3 Garage Storage Cabinet Ideas for Maximum Organization and Style

If you’re looking to transform your typical garage into one that’s aesthetically attractive and functionally sound, Tailored Living, the exclusive distributor of PremierGarage®, is the ideal solution for your home. Our unique garage cabinets have the obvious benefit of making it easier to store and find items like tools, sporting equipment, and gardening supplies, but they additionally offer the benefit of durability. With shelves finely crafted to withstand heavy loads and extreme temperatures, each model is built for strength with rugged, all-steel connection hardware.

Compliment the desired style of your space with our wide selection of colors and finishes, and discover the many ways to keep garage storage items safely off the floor and behind closed doors.

Traditional Garage Cabinets
The first thing typically noted about a garage with a cabinetry system is how inviting the color and style uniformity appears. With upper and lower garage cabinets that can also be made to fit a matching workbench, it’s clear these professionally installed and sturdy designs do more than protect even heavy items from lingering dust and pests. Since they are offered with baskets, installed drawers, and built-in cabinet dividers, they also allow you to keep items neatly sorted and intelligently arranged for easy accessibility by season, hobby, or task.

Powder-Coated Cabinets
Our most colorful and boldly stylish garage storage solutions, powder-coated cabinets are innovative because of their contemporary styling, durable state of the art design, and durable finish. Because they are topped with new wood powder coating technology, they are designed to withstand the harshest of climates, and are recognized as having the toughest finish of any wood cabinetry. With finish more durable than liquid paint, chip resistance, and a unique seamless door technology that resists moisture, powder-coated cabinets are easy to clean with a rag or paper towel, and match well with our garage flooring options.

Stainless Steel Cabinets
Our stainless steel cabinets communicate a sleek and contemporary style sensibility with chic wraparound designs, and are built for maximal durability with innovatively strong materials. The essence of the meeting place between function and design, they come in a variety of custom configurations––including off the floor and wall-mounted for added pest protection.

Speak with a Tailored Living Organization Specialist about which of the garage cabinets will work optimally for your home, and let your local team help you through each process, from our unique 3D visualization to the final design. Schedule your free in-home consultation by contacting Tailored Living today.