5 Things To Consider For Your Garage Floor

The garage has more daily traffic than you may expect. Turn this extra space into a beautiful area that you can use and would be proud to be in. Once you decide what you want to do with your garage space, make sure you put some consideration into your flooring options. Here are five major questions to answer to help you identify the best flooring options for your garage.

What will your garage be used for?

Determining the use of the space in the garage will be the first step and will help determine the type of flooring you need in the space. Durability, maintenance, and cleaning are all factors to consider when choosing a garage flooring to complement the space.

For basic storage, a durable floor will be key. If you choose to convert your garage into a home gym or workout area, a combination of flexibility and softness with durability is ideal. Crafting and workshop areas tend to get messy so selecting flooring that is resistant to chemical spills and are easy to clean and maintain will help make your garage more enjoyable.

Covering verses coatings


There are two main groups of flooring for garages: coverings and coatings. Coatings adhere to the concrete and may even bond to it. This makes removing the coating more difficult. They can come in forms like paint, latex, or epoxy. Choosing which type of coating will come down to budget and durability. Out of all of the options, epoxy is the most appealing and durable in the long run.

Coverings, on the other hand, are easily removed and replaced. They lay on top of the existing flooring, covering damaged or uneven spots to add durability and protect the original floor. Some can even add more padding made to withstand more weight while shielding the flooring underneath from cracks and breaks.

What is the best flooring for a garage gym?

Tiles like the PremierTrax® Garage Floor Tiles will allow the space to have a softer but durable feel. They are available in 18 colors to match the décor or to create designs, with a design that allows spills to go through the tile to the concrete below allowing for easy clean-up at a later time. Removal is easy, so if you buy a new home you can move your tiles to your new garage.

The interlocking tiles do not require any curing time or adhesives. They are perfect for areas that require slip resistance like the gym or around a pool. The tile's composition with rubber increases the ergonomic design and allows for less pressure to be placed on knees and backs as you work out around the garage.

What is the most durable garage floor coating?

Durability is a huge factor when considering the weight of your vehicle and the wear and tear that the flooring will take. While tiles provide a removable flexible and durable solution, coating the floor in epoxy can create an even more durable and beautiful solution.

The epoxy is created by combining two catalysts to create a hardened flooring that many consider is the best garage flooring for vehicles. They are typically more difficult to apply than stain or acrylic or latex paints but last much longer. When the components are combined, they must be applied as quickly as possible and must dry for 24 hours before walking on them. Our PremierOne® Epoxy Flooring comes in my colors and styles to choose from to help you elevate your garage to new heights.

What to look for in a new home's garage


When inspecting a new home, inspect the garage flooring. If there are tiles laid, you will want to look under them for cracks and uneven spaces that can be hidden. Look at the concrete to determine if it has been sealed, treated, or covered with material like epoxy. If the new home has a garage floor, thoroughly inspect the corners and sides for cracks and breaks before buying the home.

If the garage is concrete, and untreated, you'll want to consider what to use the garage space for and what flooring would be best to preserve the concrete. Sealing the concrete can eliminate some dust and debris from entering the home while placing new flooring down can eliminate it. Adding flooring can also increase the value of the space and in turn your home if you decide to sell it down the road.

What about commercial spaces?

Commercial garages and gyms can take a beating from multiple vehicles, machines, and people moving over the floors. Motor oils, heavy objects, and slip safety all need to be considered when placing flooring in a commercial garage. Commercial flooring solutions come in many varieties, but the epoxy and tile flooring is more durable and appealing.

The benefit of placing commercial flooring in a garage goes beyond aesthetics. Epoxy solutions can add beauty and durability as well as resistance to chemicals like motor oil. You can reduce slips and spills with a more flexible form of floorings like interlocking tiles, which can be ideal for garages and gyms. With the flow-through technology, slips from spills become less of a hazard. The rubbery material can withstand heavy weights and machines while remaining durable for heavy traffic. Placing the tiles over epoxy coatings creates a perfect, durable, and slip-resistant area for working.

Determining what to do with the space in the garage is the first step to creating a wonderful area to work or play in. Flooring that is durable, beautiful, and functional will assist in the garage becoming a perfect hideout or storage area. No matter how space is used, Tailored Living has the knowledge and products to complete your garage with style. Contact Tailored Living today for a free consultation with a local designer that can make your dreams come to life.