20 of the Best Home Organization Ideas

It’s kind of interesting, the juxtaposition of April Fool’s Day and Tax Day--both in April, about two weeks apart. Are they trying to tell us something? That’s a discussion for another day, but there is room to argue that blowing a tax refund on something frivolous is…foolish.

This year, Tailored Living® wants to make the case for using your tax refund in a way that will keep on giving year after year, by investing in organization and storage solutions for your home.

  • Make life more comfortable for you and your family
  • Discover space you didn’t know you had
  • Add real value to your home

Here are 20 of the best home organization ideas that will pay dividends if you invest your tax refund back into your home:

1: Custom closet systems

Custom closet systems that capture vertical space with cabinets, shelves and drawers make every closet more functional, including bedroom, hallway and linen closets. Tailored Living offers both floor standing or wall hanging systems to accommodate your space. Incorporating accessories like hanging rods, specialty racks, drawers, hampers and more, your closets can be individually customized to meet the unique needs of the user.

2: Valet rods

Retractable valet rods provide an extra hand wherever you need it. Use them in closets to stage your next day’s outfit (saves valuable time in the morning), in the laundry room for hang-dry items, or in the garage to hang a light or tool belt.

3: Hanging rods

In closets, tiered hanging rods maximize space and help to keep clothes organized by having like items together, short jackets and shirts, long dresses and pants, or work uniforms. In a laundry room, stationary or pull-down hanging rods can give lots of extra hanging room.

4: Decorative hooks

Sturdy decorative hooks add beauty and utility wherever needed, in an entryway, closet, bedroom, bathroom or laundry room. Custom hooks designed specifically for large items like bikes, surfboards, skis and golf bags will keep them safely stored in the garage or storage shed.

5: Garage storage cabinets

Floor-to-ceiling custom garage storage cabinets eliminate clutter by getting everything behind closed doors in the garage, freeing up floor space so you can park the car or use the space for other pursuits like a home gym, media room or Man Cave. Upper and lower custom cabinets around workspaces keep areas clutter-free and highly useful.

6: Wall hanging systems

Generally for garage use, wall hanging systems like Gridwall Racks or Slatwall PVC panels provide lots of wall storage with accessory hooks, baskets and shelves, keeping items like sports equipment or gardening tools in open view for easy access. These systems are also excellent for small spaces over work countertops to hold tools and supplies.

7: Custom flooring – garage, basement, patio

Custom garage flooring such as PremierOne® hybrid polymer floor coatings or PremierTrax interlocking floor tiles makes your garage clean and safe for any activity. Also appropriate for basements or patios, you get industrial-strength flooring that adds exceptional value to your home. While we're briefly on the topic of patios, a nice little edition are Sliding Patio Doors. They allow light to enter and add a level of sophistication to the room. This may be something worth considering.

8: Adjustable shelves

Floor-to-ceiling shelves in combination with cabinets provide valuable storage space in laundry rooms, pantries and garages. Adjustable shelves ensure no wasted space since they can be configured to accommodate large and small items.

9: Countertops

Work countertops can accommodate handyman tools, craft items or a gift-wrapping station in the garage, laundry room, kitchen or home office. Custom workspaces with storage in a home office create an efficient space for one or more users--work space for mom or dad, a homework spot for the kids.

10: Custom drawers

Drawers will keep everyday items close at hand without cluttering up the workspace in garages, home offices and laundry rooms. Additionally, specialty drawers like velvet-lined jewelry drawers for custom closet systems protect and display your treasured items and have the option of locking.

11: Dividers for shelves, drawers

Shelves and drawers can become a jumble without organization. Dividers for shelves and drawers will restore order. In closets, drawer dividers keep socks, scarves and lingerie organized. Shelf dividers can corral books, folded laundry, large serving dishes in the pantry, and supplies in the garage.

12: Locking doors and drawers

Cabinet doors or drawers in custom cabinets have the option of locks to make any area secure in your home or garage. You can protect anything: expensive tools, jewelry, family heirlooms, fur coats or an autographed basketball.

13: Specialty racks

Customize a closet with custom racks for belts, ties, pants and shoes. Overhead storage racks in the garage store bulky or seldom-used items up and out of the way. Personalize your pantry with spice racks or wine racks.

14: Murphy Beds

Turn any room into a guest room with a Murphy Bed. Extra sleeping space when your need it, folds away when you don’t, returning the sewing or crafts room or home office to its normal routine. Murphy Beds decorative cabinetry options integrate with any room’s décor.

15: Glass inset doors

Cabinet doors can display what’s inside with glass inset doors in closets, home offices, entertainment centers…anywhere there’s a door! This allows you to enjoy special items while keeping them protected.

16: Integrated lighting

Throughout the house--closets, garage, entryway, pantry, hallway—integrated LED lighting will banish the dark corners and make your home safer. Highlight your shoes and accessories in the closet, or light up the workbench or laundry area in the garage.

17: Tilt- and pull-out hampers, bins, ironing boards and mirrors

Custom storage includes “hidden” helps like tilt- or pull-out hampers, bins, baskets, ironing boards and even mirrors. Especially useful in closets, laundry rooms and pantries, they’re readily available but out of sight until needed.

18: Entryways

Coming-and-going ports, including the connecting door into the house from the garage, can benefit from custom storage solutions like individual cubbies, cabinets, shelves, shoe racks, benches or baskets to organize all the stuff of life. Even create a space for the dog with leash, collar, “good neighbor” disposal bags and your favorite bottled water--ready at a moment’s notice.

19: Entertainment Center

Custom media or entertainment centers can add storage and style to master bedrooms, or organize a family room by consolidating and storing all your media, including DVDs, CDs, Game Boy, XBox, Wii and accessories. Enclosed cabinets hide all the clutter and open shelves display your favorite books, movies or art items.

20: Hallway/alcove storage

Hallways or alcoves can be turned into valuable storage with custom cabinets and shelves built with precision to use all available space. The impractical little bump-out at the end of the hall could become a stylish linen closet or that awkward space under the stairs can become a small office.

Since a home is the largest investment most families ever make, investing in that home and increasing functionality, comfort and value is important. If these 20 best home organization ideas have started you thinking about your own cluttered spaces, your local Tailored Living Designer can help you maximize your home’s storage AND your tax refund.

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