Clear Closet Clutter Forever with a Custom Closet Storage System

For many people, closet clutter is a way of life and even though it’s stressful and ineffective, they can’t find a way out. Or, more accurately, they can’t find a way in! A jumbled, packed and disorganized closet is daunting when:

  • Trying to get dressed every morning
  • Doing laundry
  • Cleaning house
  • Getting ready for a special event

Downsizing your wardrobe is one part of clearing the clutter, but unless you institute closet storage for your specific needs, you’ll still be battling inefficient closet space. Tailored Living® can help you clear closet clutter with custom closet storage systems designed for the way you live, making it possible for you and every member of the family to finally have user-friendly closets that make life easier and “spark joy” every time you go into the closet.

The magic of custom closet design

If you’ve ever had a closet where the hanging rod or rods are too high to reach or closet shelves were built into an inaccessible corner, you know there is more to closet organization than out-of-a-box DIY solutions. Everyone does not have the same closet needs, so “standard” solutions are not going to give the best result. A casual wardrobe closet will have different storage needs than for an everyday-designer-suits executive. And kids need a different closet than taller adults.

The ultimate goal of a custom closet is to have an easily-accessible wardrobe with appropriate storage for all your clothes and accessories. Tailored Living’s design process is geared to make this process as stress-free as possible by offering a free, in-home consultation—with perks!

  • Your needs and wants are thoroughly discussed with a whole home organization specialist and precision measurements are taken so that your closet system installs perfectly.
  • Your designer will bring actual samples of colors, finishes and hardware so you can accurately match your home’s décor.
  • You get to see in real-time exactly what your closet will look like with our 3D design software, reflecting your finish, color and hardware choices.
  • You’ll receive a written estimate, detailing everything about your closet design as well as an installation date you can count on.
  • Installation is handled by Tailored Living professionals who arrive on time and don’t leave until you’re completely satisfied with your closet.

The elements of custom closet design

Individual elements of custom closet design ensure the perfect closet system for any situation. Combining cabinets, hanging rods, closet shelves, and more, creates individualized storage to meet specific closet organization needs for kids, adults or special-needs users. Whether you have small or large closets, reach-in or walk-in, or individual or shared closets, Tailored Living can make all your closets work for you.

  • Cabinets, drawers, storage islands, open and enclosed adjustable closet shelves, pull-out bins and laundry hampers create ideal storage solutions.
  • Tiered hanging rods maximize closet space by grouping like clothing together, accommodating short and long items in neat order, including at lower levels for kids.
  • Shoe racks and shelves, with or without guard rails, adjustable for tall boots, stilettos, shoes and sandals, and floor-to-ceiling options for large shoe collections.
  • Closet accessories include retractable valet rods, custom tie, pant and belt racks, integrated mirrors and lighting, velvet-lined jewelry drawers, and drawer dividers.

Purging an excessive wardrobe

If you have piles of clothes, chances are that you don’t wear them all and you probably don’t even realize what you have. With a custom closet designed for the clothes you need for your lifestyle, it’s time to purge the excess and only return to the closet those items you actually need and wear.

Since your closet was emptied to receive the new closet organizer, before anything is placed back into the closet, ask these five questions about every piece of clothing and accessory that you have. You’ll need a mirror for trying everything on, a donation box for usable items and a trash box for worn out items. If seasonal clothing needs to relocate to the garage or other storage, have an appropriate bin for that as well.

This exercise may be a little painful but, once it’s done, you’ll be very excited. Your closet will be filled with clothes that make you feel good, fit your lifestyle and are ready to wear at a moment’s notice. So, put on some music and let’s go!

Question one: Do I love it?

No reason at all to keep something you don’t even like, even if it was a gift or expensive. It’s taking up space that could be better served by clothes you love.

Question two: Is it wearable?

If an item is faded, torn, stretched out or stained, it’s a candidate for the trash box. If something needs repair or dry cleaning before it’s wearable, don’t put it into the closet until it is wearable.

Question three: Does it fit?

Don’t guess, try it on and if it’s too baggy, too tight, itchy, scratchy or pulls, it doesn’t fit. Donate the good items and trash the rest. This includes shoes. Life is too short to wear uncomfortable shoes!

Question four: Do I wear it?

If you can’t remember the last time you wore it and don’t see it in the future, it’s time to say good-bye. Donate it and let it become someone else’s favorite.

Question five: Does it project the image I want to project?

If you put something on and frown when you look in the mirror, it’s not you. Trends and fads tend to fill closets and drawers with clothes that aren’t really anyone except the designer. Find your own style—what you look good in and what you like to wear—and fill your closet with you.

Make the move to whole home organization

Organizing the family closets is a big first step to making your home calm and peaceful, but don’t stop there! Tailored Living designers can help organize and clear the clutter from every area of your home with innovative storage solutions for laundry rooms, entryways, pantries, home offices, family rooms and garages, including custom garage flooring. Call 866-712-3404 today to schedule a free, in-home consultation. Also, check out our image galleries online, sign up for our free eNewsletter for the latest trends in home organization, and page through our online Design Guide to see the many beautiful ways we can help.