7 Tips for Space-Saving-Garage Storage Solutions

Just because garages are known to be the home to all of your miscellaneous objects, it does not mean the area has to be a cluttered mess. In truth, with a few simple tweaks and a bit of strategic design, you can turn this space into an ideal area for your whole family. Ultimately, helping you reduce the amount of time you spend digging around for things that have seemed to have disappeared into your garage's great unknown.

Best of all, getting your garage organized and clutter-free does not have to be as challenging of a task as you may imagine. In fact, all it takes is a well-crafted plan and a few adjustments to optimize your garage space.


Create a plan and map out your space

Before making any changes to your garage, you need first to outline your garage and take into account your cars or other necessary objects that need to be in there. Although you can try to tackle this job yourself, it may benefit you to hire a garage remodeling expert to help you with this renovation project.

These professionals can not only provide you with fresh storage ideas that meet your specific needs, but they can also make sure they offer you garage storage solutions that fit your budget and your specific space.

Use your ceiling space

One of the fastest ways to save space in your garage is to use your ceiling. When you install overhead storage, you can quickly open up floor space for the more essential items you need access to and use the ceiling space for objects you may not need all the time, such as seasonal decorations, seasonal sporting equipment, or even toys you are saving for the future.

In fact, these overhead storage systems can be used to keep all types of equipment, including folding chairs, sleeping bags, beach equipment, and even camping gear, allowing you to get stuff out of the way and open up your whole garage floor.

Optimize storage bins

If you are looking for a quick way to organize your items while freeing up room in the process, then storage bins are the way to go. Not only can these bins free up your garage from the clutter that always seems to migrate in there, but they can also make it easier to group specific items and materials together.

However, if you decide to use bins, make sure to store them on shelves, as it will make it easier to pull these bins out when you need them. Otherwise, when you stack them on top of each other, it can make it more challenging to access them. 

Look into wall hanging systems

Another great way to clear the clutter from your garage is to use wall hanging systems. These systems are often a great solution because they do not get as dusty as shelving units, they make it easy to see what you have in your garage, and they are easy to assemble. Plus, they come in various sizes and shapes, meaning you can find the ideal hanging system for your individual needs.

The Vertical Wall Storage

This wall hanging system is perfect for large tools such as shovels or rakes or sporting equipment.

The Slatwall Storage Rack

This rack can easily organize both hand tools and yard tools such as pruning shears and even watering cans, cleaning up countertop space, and allowing you to have them close at hand.

Yet, regardless of which storage system you choose, the bottom line will remain the same — everything will be easy to find, nothing will be piled on your floor, and you can have the clean garage space you have always wanted.

Install corner garage cabinets

Not only are corners often the most unused space in a garage, but they are the quickest way to maximize space. By simply installing garage cabinets, it can free up your precious floor space while ensuring your garage not only looks good but remains clean.

By installing these garage cabinets, you will be able to capture vertical wall space for your storage needs and free up room to park your vehicles or even turn the garage into the yoga area, media room, or home gym of your dreams.

Add outdoor storage areas

Sometimes the best way to get rid of your garage clutter and to free up room for your more important things is to add storage space elsewhere, such as a small shed or locker outside your house. These other storage areas can hold things such as your garden gear, tools, or other non-essential items and really free up your crowded garage.


Install countertops

If your garage does double duty and acts as more than a storage area, you can incorporate countertops to optimize the space. For instance, putting a workbench or countertops for laundry can allow you to spread out to complete your hobbies, laundry, and even your chores. Plus, when you work with the experts to design the countertops you want, you can not only add additional storage to accommodate your needs, but they can also create beautiful-looking countertops that will make your garage come to life.

At Tailored Living, we know how stressful it is to have a cluttered garage. Fortunately, with our experienced professionals, we also know how to create custom solutions to these messes. In no time at all, we can turn your garage into the space you have always been dreaming about with customized cabinets, countertops, and shelves. Ultimately providing you the clutter-free zone you have been waiting for. Contact our design team today for a free consultation.