Baseball Season Is Here--Can You Find Your Ball And Bat In The Garage?

Baseball season is officially here as of today! March 28 is the official opening day of Major League Baseball. But that’s probably not going to impact your life as much as the little leaguers and high school athletes that live in and clutter up your home and garage. Approximately 45 million kids in this country play at least one sport, with three out of four homes dealing with the necessity of managing all that sports equipment.

As you walk through your home, what surprising places do you find sports equipment?

  • Skateboards and bikes on the driveway
  • Cleats, helmets, and mitts piled in the entryway
  • Bats and sticks propped in the corner of the dining room
  • Tennis balls in the laundry

If sports equipment storage is a challenge at your house, Tailored Living® can help eliminate the locker room atmosphere with a custom garage storage system designed for exactly what you need to store. By maximizing all that garage space for ultimate functionality, you’ll not only have the family’s sports equipment under control but everything else as well.

Garage storage cabinets

Garage cabinets completely transform any garage by converting vertical wall space into viable storage space. Floor-to-ceiling and customizable cabinets around countertops, appliances, windows and doors mean that no space goes to waste. Floor space is cleared, clutter is hidden, and everything stored is organized and easy to find when needed.

  • Cabinets have adjustable shelves to accommodate large and small items
  • Tall cabinets can easily store hockey sticks, golf bags, skis, bats, croquet and badminton sets
  • Drawers can hold small items like balls, mitts, gloves and hats
  • Assign each individual a drawer or cabinet to store their own equipment

Wall hanging storage systems

In a small garage, a combination of cabinets and Slatwall panels can create lots of storage. Slatwall accessories let you customize the wall space to the storage you need, incorporating specialty hooks, shelves, and baskets to organize all your sports equipment. Keeping storage flush to the wall frees up the garage for parking the cars or more room for an efficient laundry space or even to set up a Gold’s Gym XRS 50 home gym. Additionally, folding tables could quickly create space for a crafter’s or hobbyist’s afternoon and then fold away till next time.

  • Safely store tools and sports equipment so they are easily accessible
  • Storage right by the connecting door means stinky, muddy shoes don’t come into the house
  • Low-level hooks let kids put away their own sports equipment
  • As the seasons change, keep current gear handy and store off-season equipment elsewhere

Slatwall is tough enough for large item storage as well. Accessories for specific uses let you organize from tiny fishing lures to rackets, balls, bikes and skateboards. Slatwall panels can fit into small spaces and awkward corners to create valuable storage in unlikely places.

  • Bikes can store flat to the wall or perpendicular with heavy-duty specialty hooks
  • Custom-designed racks hold numerous balls or organize one sport’s necessities in one place
  • Fishing rods are out of harm’s way in racks that protect the reels and fishing line from tangles
  • Avoid the tripping hazards of hockey sticks, nets, loose balls and other sports paraphernalia littering the floor

Overhead storage, including automated garage systems

Overhead storage is probably the most over-looked option to maximize garage storage. While it may be inconvenient for storage of everyday items, it’s ideal for long-term storage of seasonal decorations, patio furniture and camping gear during the winter, and swapping out winter/summer sports equipment. Store the off-season in overhead space.

  • Overhead storage keeps seldom-used items out of the way until they are needed
  • Boxes, bins, and crates that would stack on the floor can be up and out of the way
  • Save money by buying in bulk and storing non-perishables in the garage, freeing up in-home cabinets for other uses

Take the heavy lifting out of overhead storage with automated solutions, including universal lifters, platform lifters, bike lifters and more. Not everyone is comfortable with using a ladder to reach overhead storage and our new automated overhead storage products let you capture ceiling storage with ease. Instead of going up to the storage space, you can bring it down at the touch of a button. No more hefting heavy loads or risking a sore back!

  • The Platform Lifter lets you store up to 175 pounds of boxes, bins, and equipment
  • The Universal Lifter is designed to accommodate the shape of any large item up to 100 pounds with adjustable straps to secure and store big items like kayaks, surf boards, and sleds
  • The Multi-Bike Lifter can hold three bikes up to 100 pounds
  • Expand your storage capacity with multiple lifts for different uses

Give athletics the attention it deserves

Involvement in sports is a big issue with many families for exercise, entertainment, and quality time together. But while sports activities may command energy, money and precious weekends, sports and all its accoutrements don’t have to take over your home. By initiating custom storage in the garage for all your sporting needs, everyone will be happier.

  • No more sports equipment spread around the house
  • At game time, everything is in its appointed place and ready to go
  • Equipment doesn’t get lost or damaged from careless treatment
  • Less money is spent replacing lost or broken equipment

If you’re feeling overrun by too many sports, help is just a phone call away! Your local Tailored Living can help you get control of the chaos with a custom garage storage and organization system. Call 866-712-3404  to schedule a free, in-home consultation. As whole home organization specialists, we also have innovative storage and organization solutions for closets, home offices, laundry rooms, pantries, and entryways, or any area of your home that needs organizational help.