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Turn Your Busy Kitchen Into an Organized Space

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Tailored Living's Most Functional Pantry Design Ideas for a Busy Kitchen

A busy kitchen doesn’t mean that every cooking utensil, spice rack, and blender has to be out on the countertops and in plain view! What many of us don’t realize is that having easy access to a well organized pantry can make even an extremely time consuming project more manageable.  By offering simple pantry design ideas, we hope to show you how functional home improvement techniques can make cooking at home easier and more enjoyable.
•  Diversify storage space and optimize organization levels with shallow pullout drawers. Multi-purpose tools for storing anything from small food items to kitchen appliances is a great pantry design idea that can be customized to fit within your pantry to meet a range of lifestyle needs. 
•  Maximize storage capacity with pullout bins and baskets. Also customizable within your existing pantry space, they can be made to store pet food, unrefrigerated fruits and vegetables, an assortment of food bags, and even kitchen towels or recipe books. 
•  Use baskets and other accessories to organize loose food items and ingredients is a simple home improvement idea that can really maximize your pantry space. 
•  Take advantage of custom shelving so that each of your pantry staples have a proper storage space. Options range from large shelves to built-in spice racks to a variety of wine storage solutions. 
Our organizational home improvement specialists are available for complementary consultations at www.tailoredliving.com . With even a few basic alterations to your current pantry design, you can increase the ease of storing and preparing your meals. Tailored Living looks forward to helping you restore the joy and health of home dining.


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Organize Your Closet with a Custom Design

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Closet Designs to Keep You Organized Throughout Every Season

Winter is behind us, spring has sprung, and summer is the right time to add a new twist to closet organization to keep you organized throughout every season!  The change in seasons often requires a new wardrobe and a new closet design.  
When it comes to closet organization, the professionals at Tailored Living recommend first, separating out your heavier winter clothes, outerwear, and boots.  These items can be stored away easily in pull-out bins or on overhead shelving units. Sturdy pulls-out baskets are ideal for stowing bulky sweaters and other seasonal items that take up too much hanging space.  Built-in cabinetry and integrated shoe racks are the perfect solution for keeping the shoes that you will no longer need, out of sight and organized.
Next, move your lighter hanging garments to the front of your closet to ensure that they’re easy to access.  Custom closet design from Tailored Living incorporate areas for long and short hanging items so that everything in your wardrobe has a place.  Consider moving your shorts, t-shirts, and other casual items to the drawers in your main wardrobe unit or fold them neatly and place on lower shelves.                        
Lastly, you’ll want to display your brightest spring accessories!  Overhead shelves enclosed by glass front doors are ideal for storing purses and hats to ensure they’re close at hand for the next special occasion or warm weather outing. Integrated valet rods work great for securely hanging scarves and ties and can be key to maintaining closet organization.
By incorporating these closet design ideas into your space, you will feel more organized, spend less time searching through a cluttered closet, and get out the door faster to enjoy the weather now that summer is upon us!  Tailored Living’s closet organization solutions are the perfect way to keep you organized throughout every season. We offer storage and organization solutions for the laundry room, pantry, closet, garage and home office. 
To get a customized home organization system installed, or to learn more about our closet design options, contact a Tailored Living home organization specialist to schedule a free in-home consultation.
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Give your Shed a Makeover with Custom Organization Solutions

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Transform your Poolside Shed into a Mini-Cabana with Cabinets, Hampers, and Storage Bins

It’s swimming season! Perhaps the only thing more luxurious than lounging by a shimmering turquoise pool is knowing that a fruity beverage, a fluffy towel or spare sunglasses are just a few steps away in your poolside cabana. Although owning your own cabana might seem like an extravagant frill, transforming your outdoor storage shed into a well-designed mini-cabana can boost your poolside enjoyment exponentially.
Converting sheds into livable space is taking off!  You can turn your poolside storage shed into a mini-cabana with outdoor storage, hampers, storage bins and custom cabinets. Pool gear can be cumbersome, and it has a tendency to accumulate so you’ll want to build in ample storage space. To keep your mini-cabana free of clutter, consider layer in shelving, custom cabinets and functional furnishings, such as storage benches. The organization specialists at Tailored Living can easily transform your storage shed into a desirable space with lots of various options.
Guests changing into their swimsuits won’t want to feel as though they’re on display. Orient the pool house so that it’s as private as possible and include features such as screens, privacy walls, frosted windows, or shades and blinds. And don’t forget the electronics. A sound system, dimmer-controlled lighting and Wi-Fi go a long way toward making your poolside mini-cabana both pleasant and functional.
Tailored Living’s home organization specialists will go through the design process with you to discuss a vast array of cutting-edge organization tool options that will work best with your space. Each of our team members know exactly what questions to ask to get the job done easily and efficiently the first time.

Gridwall Racks and Garage Cabinets by Tailored Living

Take Your Garage Flooring to the Next Level

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Add Style to your Garage with Tailored Living's Exclusive Color Match Floor Coating Technology

PremierOne® is an innovative hybrid polymer garage floor coating developed by Sika® that will transform your old garage floor into an attractive surface that is easy to clean and maintain. Choose from several solid color PremierOne® garage flooring options or a variety of decorative chip patterns. 
Sika is the global leader in industrial grade structural custom floor coatings and chemicals. Boasting over 100 years of experience and five billion dollars in annual sales, Sika serves the construction and manufacturing industries in over 70 countries. A few years ago, Sika laboratories began producing a special blend of industrial grade coating chemicals for the exclusive use of Tailored Living garage flooring installers; a proprietary blend called PremierOne®. 
Over time, the garage has become more than just a place to park your car. It can serve as a storage unit, fitness room or workshop. Concrete is perpetually dusty and dirty. It can also make the garage look dull and uninspiring. Garage floor coating creates a more refined look, is easier to maintain, and results in an overall cleaner area. It can also help extend the living space of the home.
Whether you choose a solid garage floor coating or decorative chip option, your floor will be the envy of your neighborhood and will carry the same warranty. However, the decorative chip floor provides added impact protection, better slip resistant properties, will help to camouflage imperfections in the floor, and is better at disguising dirt that will be tracked in to the garage by shoes and tires.
To ensure a permanent bond, our floor preparation process includes diamond grinding the concrete and filling cracks and chips before applying the coating. A garage floor can take as little as a single day to prep and coat and the cure time is typically 24- 36 hours depending on ambient humidity and temperature.  
Contact your local Tailored Living organization specialist today to find out how you can transform your garage into a work of art! 
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Garage Floor Truth Revealed

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 The Truth Behind Garage Flooring

Garage flooring has always seemed like a luxury item but imagine if you were to learn that the practical side to having a finished garage floor is that it is safe, easy to clean, and sporty all at the same time! Tailored Living PremierFlexTM garage floor tiles are a fun yet practical way to improve the garage.  With over a dozen color choices offered, you have the ability to personalize your space by using color combinations inspired by your favorite sports team, hobbies, or other design interests.  Tile patterns could even be used to define parking spaces or other designated areas.  With a little creativity, your custom garage floor can transform the existing space into a new and exciting area. Choosing the right color combination can be daunting for some so don’t hesitate to contact your local Tailored Living organization specialist to help you find the right solution.
Garages are inherently one of the hardest places in the house to keep clean because of rain water, tracked-in dirt, and car fluid leaks that add to the accumulation of sawdust and other debris floating around from garage projects. Our garage floor tiles have a unique design that allows easy cleaning and liquids to drain for safe walking or playing. The PremierFlex tiles’ design offers a safety measure by allowing liquids to drain. This design also allows dirt to fall through for easy clean up keeping your garage looking spotless. Flex flooring tile is ideal for garages, workshops, exercise rooms, kid’s rooms and playrooms, as well as patios or even around the swimming pool. With all the wear and tear garage flooring goes through; it only makes sense to use an option that can endure your day-to-day activities.  By utilizing garage floor tiles, you will have a convenient alternative to the commonly used concrete floor.  The tiles are durable and can handle heavy pressure, not to mention they’re extremely easy to take care of.  
The Truth Recap: 
• Garage flooring can be sporty and inexpensive 
• Garage tiles are easy to clean 
• There are vast color options available for garage flooring tiles that can be customized to your liking 
• Garage flooring rarely has to be replaced or repaired- its designed to endure heavy pressure  
Be sure to contact your local Tailored Living organization specialist today for a free in-home consultation and ask how you can save during our Summer Saving Sale. During the consultation you will have the chance to explore options that best fit your home and garage space. Click here to view examples of our beautiful garage designs.
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Tailored Living Garage Flooring Featured in Reno and Decor Magazine

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Tailored Living of Greater Toronto Featured in Reno and Décor Magazine

In the latest June-July issue of Reno and Décor Magazine, Tailored Living Featuring Premier Garage of the Greater Toronto Area appears in the “Home Finds” section. Canadian publication, Reno and Décor Magazine, features home renovating and decorating information. In this summer issue, the four-page “Home Finds” section focuses on the color indigo and Tailored Living elaborates about the personalized garage flooring options. Click here to read more!

Summer Savings Event

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Take Advantage of Tailored Living's Summer Sale Event

With summer just beginning, now is the time to organize your home! From now until August 3rd, the Tailored Living Summer Savings Event grants customers $200 in free accessories plus a free D’Vinci™ 3D design plan. During a complimentary in-home consultation, a Tailored Living specialist will create 3D renderings of what a custom organized space will look like by utilizing the company's proprietary design software, D'Vinci. Personalize your home or garage with the help of a Tailored Living specialist. For more information, please visit www.TailoredLiving.com or call toll-free at (866) 675-8819.