25 Tips for Getting Ready for Christmas and the Holidays

It’s never too late to get your celebration on! Persistent planners and organized people seem to move smoothly from one season to the next, but many of us continually play catch-up and are scurrying around to get everything done. At this point, Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa are only a few weeks away. Do you know where your holiday decorations are and are you ready for all the entertaining? (Or, as one mommy-blogger called it--Forced Family Fun!)

A little organization can help you be that relaxed hostess with the beautiful table

The holidays do get extremely busy, but with a plan, you’ll be able to come up smiling. Here are 25 tips from Tailored Living® to help you get ready for the holidays so you can savor every moment with family and friends!

Get the house ready

A custom entryway with lots of hanging and storage space is especially helpful during the holidays when company drops by

  1. Declutter the entryway and front porch and make it safe and inviting with seasonal decorations and extra lighting inside and outside.
  2. Add a coat rack or decorative hooks so you’ll have sufficient hanging for coats, hats and scarves and place rugs for parking wet or muddy shoes.
  3. Lay in a supply of fireplace logs if you’re lucky enough to have a wood-burning fireplace.
  4. If you live with ice and snow, keep sand, salt or ashes handy to add traction to slick walkways.
  5. Take stock of bed and bath linens and buy any extras you need for overnight guests (this includes soft, warm throws for marathon TV watching and all-night talkfests).
  6. Place favorite holiday movies, music and games front and center in the family room so it’s easy to get the party started.
  7. Clear the back patio and yard of any tripping hazards like coiled hoses or gardening tools and any “stuff” you’ve been meaning to get rid of.
  8. Give all the windows and mirrors a good cleaning and vacuum upholstered furniture.

Decorating made easy

  1. Set aside a block of time over one or two days to decorate and make it a family affair. Re-box and store away any unused decorations to eliminate clutter.
  2. Clean all surfaces before putting out new decorations or knick-knacks.
  3. If decorating stresses you out, keep it simple with just a few items that you love.
  4. Create a table centerpiece that can effortlessly move from Thanksgiving to Christmas to New Years, such as swapping out the candle wreath or other holiday accessories.
  5. Make sure you have extra candles for any candleholders and menorahs as well as batteries for lighted or animated decorations.
  6. Replace worn out kitchen towels with fresh, festive ones to dress up the kitchen.

A centerpiece with interchangeable accessories makes holiday decorating a snap[/caption]

Care and feeding of guests

  1. Stock up on bottled water and your family and friends’ favorite drinks, including coffees, sparkling waters, hot chocolate, tea, wine and spirits. Have snacks in all the taste favorites: sweet, salty, sour and savory to please any palate.
  2. Make sure the panty is stocked with the ingredients to make your favorite holiday dishes.
  3. Determine sleeping arrangements for guests ahead of time instead of waiting until they’re on the doorstep and panicking.
  4. Clear the guest room of non-essentials, empty a couple dresser drawers and check the closet for hanging space and empty hangers.
  5. Have extra bathroom items like toilet paper, tissue, hand soap, lotion and air freshener so guests don’t have to ask.

Time management, pets and the garage

  1. Find and wash all your special holiday dishes now so they’re ready when you need them.
  2. Check with family members on upcoming special clothing needs, such as for a fancy party or a school program so there’s time to shop for the perfect dress or replace the outgrown sports coat or dress shoes.
  3. Make a gift list and check it twice, just like Santa. Shop early for items that need to be mailed and save last-minute shopping for people close by (and then don’t forget to wrap and mail the gifts!)
  4. If you send out holiday cards, get your stamps early; the closer the holiday, the longer the line at the post office.
  5. Consider your pet’s corner and replace the bed and toys if they need it (that gnarly tennis ball has to go!) Take a sniff and be sure “nose blindness” hasn’t set in around the animals.
  6. Make sure the garage is neither an embarrassment nor a danger. Clear up floor space with custom storage cabinets and shelves to organize storage, sports equipment, the laundry area and more.

Tailored Living can help get you organized for the holidays and every day, with custom storage solutions for closets, garages, home offices, pantries, laundry rooms, entryways, mudrooms and more. Now is the perfect time, with our Home for the Holidays with Tailored Living promotion going on now through December 31.

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