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15 Ways to Create a Home Office in a Small Space

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15 Ways to Create a Home Office in a Small Space

Deciding to create an office within your home can seem like a daunting task with big business plans and little space. Luckily Tailored Living offers a free and easy solution for the biggest part: visualizing. With our proprietary 3D design software, D'VinciTM, we design during your complimentary in-home consultation, a virtual replica of your future home office design­––complete with your exact color scheme––so you can modify and personalize before we even start installing. See below for fifteen design solutions that will help get the creative juices flowing.

1.      Use one or two materials or colors across all office furniture, like two-tone cherry and maple or Italia Coco. A matching desk and cabinetry makes a strong statement about the way you conduct business. 

2.      Install tall storage cabinets to organize large amounts of books, boxes, and binders. Our 3D design software enables you to see exactly how high the cabinet will rest against your wall, as well as what kinds of custom shelving and cabinetry will fit your items. 

3.      Use wall space efficiently by designing and installing a custom niche with Tailored Living. 

4.      Eliminate the need for a conference table with a peninsula desk that seats two to three people. 

5.      Build custom upper and lower cabinets to make information easy to access from your desk. 

6.      Display awards or art pieces through glass inset cabinet doors. 

7.      Create a custom floating niche with shelves and hidden cabinets for extra wall storage over your desk. 

8.      Keep files sorted with a hanging file drawer directly inside your desk. 

9.      Incorporate a murphy bed into your well-organized and pleasant home office design for it to double as a guest room. 

10.  Use a keyboard tray to free up valuable desk space. 

11.  Build a slide-out trash container right into your niche, desk, or cabinetry. 

12.  Maximize space-saving capabilities with a shallow desk insert for pens, paperclips, and Post-its. 

13.  Go vertical and save desk space by hanging a magnetic board or dry erase board directly onto your wall. 

14.  If you’re accommodating a work partner, visit this related article on designing a home office for two. 

15.  Save on home office design resources with $250 off purchases of $2,500 or more for a limited amount of time. See here for more details. 


Our Tailored Living home organization professionals look forward to helping you design and install the most efficient and stylish home office space possible. Simply call or visit tailoredliving.com to schedule your complimentary consultation today, and be sure to visit our Facebook page for even more inspiration. 





11 Home Office Design Ideas for Two

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11 Home Office Design Ideas for Two

An efficient home office design is the key to efficient workflow––especially when you share the space with your business partner or spouse. We happily share with you these eleven home organization tips so that your business and your home will flourish together.
  1. Using separate tall storage cabinets is a great way to keep large amounts of books, documents, folders, and records separate. In smaller spaces or if fewer items need to be stored, a single cabinet may be used for two individuals or businesses. 
  2. Tailored Living helps you design and install custom built-in storage niches for your and your partner’s unique needs. 
  3. As is the case for any room undergoing home improvement, details such as color coordination and matching of material are essential to consistency of atmosphere. But that doesn’t mean two individuals or two business representatives need to work in exactly the same environment. Let one of our experts strategize the best solutions for blending and personalizing your home office for two. 
  4. For more compact shared workspaces, a peninsula desk may host two individuals. For more open ones, two can occupy opposite sides or corners of the room. 
  5. A round meeting table in the shared office is a crucial element of home office design since it can purpose each individuals’ conferences. 
  6. Customize and install upper and lower cabinets near your desk to take advantage of wall space and improve home organization of the room in which you need it most. 
  7. Another way to utilize empty walls is by installing a custom wall unit, composed of shelves and drawers unique to your needs. 
  8. Glass inset cabinet doors set an elegant tone, while keeping visible the work––or art––you like to make accessible. 
  9. A single desk with side-by-side work areas is a space-saving solution for more minimal home offices. 
  10. Compliment a shared desk with custom upper shelving or cabinetry that serves both users’ needs simultaneously. 
  11. Those who work separately from one another or those who want a thoroughly customized space can benefit from building two separate work centers. One can place paintings where the other requires shelves, and each can use a different desk configuration to suit their role and workflow. 
Consulting your local Tailored Living home organization specialist saves time and energy by removing guesswork from workspace redesign. Simply visit our website to schedule your complimentary in-home consultation, and meanwhile flip through our home office gallery.

Home Office For Two


Your First Home Office

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Getting Started on Your First Home Office

by Maria Samuels

In recent years, home-based jobs have surged in number. In fact, on
the website of the United States’ Bureau of Labor and Statistics (bls.gov), it
has been stated that back in 2004, 20.7 million Americans have engaged in
home-based money-making undertakings.

From modest yet profitable entrepreneurial undertakings to freelance
professional stints in various fields like accounting and research, many
avenues have been opened to career-driven individuals who opt to work within
the confines and comforts of their homes.

If you are one of these individuals, having a home office is nothing
less than necessary. So here are some important guidelines to help your home office design
project get started.

Things to Consider 

There are three major priorities when it comes to designing your home

Space - This home organization project has two
components. The first is the location in which you wish to put up your home
office. The most common choice is the bedroom since most people regard this
spot as the most comfortable option there is. Having an office in your bedroom might
be nice for privacy, but if you expect to meet up with clients or conduct
meetings from time to time, a home office in the living area or one adjacent to
your patio or garage, is something you should consider.

Next you’re going to want to make sure to properly determine your workable
space by asking yourself how much work space you need and how much work
space your living quarters could actually allot. Note that the location and
dimensions of a workplace directly affect a person’s level of productivity.
This is due to how the human body responds to specific room conditions such as
inadequacy in terms of legroom.

Theme - There are several home office designs
to choose from. Modern design for instance is very popular these days. This
theme, which traces its roots to clean and minimalistic temperaments, is best
for small spaces that could use an illusion of size and airiness. A classic
work space design on the other hand is best suited to individuals who prefer
nothing more than the pragmatic.

Functionality - Design should always go hand in hand
with practicality. The most important thing to take note of when coming up with
a home office is how the area could translate to a work-conducive space as this is the
primary goal of the project.

For utmost practicality, you will need these office essentials:

Work desk 

In terms of structure, these tables may range from a modest
configuration to more sophisticated designs equipped with built in cabinets,
adjustable height, and even detachable rollers.

Here is an example of a home office design with the desk incorporated
into the workspace:

home office1

Swivel chairs on rollers are the most recommended since these are
quite dependable in terms of practicality, mobility, and comfort.

Filing cabinets 

To easily retrieve important files, bills, and other documents, or to properly
store the more recent ones, aptly labeled cabinets are a must. For quick access
these cabinets can be placed on the wall, directly above the work desk, or
under or beside the work desk.

Lighting fixtures 

Aside from the available light in the room you’ve chosen to use for
your home office, it is imperative that an additional lighting fixture –
specifically for work-purposes – be introduced to the area. Work-conducive
lighting should be low or glare-free. Fluorescent lamps with asymmetric lens,
and colors that complement the room’s chrome temperature, are your best

Guest author Maria Samuels was a semi-professional interior designer
before working as a Materials Specialist at In Style Modern, a furniture and
fixture company which specializes in



Home Office Organization Tips

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Be Productive and Reduce Stress with a Custom Home Office Design by Tailored Living

by Allison Cooper

Working at home is an ideal situation for most workers since it offers benefits such as not having to face the traffic of the daily commute, a reduced work wardrobe budget, and a great amount of freedom. However, with all of this freedom, you also have a responsibility to create a work environment that motivates you to be productive, reduce stress, save time and money, and meet deadlines.

The key to your success lies in the organization of your workspace. Once you have a space in mind, you will be able to set the wheels in motion toward creating a perfect working base. If you feel a little challenged and are not completely sure what components will best help you create that perfect work environment in your home, you can consult with a professional who will help you find the right configuration for your home office. Your home organization specialist can be the critical first step in your new professional venture.

Whether you make your own plans or enlist the help of a professional, you will need to create a space for your business.  The home office design will need to fit all of the furnishings and supplies that you will need to make each day run smoothly without making you feel cramped. Start by figuring out exactly what you need and how much space it all requires.  Sometimes that list may feel overwhelming, but it is important to identify the key components to get you started. Again, if you don't know where to start, a professional office planner could make sure you don't miss anything.

While other items are subject to personal preference, the one thing every office needs is the right desk for you. Finding a solid and sturdy desk can be difficult, especially with all the available choices. One type of desk to consider is a simple, classic writing desk (usually made of wood) with drawers.  Alternatively, you can select something more sleek and modern like this Euro-style Ballard Office Suite. You don't want to make this purchase twice, so make sure the desk you choose will suit you for the long term.

Your office chair is another place where you want to zoom in on what will make you happy, comfortable and productive each time you sit down to work. Make sure it feels good on your back, because you'll be using it quite a bit!

Remember that you will need to store your important files so find the right filing cabinet system to help with organization.  In general, erring on the side of too many drawers is better than the opposite so that every type of item has its own place. Although the world is often at your fingertips in the computer age, you will likely need at least a few physical books and a good place to store your hard work. Finding a good bookshelf that works well with the rest of your furnishings will help round out the foundation of your working space.

Home Office 2
Tailored Living Organized Home Office 

About Allison Cooper
Allison Cooper is a writer and editor for Beyond Stores, a leader in the online furniture retail business. When not working, Allison tries to spend as much time as possible organizing her home in wake of the mess her children frequently leave behind. 



Home Office Design Ideas

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Custom Home Office Design Ideas to Get Organized

Everyone uses their office differently. Whether it is the kids’ homework area, the bill-paying room, the place where you work from home or all of the above, an efficient home office design should cater to your every need. With the right setup from Tailored Living, you will experience a more organized and efficient system where you can get your work done.

Whatever the type of work area you need, Tailored Living has several home office design options.  A wraparound work station works well for those that need plenty of surface area to work on. The peninsula desk is a similar option. It mimics the wraparound desk in that it is connected to shelves. This could be beneficial if there are books and tools that are kept on shelves but are also used often. On the other hand, if more than one person tends to work in the office at a time, you may need two work centers. These stations could be separate and on different sides of the room, or they could be dual work spaces sharing the same surface. It all depends on what you want and the space you have to work with.

While some offices are spacious, others tend to be a bit cozier. This does not mean you have to sacrifice organization and efficiency though. In a small space, Tailored Living works itshome office design magic from the ground up. The wall, for instance, tends to be an underutilized area. Shelving and cabinets can be installed on the wall to save floor space. You could also incorporate built-in storage as well. By building into the wall, you gain additional space for organizational needs. If you are looking for extra functionality in a room, you could even opt for a Murphy bed for an office that moonlights as a guest room. It all depends on what space you have to work with.

If you are looking to get organized and work more efficiently, consider customizing your home office design. Tailored Living has a variety of options that can suit your needs. To learn the potential of your office space, make sure to schedule your free in-home consultation today!

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Home Office Designed by Tailored Living