5 Different Entryway Design Ideas Complete with Extra Storage Options

The entryway is the first area visitors see of a home, so leaves the biggest impression. Displaying excellent home organization coupled with unique and welcoming entryway design is a sure way to please guests––as well as secretly store your family’s extra belongings.

One way to welcome your houseguests is by immediately offering a space to store their coats and shoes. Showing them you care about making them feel at home actually makes them feel more at home. With a custom-built niche installed directly into your wall, no one has to know that the drawers and cabinets lining the closet section are storing things you don’t have space for elsewhere.

Custom shelving such as this can also take the form of a display cabinet. Rather than consisting of closet functionality, shelving can instead accommodate bookshelves or glass door displays. Especially if your home contains prized art pieces or family heirlooms, custom display shelving in the entryway is an excellent home organization and design solution.

Storage space can also be disguised as an entryway bookshelf. By customizing the height and depth of your shelves, you can fit everything from coffee table photography books to small nostalgic classics. Music lovers can even display their record or CD collections here. But by incorporating pullout drawers and solid-door cabinets, your shelving unit becomes a strategic home organization solution. In addition to storing and displaying books, music, or awards, you can keep large or small personal items neatly tucked away from a guest’s view.

A lighter weight way to welcome visitors into your home is by placing a nicely crafted mirror right at the entrance. They’ll be able to adjust their clothes after riding in the car, and you’ll be able to check your hair on the way out to greet each day. Line a hanging horizontal mirror with coat hooks and build a custom shoe rack with us so friends will be able to immediately relax into the space you’ve created for them.

For optimal aesthetic flow, Tailored Living recommends coordinating your entryway design with the furniture and drapery found in the rest of your home. When Tailored Living and sister company Budget Blinds work together to design and install custom home organization solutions and unique window treatments, your home will exceed even your own expectations. Contact Tailored Living today to schedule your free consultation, and be sure to ask about coordinating efforts with Budget Blinds, led with unique and welcoming entryway design is a sure way to please guests––as well as secretly store your family’s extra belongings.