15 Ways to Create a Home Office in a Small Space

Deciding to create an office within your home can seem like a daunting task with big business plans and little space. Luckily Tailored Living offers a free and easy solution for the biggest part: visualizing. With our proprietary 3D design software, D'VinciTM, we design during your complimentary in-home consultation, a virtual replica of your future home office design­––complete with your exact color scheme––so you can modify and personalize before we even start installing. Before you start looking for items from Brisbane's leader in high quality office furniture, it's good to have an idea of what your office will look like post-renovation. See below for fifteen design solutions that will help get the creative juices flowing.

  1. Use one or two materials or colors across all office furniture, like two-tone cherry and maple or Italia Coco. A matching desk and cabinetry makes a strong statement about the way you conduct business.
  2. Install tall storage cabinets to organize large amounts of books, boxes, and binders. Our 3D design software enables you to see exactly how high the cabinet will rest against your wall, as well as what kinds of custom shelving and cabinetry will fit your items.
  3. 3Use wall space efficiently by designing and installing a custom niche with Tailored Living.
  4. Eliminate the need for a conference table with a peninsula desk that seats two to three people.
  5. Build custom upper and lower cabinets to make information easy to access from your desk.
  6. Display awards or art pieces through glass inset cabinet doors.
  7. Create a custom floating niche with shelves and hidden cabinets for extra wall storage over your desk.
  8. Keep files sorted with a hanging file drawer directly inside your desk.
  9. Incorporate a murphy bed into your well-organized and pleasant home office design for it to double as a guest room.
  10. Use a keyboard tray to free up valuable desk space.
  11. Build a slide-out trash container right into your niche, desk, or cabinetry.
  12. Maximize space-saving capabilities with a shallow desk insert for pens, paperclips, and Post-its.
  13. Go vertical and save desk space by hanging a magnetic board or dry erase board directly onto your wall.
  14. If you’re accommodating a work partner, visit this related article on designing a home office for two.
  15. Save on home office design resources with $250 off purchases of $2,500 or more for a limited amount of time. See here for more details.