep items neatly sorted and intelligently arranged for easy accessibility by season, hobby, or task.
Powder-Coated Cabinets
Our most colorful and boldly stylish garage storage solutions, powder-coated cabinets are innovative because of their contemporary styling, durable state of the art design, and durable finish. Because they are topped with new wood powder coating technology, they are designed to withstand the harshest of climates, and are recognized as having the toughest finish of any wood cabinetry. With finish more durable than liquid paint, chip resistance, and a unique seamless door technology that resists moisture, powder-coated cabinets are easy to clean with a rag or paper towel, and match well with our garage flooring options.
Stainless Steel Cabinets
Our stainless steel cabinets communicate a sleek and contemporary style sensibility with chic wraparound designs, and are built for maximal durability with innovatively strong materials. The essence of the meeting place between function and design, they come in a variety of custom configurations––including off the floor and wall-mounted for added pest protection.
Speak with a Tailored Living Organization Specialist about which of the garage cabinets will work optimally for your home, and let your local team help you through each process, from our unique 3D visualization to the final design. Schedule your free in-home consultation by contacting Tailored Living today.


Stainless Steel Garage Cabinets by Tailored Living

Give Your Garage a Whole New Look

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Incredible Garage Storage Ideas for a Complete Garage Makeover

Whether your toys are your sports equipment, your tools, your bikes, or your cars, they’re all stored in the garage most likely. Many of the things that keep us happiest live in this space, yet we seem to never fail to let that space fill with clutter.
These home improvement solutions we offer are meant to help with that common problem––but contact your local Tailored Living Organization Specialist to put these plans into action. Soon you’ll have transformed your garage into a functional storage space that also invites you to play.
Garage Cabinetry
Available in traditional, powder coated, and stainless steel finishes, custom cabinets by Tailored Living are designed and installed with your family’s needs and expectations in mind. Perfect for storing seasonal clothing or equipment that you like to keep dust-free, or cleaning products and tools that you need to keep accessible, garage cabinets come in the perfect colors and sizes for your home.
Gridwall Racks
Gridwall racks are our most versatile garage storage solution, as it’s easily modified to meet every single seasonal need. With the proper gridwall accessories on hand, you can store your bikes, gardening tools, soccer balls, and even a ladder. View our garage photo gallery to see this highly functional and surprisingly durable accessory in its many forms.
Overhead Storage
Overhead storage is where you keep things like holiday decorations or snow equipment during the summer time. Secured to the ceiling of your garage, this handy storage solution keeps off-season items out of your way when you don’t need them so that you regain valuable floor and wall space.
Garage Shelving
Tried and time tested since the birth of the garage, shelves are the most traditional home improvement solution. Ask your local Organization Specialist about differences in material, durability, and shelf height, and let them take the guesswork out of selection by measuring your garage on the day of your consultation.
The most popular garage storage solutions are listed above, but contact your local Organization Specialist for a free consultation that addresses your unique questions and home improvement needs.

 Gridwall Racks and Garage Cabinets by Tailored Living 


Garage Organization TIps

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9 Different Ways to Configure Your Garage Organization to Fit Your Stuff and Your Car

The garage is such a multi-purposed space that it easily becomes one of the most disorganized rooms in a house. With our simple home improvement solutions recommended specifically for your garage, you can turn this cluttered unit into a functional, workable space.
1. Short and tall garage cabinets, available in a range of colors, materials, and finishes, protect clothing, bulk food items, tools, and whatever else you store in your garage from unwanted pests and dust particles. Tailored Living offers these highly effective garage cabinets in custom sizes so that your garage organization system works most efficiently for your unique space.
2. Configuring these short and tall garage cabinets into a shape that incorporates a dedicated workbench makes for a durable and aesthetically pleasing work space that frees up room elsewhere in the garage or household.
3. Most of the workbenches designed by Tailored Living contain storage options below that maximize efficiency. Whichever tools you like to keep near your workbench can be neatly organized in drawers, cabinets, or custom shelves.
4. Our variety of workbenches pairs nicely with a small gridwall system that can fit right between two tall garage cabinets. Items that are too large to fit in a storage space below or that you want to keep immediately available can be easily stored in a gridwall basket or with another specialized gridwall accessory.
5. Larger custom gridwalls that span the length of your garage are excellent home improvement solutions because they offer such flexible storage options. In the summer, couple them with racks that store gardening supplies or the kids’ soccer gear; in the winter, use gridwall accessories that keep rakes, shovels, and snow supplies within reach.
6. Overhead storage racks also offer brilliant seasonal storage solutions. Available in small to large custom sizes, they hide away off-season tools like holiday décor, and rarely used necessities such as spare tires.
7. Tailored Living’s selection of wall accessories accommodates items that just won’t fit inside cabinets or even if overhead shelves. A bike, for example, can be sturdily affixed to a wall with the simple installation of a rack, hoist, or hook.
8. Garage shelving, our most simple and traditional organization technique, can be custom tailored to your design aesthetic and storage needs. 
9. We recommend using our flexible garage floor tiles in a color-coded system for maximal space efficiency. Distinguishing parking spaces from those for work, walking, or tool play is a great way to get the most out of your garage space and maintain your garage organization standards. See our garage photo gallery for an example of how this may look.
To learn more about our custom home improvement suggestions for the garage, please contact your local Tailored Living organization specialist. Using our proprietary D’Vinci 3D software, we’ll be able to show you an exact replica of what your updated garage space will look like, what it may store, and how it will function.
 Tailored Living Garage Organization Solutions