Break Old Habits of Garage Clutter and Chaos

If you live with a messy garage, you may have called it many things, but … a habit? If you’re so used to walking through your garage without giving a thought to its condition, you’ve developed the habit of a messy garage. Maybe it’s gotten so bad you don’t even know where to start to clean it up, so you stuff down the guilt and keep the garage door closed to prying eyes.

But habits can be broken, even if they’ve become hard-wired in our brains. Here are a few steps to breaking habits from

  • Define what you want to change and develop specific, doable behaviors to break the pattern.
  • Develop a substitute plan to avoid falling into your set routine.
  • Be persistent and patient and don’t beat yourself up for slip-ups; take it one day at the time.
  • If you’ve done the best you can and are still struggling, consider seeking professional help.

To break the habit of a messy garage, Tailored Living® is the professional help you need! Our whole-home organization specialists will work with you to analyze the problems and design custom storage solutions that make your garage work for you, not against you with endless chaos and clutter.

Let’s talk about it

Taming a messy garage is a big job that no one should tackle alone. Your local Tailored Living designer will come right into your garage and talk with you about your specific needs. A combination of storage cabinets, wall hanging storage systems, overhead storage racks and shelving will convert all your messy space into beautiful storage. Determining what goes on in your garage will drive the design to control the clutter and restore order.

  • Do you want to park the cars in the garage?
  • Does your family have lots of sports equipment to store?
  • Do hobbies like gardening and crafting need space?
  • Are the washer and dryer in your garage?
  • Would home repairs be quicker with a work bench and organized tools?
  • Do you need to store boxes of holiday decorations and keepsakes?
  • Is the floor space cluttered with tripping hazards like rakes, water hoses and tools?
  • Would you like to carve out some additional living space in the garage for a game room?

As probably the biggest room in your home, your garage should be far more functional than just a dumping ground for anything that doesn’t fit in the house. A custom garage storage system will not only cure the mess, but you’ll discover incredible amounts of storage space you never knew you had!

The sort-and-purge journey to organization

A crucial step to clearing out the garage is sort-and-purge. Undoubtedly there are lots of things in the garage you could get rid of, and now’s the time! By purging the piles and getting down to what you actually need to keep, you’ll end up with a space that caters to you by having proper space for everything. Consider every item in the garage and, just like for closet organization, toss, donate or sell what you no longer need.

  • A garage sale could get rid of excess and put some money in your pocket
  • Your favorite local charity will welcome donations of usable household items
  • Rent a dumpster for a big purge, or take a trip to the dump with a truck or trailer

Break the habit of clutter with floor-to-ceiling enclosed cabinets that let you store everything that survives the purge. You’ll be able to store tons of stuff and, at the same time, have a clean garage. Inside adjustable shelves let you store large and small items, keeping everyday things organized and easily accessible on lower shelves, and seldom-used or seasonal items on higher shelves, out of sight until needed.

Customize your garage storage

If you can’t dedicate entire walls to cabinets, customized cabinets are structured to fit over and under work countertops, around water heaters, windows, doors, and laundry appliances to capture all usable space. Define needed work spaces first--like a workbench, crafts area, garden potting bench, home gym or pool table—and cabinets, drawers and Slatwall can be configured around them. Blank walls and “empty space” will become valuable storage and your new garage habit will be organization.

  • Laundry essentials can be stored right above the washer and dryer for ease of use and keeping track of what you have so you don’t run out of detergent in the middle of laundry day.
  • Slatwall panels over the workbench speed up the next home improvement project since you don’t lose time hunting for the right tool.
  • Optional locking drawers and doors keep dangerous tools and toxic chemicals like fertilizers and anti-freeze safely stored out of reach of children and pets.
  • Staying organized is easier when everything has a place and the whole family can pitch in.

A custom floor to complete the makeover

Part of undoing a messy garage habit is keeping it clean instead of surrendering the space to cobwebs and spiders. Storage cabinets will help keep the garage clean, but an untreated concrete floor can become a dust and dirt magnet. An easy-care, low-maintenance PremierOne® custom garage floor is the final touch. Tailored Living offers two types of garage flooring that can be color-coordinated with any of our cabinet finishes for a true designer look for your new, organized garage.

PremierOne epoxy floor coatings come in five styles and a variety of colors to suit any taste.

  • PremierOne floors are guaranteed not to chip, peel or fade
  • Stain and moisture resistant, they reduce allergens and inhibit mold
  • Choose from Decorative Textures, Solids, Stone, Elements or Stratus styles

PremierTrax flexible floor tiles usually install in one day with no curing time, so your garage is back in service quickly.

  • Available in 15 colors to mix and match patterns or create unique designs or logos
  • Flow-through construction means spills disappear to be hosed away
  • Impervious to extreme hot or cold, PremierTrax will not crack, chip or peel

Don’t spend another day giving into your habit of a messy garage. Help is just a click or phone call away! Call 866-712-3404 to schedule a free, in-home consultation. Turn your garage into wonderfully usable, organized space and feel more in control and comfortable in your home. We can also transform messy closets, jumbled pantries, piled laundry rooms, cluttered entryways and more.