A Murphy Bed can Turn any Room into a Guest Bedroom

Planning on hosting guests or family this summer? If so, then you are likely trying to figure out the best sleeping arrangements for guests who will be staying overnight in your humble abode. One of the best ways to transform an existing home office, spare room, study, or even dining room into a guest room is to implement the use of a murphy bed.

Murphy, or wall beds, are going through a bit of a renaissance in many interior design and décor circles. The beds, which have been around since the turn of the 19th century, have come a long way from their archaic ancestors. A murphy bed is now available in any size, from twin to California king, and they are just as comfortable as any normal bed. The best part about these beds, if you didn't already know, is the fact that when they are not being slept on they can fold up into their own full-sized armoire. Tailored Living home organization and space saving specialists can help you find the perfect bed and accompanying storage cabinet for your soon-to-be guest bedroom.

Tailored Living home organization specialists are trained to find you the best possible solution for your home’s organizational or space saving issues. During your free in-home consultation they will provide you with many different solutions based on what you are looking to achieve. They will provide you with options for possible murphy bed locations and make recommendations on size and the type of finish for your cabinet that will perfectly coincide with the rest of that room’s interior décor. Tailored Living specialists are well-versed in making the most out of small spaces and using the full extent of a room’s storage capabilities. If you are looking for a great way to add some space to your small home, start by calling your local Tailored Living today and you may have a new murphy bed by tomorrow!