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Three Ways to Use a Murphy Bed in Your Home

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Three Ways to Use a Murphy Bed in Your Home 

Murphy bed is the perfect combination of form and function for any homeowner who wants to make the most out of their available space. There are many different situations where a Murphy bed could be the best and most viable option to create space and add extra living and sleeping areas to your home all at the same time. Tailored Living, your local home organization specialists, have provided you with three possible scenarios in which a Murphy, or wall bed, could be implemented.


You should consider a Murphy wall bed if…

You live in a studio apartmentThree Ways to Use a Murphy Bed 

  • A small one bedroom or studio apartment is the ideal living space to implement a Murphy bed. The bed can fold up and out of the way to make room for having guests over, using more space for exercise activities, or just for hanging out. If you are limited in your space due to the apartment that you live in and you don’t want to downgrade to a smaller bed, just get a wall bed to make up for the space that you would have lost!


You need extra sleeping space for guests

  • Murphy beds are the perfect solution for housing extra guests in your home. Stashing a Murphy bedin a home office, spare bedroom, or even an extra bed in your children’s room could be the perfect solution for providing extra sleeping space during the holidays or when you have friends in town.


You are converting your basement/attic into an extra living space

  • If you have ever thought that you could be doing so much more with your basement or attic than just storing your excess equipment and gear, then you should give Tailored Living a call today. Tailored Living can help you convert these unused home spaces into an extra bedroom or even a fully furnished living space that could be rented out; and the final touch to this new living space? A Murphy wall bed of course! It can create space like no other piece of collapsible furniture available. Give your local Tailored Living home organization specialists a call today.