15 Ways to Create More Space in Your Garage and Organize for the Holidays

It's almost holiday season again. Is your home prepared?

Consider these simple pieces of advice for making the most out of your garage organization and mudroom design this winter.

  1. Use traditional or powder coated garage cabinets to keep soiled snow clothes and accessories out of the house, but away from dust and pests.
  2. Store empty travel luggage and visitors’ bags neatly within your stainless steel garage cabinets to keep them in mint condition.
  3. With so many extra house guests, you may have to store extra hot cocoa, soup broth, and apple cider in your garage cabinet.
  4. Swap out your summer gridwall accessories for those that accommodate sleds, snowboarding accessories, wood chopping tools, and, of course, rock salt for your driveway.
  5. Stay active in the winter by continuing to use your bike for leisure rides. Securing it to your gridwall rack or hoisting it off the ground saves floor space and keep your garage organization working efficiently.
  6. Use your garage workbench to wrap holiday gifts in secrecy.
  7. Take your holiday decorations down from your overhead garage storage space, and fill that area with pool toys and other summertime equipment you’ll happily rediscover next season.
  8. Get the most out of your garage organization by using your garage shelves to hold items too large to keep inside the house.
  9. Clean out your mudroom closet in between your garage and home in preparation for a flood of visiting family members and friends.
  10. Position hangers and hooks in a way that is easy to reach within your entryway closet so no one is tempted to throw a coat over your sofa or mudroom bench.
  11. Consider lining your mudroom with coat hooks if you can’t immediately invest in built-in cabinetry.
  12. Make sure to have a shoe rack so that all guests and family members can easily leave the house and return comfortably.
  13. Equip your entryway with drawers that are easily accessible to store items or gifts that may easily be left behind.
  14. Store belongings within an entryway bench so that your guests have the option of sitting to remove and put on shoes.
  15. Including a mirror in your mudroom design helps keep everyone looking fresh as they do their holiday rounds and can make your home appear larger and more welcoming for the holidays.

Contact your local Tailored Living Organization Specialist to learn more about these home storage solutions. By working with professionals like ours, you will gain valuable insights about how best to prep your unique home for the holiday season.