Backyard Living for Summer Fun

Backyards come in all shapes and sizes from a small, enclosed patio to a rambling yard that disappears into the surrounding forest. One thing all backyards have in common is that people love to spend time there, especially in the summer and the more comfortable, the better.

So, how does your backyard rate on a scale of one to ten? Have you created an entertainment oasis (a ten) or are you stuck somewhere between one and five with unplanned space, weeds and plastic chairs? Could you do with some more teak garden furniture uk in your backyard? Imagine how nice the remainder of summer would be if your backyard became fun and functional living space for your family.

Make your backyard work for you

Outdoor living remains one of the hottest trends today, and patio living is part of that growing trend to combine indoor and outdoor living. A patio becomes the connector between your home and your backyard, allowing indoor life to seamlessly flow outdoors. Whether you have the bare bones of a planned backyard, a fully-landscaped space or garage sale offerings for a “lived-in” look, what would you like to see in your backyard to make it a dream come true?, the largest online home improvement site for consumers to dream, scheme and plan, took a poll to see what people most wanted in their backyards. What is your most desired backyard feature from this list of favorites?

  • Outdoor kitchen, hands down.
  • Fire pit!
  • There’s nothing better than a pool for family fun.
  • Would love to have an outdoor brick pizza oven on my patio.
  • A nice stone or brick fireplace with comfortable seating; fireside dining, great outdoor entertaining.
  • I love any type of water features; to sit in the back yard and have the subtle sound of water ease away the tension of the day!
  • There are so many mosquitos in our backyard that we don't really get to enjoy it. I'd love to be able to sit out back and read, have a glass of wine, or have friends over in a comfortable, screened-in space.

And, of course, there are always the non-conformists who make life especially interesting:

  • A tree house with a daybed, electricity, water hookup, and a water feature. Love the sound of rushing water while reading high above the ground in the trees … where the faeries live.
  • I just need magic to make the barren backyard pretty and functional.

Tailored Living® would like to offer some suggestions for making your backyard the perfect ”staycation” (stay-at-home-vacation) destination for your family, even if you can’t build a fantasy tree house and your magic wand isn’t working.

Enhance your existing features

You may find that a little bit of creative TLC can bring your patio and backyard up to summer comfort standards. Making your patio as comfortable as your home will ensure your family spends lots of summertime hours enjoying the great outdoors and you’ll have the perfect spot for an impromptu get-together with friends. By enhancing what you already have you can quickly transform your space. My friend told me that a lawn care specialist ( can massively support this development!

  • Make the fireplace a focal point for conversation by surrounding it with comfortable couches. For an even more relaxed outside atmosphere, you might want to take a look at some classy ethanol fireplaces over at somewhere like, as these are an affordable option that can really make your outside area look even better.
  • Electric or solar power LED lighting creates a pleasing ambiance as well as banishing dark corners; add up-lighting to trees or garden sculptures, soft lighting to walkways and hang lanterns or strings of decorative outdoor lights
  • Add patio furniture, umbrellas and tables with colorful outdoor cushions that match your inside décor for a coordinated look
  • Make the pool appealing with lounges, chairs, side tables and shaded areas with umbrellas or portable awnings
  • Use outdoor rugs for barefoot comfort on the patio
  • Screen in the porch or patio if insects are prolific in your area
  • Hedges, trees, outdoor curtains and screens can shield a bad view or add privacy
  • Install storage benches, cabinets or a customized shed to control backyard clutter

The rules for de-cluttering and de-stressing that apply inside your home, also work to create a peaceful outdoor setting. A sheltered patio is ideal for custom storage solutions like cabinets and storage benches that can hide off-season toys and games, extra towels, cushions, pillows and blankets. Your backyard space will be ready for sunny summer days and the occasional chilly evening for one or two or a whole flock of friends.

The indoor/outdoor summer home

With such an amazing backyard, you’ll need to be ready for the activity this will bring. Your kids will bring friends home, you’ll have your own guests to while away the hours, and out-of-town relatives may opt for spending a night or two. Rather than letting summer fun become a stress factor, Tailored Living can help get your whole home organized so you’ll be ready for anything.

  • Closet storage systems keep family members organized and the linen closet immaculate
  • A custom pantry will ensure you have on hand everything you need to feed the hoards
  • A Murphy Bed can provide additional sleeping space for overnight guests or a special slumber party in the guest room
  • Laundry room cabinets, pull-out hampers and hanging rods will let you stay on top of all the laundry needs from hang-dry bathing suits to dryer high heat beach towels
  • Entryway or mudroom customization will have a place for everything so everything can go in its place instead of cluttering up the house

Maximizing your whole home with custom storage and organization solutions will make every day better by eliminating the stress and confusion of living with clutter. You’ll be able to enjoy the summer, your spruced-up backyard, and all the loved ones who share it with you. Call 866-712-3404 today to schedule a free, in-home consultation. There’s still time to organize and capitalize on the fun days of summer with storage solutions tailored to the way you live for closets, home offices, pantries, laundry rooms, garage storage, custom garage flooring and more. Ask about our Special Summer Savings Event going on now through September 30 and see how much you can save!