Back to School Organizational Tips to Help You and Your Kids Get an “A”

The term “back to school” conjures up all sorts of thoughts and emotions. For kids, it means seeing old friends, breaking in new teachers and lots of homework. Parents think about school clothes shopping, packing lunches, carpooling, bus schedules and trying to get everyone out the door on time in the morning.

Juggling work, school, and multiple schedules can create stress and conflict for parents and kids alike. Bringing some organization into the “back to school” equation specifically for your kids, will benefit the whole family and help your kids start each day on time and ready for anything.

Mastering the Closet

Does your morning start with, “Mom, I can’t find my ____!”

An organized closet is the best way to avoid losing clothes, uniforms, socks, and shoes. A closet that is stuffed from floor to ceiling in a hopeless jumble makes getting ready a difficult and frustrating task for any age child. Getting the closet under control is crucial to hassle-free dressing in the morning. The first step is to clear out the closet. Get rid of clothes, shoes and uniforms that don’t fit or are no longer needed. Relocate books, toys, games or anything else that doesn’t belong in the closet. Make a realistic assessment of what needs to be in the closet and begin from that point. If it’s a shared closet, you’ll want to incorporate design features that allow each child to have their own space.

Here are some tips for organizing a kid’s closet to make it easy to get ready for school:

  • Install hanging rods at easy-reach level for your child
  • Multiple-tier rods provide more hanging space
  • Color coded hangers can separate school clothes/uniforms
  • Let each child have their own hanger colors if they share a closet
  • Folded tee shirts, jeans, shoes or purses can stack on open shelves
  • Smaller items like underwear, pajamas and socks can go into labeled bins
  • Maximize space with vertical shelves and store seldom used/seasonal items up high
  • Move seasonal clothing out of the closet until needed
  • Vertical shelves down the middle of a shared closet gives each child their own side for hanging
  • A laundry bin in the closet or nearby corrals dirty clothes
  • Use hooks for “quick grab” items like jackets or pajamas
  • Over-the-door shoe hangers can provide pockets for shoes, jewelry or hair accessories

Picking out the next day’s outfit the night before is a great help to speed up the morning. No one is too young to start using a valet rod to help get organized!

Maximizing the Bedroom

For a kid, the bedroom is about more than just sleeping. It’s their own personal space in the house. Signs on bedroom doors like NO GIRLS ALLOWED and NO ONE UNDER 21 PERMITTED show the importance of room ownership. As with the closet, an organized room will reduce stress and facilitate getting ready for school in the morning. Finding the perfect balance between what’s in the room and what’s in the closet will create a more comfortable and functional living space for your child.

Some of the basic needs of a school-aged child’s room include:

  • Additional dresser or chest of drawers for clothes
  • Storage for toys, games, treasures, and sports equipment
  • Designated space for backpacks, books and school supplies
  • A place to do homework and read
  • Space for a pet cage or aquarium

Incorporating creative storage ideas like tall, vertical shelves, enclosed cabinets with drawers, under-bed storage, stacking bins and trunks will maximize room space and lessen the demands on the closet. This makes it easier for your child to stay neat and organized with allotted space for everything.

If you need help getting your family organized for back to school success, Tailored Living’s organization specialists are experts at maximizing space and streamlining organizational processes. For everything from custom closet design to whole home and garage organization, our talented designers can work with you to meet the individual needs of your family. Call (866) 712-3404 today to schedule a free, in-home consultation or go online to to find an organization specialist near you.