Closet Organization for Him and Her

Let’s face it, men and women have very different needs when it comes to organizing the closet to neatly fit their clothing. Is it possible to accommodate both their needs in one space? Let the battle of the sexes begin! Ding-ding!

Round One — Shoes
Women typically own 30-50 pairs of shoes, whereas men generally own 5-10 pairs. Adding a rotating shoe rack is a great way to organize your closet and accommodate a large number of shoes. These rotating shoe racks come in a variety of sizes, increasing their versatility. Another solution for organizing shoes in your closet is to add layered shelving. Doing so neatly displays your shoe collection and provides easy access to them.

Round Two — Clothes
No contest. She wins this round easily as she requires two-thirds of the closet space for her articles versus one-third for his. Tailored Living’s professional organizing specialist, Scott Barnes, recommends installing a divider unit such as shelving or drawers to more clearly define the space and prevent overlapping.

“The closet should be designed with a clear break between his and her clothing with a shelving or drawer unit,” said Barnes. “This helps keep the peace, as one will usually ‘steal’ storage space from the other if there is no break.”

Round Three — Accessories
There’s plenty of room to go around when it comes to closet accessories. You can save space and get organized with a pull-out rack installed right into your wall space. Pull-out racks are useful for ties, belts and scarfs.  Another solution for keeping accessories organized is to add custom dividers to your drawers. Velvet lined jewelry drawers are also available.

Final Round — Decorative Options
Depending on your style, this topic could prove to be a serious battleground. The good news is, Tailored Living offers a wide variety of decorative options that can satisfy any taste. You can easily avoid a drawn out conflict by accommodating both tastes. For example, everyone wins with a decorative finish. Tailored Living has a wide assortment of decorative finishes that are both neutral and attractive to each counterpart. These include chocolate, white, cherry and maple finishes.

And the Winner Is
Both! Once you find the closet organization system that best accommodates both sexes, you’ll be well on your way to an organized life. Everything you need will be easily accessible with a custom closet organization system tailored specifically to his and her needs. Schedule a free in-home consultation with your local Tailored Living representative to get started!