Clutter is Not a 2016 Interior Design Trend

Every year designers weigh in on the new interior design trends for fashion and home décor, including “colors of the year” and the most trending styles in furniture and home accessories. Admittedly, there can be some conflict over what’s hot and what’s not, but there is total agreement that clutter is NOT an interior design trend for 2016!

If you are looking to modernize your look or just shake things up a bit this year with your home’s décor, there are lots of fun home fashion trends to consider:

  • Pale pastels and white-on-white paint colors
  • Geometric, leaf and nature images, ethnic prints
  • Natural textures and textiles; outdoor fabrics used indoors
  • Mixed metals, including brass, steel, gold, silver, rose gold, black
  • Combining vintage and modern furniture styles
  • Using black in surprising ways; walls, furniture, ceilings
  • Wicker and Rattan move indoors as viable furniture choices

Regardless of the decorating trends you choose to follow, having uncluttered spaces and functional storage will make your home much more enjoyable with inviting rooms and comfortable surroundings. You can fill your home with the things you love, but still maintain order with innovative designs from Tailored Living® for custom closets, home offices, entry ways, laundry rooms, garages and more.

Custom closets eliminate bedroom clutter

Personal space, such as closets, can often be the messiest. We clean up where visitors will be, but don’t always take the same care with space that is our own. Custom closet design will maximize the efficiency of every closet and help your family to respect and enjoy their own space more by getting the clutter under control. Designed around the needs of the user, a custom closet with specialty accessories will create fully-functional space that keeps the whole wardrobe easily assessable. Here are just some of the options available to customize a closet:

  • Tiered hanging rods maximize space for ready-to-wear clothes
  • Adjustable shelves hold folded items in neat stacks
  • Shoe racks eliminate piles of shoes and missing mates
  • Decorative hooks hold purses, backpacks, jackets and pajamas
  • Pull-outs like drawers and laundry hampers prevent clutter

With Tailored Living, you’ll have a wide range of colors, finishes and hardware choices so you can have exactly the style you desire. From white to black and various wood tones, you’ll be able to please anyone’s aesthetic tastes while giving them the beauty of organization.

Declutter living rooms, family rooms and dining rooms

Rooms where families congregate can easily become cluttered. Planned storage can include cabinets, custom closets, entertainment centers, pantries, home office nooks, built-in book cases and Murphy Beds. Custom storage solutions will neatly store the stuff that life is made of, like books, movies, blankets, games, electronics, collectibles, pillows, laptops and pet paraphernalia. Designing storage and organization around the things your family actually uses in these areas will keep essentials close at hand while eliminating clutter.

Let your garage make a fashion statement

Despite all the talk and focus on home décor, one area is often overlooked. The family garage. It’s no wonder a garage can become a clutter nightmare with tools, laundry facilities, cars, bikes, sporting equipment, gardening supplies, holiday decorations, storage boxes, paint, cleaning supplies and more.

In actuality, your garage may be your absolute best storage option. It’s probably the biggest room of the house, and the most under-used. With custom garage storage cabinets and easy-care, durable garage flooring from PremierOne®, your garage will become a highly useful, functional asset to your home.

  • Vertical storage will capture all usable space
  • Enclosed cabinets keep clutter behind closed doors
  • Floor space is freed up to park the cars or set up a game room or home gym
  • Upper and lower cabinets around the washer and dryer create ordered space
  • Wall storage systems like Gridwall Racks and Slatwall keep tools visible and handy
  • Seasonal storage can be out of the way with overhead storage racks

The design options for your garage are limitless. With a Tailored Living designer, you can create the garage of your dreams, with color options you may never have considered, like powder-coated doors in Tech Red or Slate, standard laminates in Maple, Windswept Bronze, Windswept Pewter, Cocoa, White and Silver Frost, and real wood stains. Who says a garage has to be boring?

Call 866-712-3404 today to schedule a FREE, in-home consultation to begin getting that clutter under control while updating your home’s décor at the same time. Find the home fashion trends that you love and let 2016 be your most stylish year ever!