A Winterized Garage for All Seasons

Depending on what part of the country you live in, “seasons” can evoke very different images. For some, it means a slight change in the weather; a little colder, maybe a little rain. For others, the seasonal transitions of Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring are noteworthy.  Home life adjusts to the current season and now, with winter upon us, it’s time again for some changes.

  • Warm weather clothes give way to coats, scarves, knit caps and gloves.
  • Outdoor furniture and barbeques don weather-proof covers.
  • Gardens go dormant; plants are trimmed back and protected with layers of mulch.
  • Storm windows go in, gutters are cleaned out and firewood is stockpiled.
  • Summer sporting equipment swaps out for ice skates, skis and sleds.
  • The search begins for all the holiday decorations.

How does your garage handle the seasonal changes?  Unless you’ve planned out the space, it probably means a lot of shifting piles and hunting for items you haven’t seen for a year. Maybe the car has even been ousted to make room for all the haphazardly stored things, randomly dropped off by family members. And year by year, season by season, the garage just gets more disorganized and cluttered.

According to a recent survey, one out of five homeowners has gotten into arguments about the state of the garage, and 25% of those surveyed were embarrassed by their garages!

Capture space and save face

A garage should be a valuable part of your home, providing usable living space, including storage and preservation of expensive assets like cars, trucks, motorcycles and other possessions. Plus, you keep a nice home; why not keep a nice garage? Garage storage cabinets, wall storage systems and custom garage flooring will turn that embarrassing mausoleum into a fully functional space you can be proud of, no matter the season.

Planning around exactly what you need to store will ensure that you truly have a place for everything. A Tailored Living® designer can help you determine what is most important to have in the garage, and then provide a custom plan to accommodate your needs, including  work countertops, specialty hooks for bikes and skis, or overhead storage racks.

Garage storage cabinets will capture every inch of floor-to-ceiling space, providing an extraordinary amount of storage. Cabinets restore order and give a clean, uniform look to your garage by hiding clutter behind closed doors. No more tripping over things sitting on the floor. Adjustable shelves can be configured to accommodate whatever you have. Large or heavy items can safely store on the lower shelves and smaller, lighter items on the higher shelves.

Organize by season or reason

Storing seasonal things together as much as possible makes it easy to switch from season to season and prevents things from getting lost. (No more Christmas ornaments mixed in with the pool toys.) Storing related items together increases efficiency and saves time because everything you need is right at hand. Using clear plastic bins enables you to see what’s inside, and plastic resists the moisture and deterioration that impact cardboard boxes, better protecting your valuables.

  • Store holiday decorations in one area, grouped by holiday, in clearly marked bins.
  • A dedicated sports area with cabinets and a wall hanging system like Gridwall Racks make it quick to store the off-season gear and display what you’ll use now.
  • Store snow shovels, rock salt, sand and scrapers together so you’re ready for the first snowfall.
  • A garden/potting area can contain soil and amendments, pots, trowels, seeds, gloves and garden clogs.
  • A hobby/gift wrapping area will help all year long by storing all-occasions wrapping paper and cards, while organizing all the tools and supplies for your favorite craft or hobby.
  • A countertop work bench with upper and lower cabinets will centralize all your tools and keep them readily available for any eventuality.
  • Keep car-care products together: car wash kit, towels, car wax and other detailing supplies.

Finish off with a custom floor

The finishing touch to an all-seasons garage is an easy-care, worry-free custom garage floor. Tailored Living’s PremierOne® garage floors are designed to withstand any weather conditions as well as the high traffic and heavy use of a busy garage. Your floor will be protected and beautiful for years to come.

  • The PremierOne® garage floor coatings are the toughest hybrid polymer garage floor coatings available.In five different styles and over 40 colors to choose from, our PremierOne garage floor coatings deliver value and durability you won’t believe.
  • PremierTrax® interlocking flexible floor tiles in over two dozen colors are tough enough to park an airplane on, so your cars and bikes are no problem. The open-profile surface and unique flow-through design make it an ideal garage floor.

Wherever you are, winter means wet weather, so here are a few tips whether you’re in a sunshine state or a winter wonderland:

  • An entry way/mudroom buildout in the garage by the interior door will help to keep wet coats, shoes and boots from finding their way into the house. Add a mat or rug for added protection.
  • Charcoal briquettes and sidewalk chalk absorb moisture. Put several pieces in a breathable bag and store near tools to prevent rust and in cabinets and drawers to combat dampness.
  • For “green” de-icing and adding traction to slippery walks, use fireplace ashes, kitty litter, wood chips, sawdust, alfalfa meal or coffee grounds. All are harmless to people, pets and the environment, but no claims are made against the mess they may make.

Don’t let another winter go by with a messy garage! Make your life easier and more organized all year long by calling 866-712-3404 today to schedule a FREE, in-home consultation or go online to www.tailoredliving.com to find a designer near you. We’re also the experts with any other home storage needs you may have, including custom closets, home office design, entertainment centers, Murphy Beds, laundry rooms and more.