Create a Mudroom in Your Garage

The garage is the perfect space to create an ideal mudroom design if you don’t have enough space inside the home; sometimes it’s even better in the garage because you won’t have to track any filth inside! There are certain elements in a mudroom that make it what it is; you could say that these elements are the foundation or the backbone of the mudroom. Tailored Living is your professional resource for anything and everything that has to do with home organization.

Tailored Living home organization specialists can help you design the perfect mudroom for your home that will be perfectly attuned to everything that you need. Every good mudroom design has these three elements:

A place to sit
This is one of the most essential pieces to any good mudroom. Whether you decide to incorporate a backed bench with hanging spaces or a standalone bench against the wall; having a place to sit down and remove your dirty clothing articles is a must. There is nothing worse than being bundled up in heavy clothing and having to balance on one foot while you pry your ice-encrusted muddy boots from your cold soggy feet.

A place to hang your outerwear
Creating a backed bench with a rod or hook to hang your outerwear is absolutely crucial to the success of your mudroom design. The more room to hang and place things, the less cluttered your mudroom will become. The ideal location for this space should be right next to the door that leads into your home.

Somewhere to put your shoes
Having a place to sit down and a place to hang your coat is all fine and good, but what happens if you don’t have anywhere to put those filthy shoes you just pried off of your feet? Your best bet is to make cubbies underneath your bench or to the side of your bench, that way you have someplace to place and retrieve your dirty shoes where they won’t get in the way or create more messes.

If you need help constructing the perfect mudroom design, don’t hesitate to give your local home organization specialists at Tailored Living a call.