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Let Tailored Living Customize and Organize Your Entire Home

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Whole Home Organization for Stress-free Living with Custom, Personalized Storage Solutions

Have you ever walked into a friend’s custom-designed closet and thought, “Wow; that is fabulous! If I had this closet I’d…”  What? Add more hanging bars, shoe shelves, jewelry organizers? The beauty of custom design is that you can add the accessories that you want.

Custom design enhances the functionality of not only closets, but also garages, pantries, laundry rooms, home offices, entryways or mudrooms. Your whole home can be organized with your own personal touches in every room.

Tailored Living® organization specialists are whole home organizers. They come to you and by discussing in detail your unique use of living space they help design solutions that meet your specific needs, rather than trying to fit you into ready-made storage solutions.

Start with the basics

The first step is determining what you want to do with your space.


  • If a garage, is it for cars only or do you have a laundry area and/or other storage needs? Is there a work bench in the garage or would you like to have a work bench in the garage?
  • Is your over-crowded master closet a “hers” or a “his and hers?”
  • Are your kids’ closets generically chaotic? (Hint: a teen’s closet should be different from a young child’s.)
  • Is the kitchen pantry like the Bermuda Triangle--things go in and disappear without a trace?
  • Does your laundry room/area make it easier or harder to get laundry done?
  • Do you need dedicated office space in your home to work more effectively?
  • Is your entry way or mud room inviting or intimidating?


We’ll take a quick home tour and see how Tailored Living can help personalize your living space to make life easier, reduce stress and establish order. There will be some valuable organizational tips along the way as we go room to room.


A Tailored Living custom closet design will maximize every inch of space, including capturing vertical space generally ignored in traditional closet design. A combination of cabinets, drawers, shelves and tiered hanging rods establish the basis for creating a customized closet whether for his-and-hers, a child’s or a shopaholic’s haven. With a variety of finish choices and accessories, you can personalize every aspect of a closet. Some of the options include drawer and shelf dividers, velvet-lined jewelry organizers, pull-out baskets with or without colorful vinyl basket wraps, valet rods, belt and tie racks, hooks, pant hanger racks, integrated ironing board, tilt-out laundry bins and an ingenious, space-saving spiral shoe rack for that awkward corner, and it holds up to 25 pairs of shoes!

  Closet Stitch

This “his and hers” closet keeps everyone organized and happy.


Accessibility is the key to a well-organized pantry. Vertical storage captures valuable unused space, but tall shelving can be impractical for everyday use. Relegate top shelves to rarely used appliances, back-up supplies, or seasonal items. This leaves more “reachable” space for the things you and your family use constantly and makes tracking expiration dates much easier. Customize your pantry with deep or narrow shelves, pull-out baskets, spice or wine racks and cabinets. Adjustable shelf height lets you accommodate taller items such as two-liter drink bottles or family-sized cereal boxes. Lower storage shelves or baskets are “child-friendly,” making snacks and lunch box foods easy to grab. 


Your pantry can be customized for easy accessibility of the things your family uses most.


Often considered the man’s domain, most garages actually serve all-family uses. Garages house laundry facilities, general storage, toys, tools and sporting equipment, just to name a few possibilities. An unplanned garage can become an organizational nightmare of wasted space. Tailored Living offers garage solutions that maximize space according to how you actually use your garage. Custom cabinets in a variety of colors and finishes, overhead storage and Gridwall Racks help get everything up off the floor and into functional space that provides ease of use for the whole family. PremierFlexTM garage floor tiles or our PremierOne® hybrid polymer floor coating protects and beautifies your garage floor and makes it easier to keep clean.


This garage design has bountiful storage conveniently close to the entry door into the house, extending the living space.

Laundry Room

Not everyone has the luxury of an entire room just for laundry, but whatever space serves you as a laundry room can be maximized to organize the process. Upper and lower cabinets provide storage for laundry products so they are close at hand. Counter top space, valet rods, hooks or a pull-out ironing board all assist with turning dirty clothes into clean clothes and getting them back into the closets. Mastering the task with organizational accessories will save you time and energy.

Laundry Room

This laundry area beautifully shares storage space and work surfaces with kitchen and pantry.

Entryway or Mud Room

Life is made up of comings and goings and the nicer you can make them, the better. Clutter tends to accumulate in entryways and mud rooms as people drop off things, whether they belong there or not. Instituting some home organization solutions will help keep those areas clear and highly functional. Sturdy hooks for hanging coats, hats and scarves will eliminate piles on a chair or table. Cubbies for shoes will keep them up off the floor and give wet shoes and boots space to dry. Cubbies can even accommodate backpacks, lunch bags, purses or brief cases. You can personalize your space with shelves, a storage bench, hat rack, “last look” mirror or umbrella stand to make coming home more inviting, and leaving less chaotic with everything in its appointed place.


These entryway individual stations keep necessities from getting lost or forgotten.

Home Office

Not everyone works from home, but most people have a home office of some kind. It may be just for paying bills, chatting online, or downloading recipes, but having the space organized will make it more comfortable and efficient. A home office may be multi-use or shared space with more than one work station. It could be a whole room, sharing space in a guest room, or just a nook in the kitchen, but with thoughtful design, your home office can accommodate storage, multiple users and all the equipment and cords you need! From a full L-shaped desk design to an alcove counter top, using cabinets, shelving and drawers you’ll be able to hide the mess and have pleasant surroundings.

 Murphy Bed Home Office  

This home office design incorporating a Murphy Bed turns the space into a comfortable guest room when needed.

I hope you enjoyed our home tour and that you’re inspired to get organized! Call 866-675-8819 (US) or 866-257-7231 (CAN) today to schedule a free, in-home consultation or go online to www.tailoredliving.com to find an organization specialist near you. Let Tailored Living help you get your whole home under control before the holidays arrive and busy schedules get even busier. Remember, organization is a beautiful thing.

Laundry Room Ideas

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Get Your Laundry Room Organized with New Cabinets

In busy households, most laundry rooms become unorganized as clothing, towels, and empty detergent containers seem to pile up quickly. Avoid an unpleasant mess with laundry room cabinets. Cabinets work just as well in the laundry room as they do in the kitchen. Consider incorporating laundry room cabinets into your next laundry room design from Tailored Living. They offer convenient storage for extra linens, household supplies and oversized detergent and fabric softener containers.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       With an organized space, laundry day will be more enjoyable and feel less like a chore. For added convenience, Tailored Living offers a variety of accessories that work well in conjunction with laundry room cabinets.
Some additional laundry room ideas include: 

  • Add a valet rod above the counter for hanging items fresh from the dryer.
  • A pull-out laundry hamper keeps dirty clothes out of sight as it is concealed behind cabinets.
  • A pull-out ironing board offers space-saving convenience since it folds back on itself to slide back into the wall.
  • Create a sort-as-you go laundry room design with integrated pull-out baskets for whites, darks, reds, delicates, and more.
  • Eliminate unsightly dirt and lint that often accumulates in the laundry room with slide out trash bins for easy disposal.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Contact your local Tailored Living home organization specialist today to begin designing a laundry room perfectly tailored to your needs and lifestyle.



Small Laundry Room Organization Design Ideas

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Ideas on How to Organize Your Small Laundry Room

Having a room dedicated to your laundry is great, but if the space looks small after you factor in the size of your washing and drying machines, it may be time to look into new laundry room ideas for small spaces. That’s where your local Tailored Living organizational specialist comes in! Tailored Living home organization specialists are trained to make the most out of any space and they will help you turn your small laundry room area into the ideal space that meets all of your needs. To get you thinking about what you could be doing to improve the space in your laundry room, the organization specialists at Tailored Living offer four quick laundry room ideas.

Use all the space from the floor to the ceiling
To get the most out of your small space, use the full height of the room to your advantage. Build your cabinetry from the floor to the ceiling and you will be able to store all of the items that were previously too numerous to fit into tall cabinets.  

Take full advantage of any available space
Having a table in your laundry room to use as an area for folding clothes is a great idea, but an even better one is to cover this table with a long table cloth that serves to conceal storage items underneath the table. You can store irons, fabric softener, stain remover, and any other items that don’t fit in your cabinetry.  

Get creative
Tailored Living home organization specialists have a wide selection of accessories that can help to streamline your organization process. Ask them about fold-away ironing boards or pull-out hampers that can help categorize your clothing articles.  

 Call your local Tailored Living home organization specialist today and ask about a free in-home consultation.