Banish “There’s Nothing To Eat” Syndrome With Storage Tips For An Organized Pantry

The same frustration of standing in front of your closet and thinking, “I have nothing to wear!” can overtake you when you stand in front of a jumbled pantry at dinnertime and realize, “There’s nothing to eat!” Realistically, there are probably many meals lurking in your pantry, only you can’t find them in all the mess.

Cluttered Disorganized PantryCustom pantry design is a sure cure for a cluttered and disorganized pantry that makes it seem like there’s nothing to eat at mealtime

If your pantry is more of a food free-for-all than a help, Tailored Living® has three simple storage and organization tips that can help you create an efficient, labor-saving pantry. Summertime eating will be easier, and you’ll have more time for summer fun when you can count on the pantry to do its part for keeping the family happy and fed.

  • Stay stocked up on the family’s favorite foods, snacks, and drinks.
  • Effortlessly whip up brunch on the patio with a friend. 
  • Have everything you need for an impromptu evening barbeque.
  • Make out a grocery list in record time when you can see what needs replenishing.
  • Super extra bonus—family members can put away pantry items where they belong.

Tip one: Decide what should be in the pantry

Not every pantry can hold everything you see in celebrity chef pantries online. Many homes have a smaller closet-style pantry that won’t be able to hold kitchen appliances, baking dishes, buy-in-bulk drinks, and extra-large bags of pet food like a large, walk-in butler’s pantry. Pantry size and family preferences will determine what needs to be in your pantry. From cereal boxes and extra storage bins for fresh fruits and vegetables to an entire shelf for different kinds of pasta, each pantry will be different. Consider the size of your pantry when deciding what should be stored there. If there’s only room for actual family foodstuffs, the first step to de-cluttering and organizing the chaos is to move all non-food items elsewhere.

  • Small appliances or baking and serving dishes can go in a kitchen cabinet.
  • Baker’s racks are ideal for additional, stylish storage close at hand.
  • Non-perishable items like paper towels, toilet paper, napkins, disposable plates and cups can be stored in the garage, laundry room or linen closet.
  • Pet food can safely store in airtight containers in the garage.

Extra Storage Space Think outside a small pantry for creative ways to conveniently store non-food items and cut down on pantry clutter and overload

Tip two: Organize zones in the pantry for how your family likes to eat

Once you’ve refined the contents of your pantry, create zones that will keep all your pantry supplies organized, accessible, and easy to find. Your pantry will take on its own unique personality depending on your lifestyle. An all-adult home will have a decidedly different looking pantry than a family with young children that serve themselves with juice boxes, breakfast items, and afternoon snacks. For any size pantry, consider who has to reach what … a short child or a tall adult … and design your pantry storage zones to accommodate.

  • Group breakfast items together on lower shelves so the kids can serve themselves.
  • Snack foods are easier to keep track of when stored together in bins or baskets.
  • Canned goods all in one place eliminates a dozen cans of stewed tomatoes randomly buried throughout the pantry.
  • Keep spices together, including oils, flavorings, and condiments.
  • Set up a baking section for flours, sugars, chocolate chips, nuts, baking powder, etc., alongside prepackaged mixes (cakes, cookies, muffins) and ready-made frostings.
  • Store long-shelf-life dried goods like pasta, beans, and peas in air-tight, stackable canisters.
  • Place heavier items like drinks and big bags of pet food on the bottom shelves.
  • Appliances and serving dishes can store on upper shelves along with other seldom-used items.
  • Use labels on shelf zones to keep order and individual containers to identify the contents.

Pantry ZonesPantry zones eliminate hunting for gravy mixes among energy drinks and canned pineapple under potato chip bags

Tip three: Use storage accessories within the zones for ultimate organization

Within the zones, you can fine-tune your pantry organization even more to get the very most from your pantry space. Snack bags like chips, pretzels, and cookies stacked on a shelf will not stay put unless contained in bins or baskets. Small items, like tiny spice jars, can get lost among larger items and a section of the pantry stuffed with opened boxes or bags can spill the contents and cause exposed food to get stale. Utilizing specialty storage accessories to corral and organize the contents within each zone will keep your pantry neat and tidy, filled with only fresh foods.

  • Organize canned goods by food groups like meats, vegetables, soups, and fruit, with double-tiered shelf organizers or can stackers.
  • Space-saving, glass or plastic containers preserve contents from opened packages, take up less space, and let you see what’s inside.
  • Maximize hard-to-reach corners with turntables or Lazy Susans to bring items forward.
  • Expand pantry storage space with floor-to-ceiling adjustable pantry shelves and cabinets.
  • Heavy-duty pullout drawers and shelves make deep shelves accessible all the way to the back.
  • Drawers, baskets and bins eliminate the clutter lots of small items can create.
  • Store wine bottles in specialty racks designed to preserve freshness and flavor.
  • Spice racks keep all your spices in one place, so they don’t get lost among pantry contents.

Before and After Organized Pantry You’ll have meals at your fingertips with an organized pantry that lets you see, at a glance, what you have and what you need to replenish

Custom pantry design with you in mind

If your pantry needs more than just organizing or you don’t actually have a pantry, Tailored Living can help. Whether you need to find new pantry space or just maximize your existing pantry for greater functionality and accessibility, a custom pantry design will perfectly fit your space, your style, and your budget. Call 866-712-3404 today or go online to to find a designer near you and schedule a free, in-home or virtual* consultation. Your comfort and safety is our top priority, so we adhere to all social distancing and sanitization recommendations for in-home consultations or we can evaluate your needs via virtual consultation and design your pantry with our 3D design software for a color display that lets you see how it will look, and then schedule an installation for when the time is right. As whole-home organization specialists, we also offer custom storage solutions to declutter and organize closets, the garage, and any other area of your home for more stress-free living.

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*Virtual consultations are not available at all locations.