Create A Seasonal Spring Closet So You Have Everything You Need Now

In some parts of the country, the weather plays “Gotcha!” by not letting go of one season before moving to the next. For example, early spring with its welcome sunshine can still bring an occasional icy day that has you reaching past your sundress for a favorite bulky sweater. Seasons colliding can create closet overload, making it difficult to find what you do need day after day. Tailored Living® can help get your current season clothes and accessories front and center in your closet with a custom closet storage system to save valuable time and ensure that you’ll end up with an efficient wardrobe that’s ready to take you anywhere in comfort and style.

Acloset.jpgA closet dedicated to the current season won’t leave you wondering what to wear

Evaluate your closet’s capabilities

Closets come in different sizes and how you can most effectively manage seasonal wardrobe changes will depend on your closet’s size.

  • A large walk-in closet may be able to hold all your clothes for the year, requiring shifting back-to-front as the seasons change.
  • Swapping out warm-weather clothes for half of the year with cold-weather clothes the other half will keep a reach-in closet from getting cluttered and overloaded.
  • Teeny-tiny closets may only hold capsule wardrobes, requiring changing contents every season, or supplement with out-of-closet storage like an armoire or free-standing wardrobe.

Whatever battles you’ve been having with your closet, some organization and planning can help smooth the transition from season to season, and any size closet can benefit from a custom design that maximizes space with tiered hanging rods, vertical cabinets, shelves, pull-out bins, drawers, shoe racks, and more.

Focus on the season at hand

The first step is to separate all off-season clothes from what you’ll be wearing now. Collect all your winter clothes, shoes, and accessories. As mentioned above, depending on closet size, these will either be moved to the back of the closet or stored out of the way on upper shelves, in storage bins in the garage, or in another location. Removing winter clothes from the closet will free up space for all your spring finery, arranged for easy access for clothes and accessories.

Acurated.jpgA curated spring wardrobe makes getting dressed for any occasion an easier task

  • Purge anything that’s worn out, doesn’t fit, or that you’ll never wear again before moving cold weather garb to storage.
  • Make sure all items are clean and dry before placing them in plastic storage bins or garment bags and use sachets or scented dryer sheets to preserve freshness.
  • Store off-season things in the garage, in under-bed storage, or in the closet, on the highest shelves, and at the back of the closet.
  • Label any storage containers so you can tell what’s inside.
  • Feel free to keep a few cold-weather items handy for those unseasonably cold days or nights, like a favorite sweater, scarf, or jacket.

Assess your spring wardrobe

Now that you’ve got your spring things together, it’s time to take stock of what you have and what you still need to fill out the season. Take time to shop your closet before heading out with credit cards in hand to get those new spring outfits you’ve been waiting for. Go through your spring closet, piece by piece, and see what you have that still works—meaning it fits, isn’t faded or worn, and will happily see you through another season. Only keep what you still love and discard or donate those items you no longer want. These pieces will form your base wardrobe which you’ll supplement with fresh, new pieces for a sparkling spring! Now you can go shopping, buying only the clothes and accessories you need, which will help keep your budget intact and your closet clutter-free.

Shopinentionally.jpgShop intentionally with a list so everything you buy will supplement your new spring wardrobe

  • Think about what you need for work, casual, and dressy as you evaluate what works with your current lifestyle.
  • Pull together some outfits to see where the gaps are, like a lightweight jacket or fancy sandals, and start a “needs” list, including favorite items that it’s time to replace.
  • Interchangeable, quality pieces that can go casual and dressy dependent upon accessories are the foundation for a “never-fail” fabulous spring wardrobe.

Spring wardrobe essentials for 2021

Every season, fashion influencers come forward with what they consider the essentials for the season. This year, despite the audacious fashions that rock the runways for New York and Paris fashion weeks, foundational spring wardrobe pieces that work for every day women of all ages are selected by these fashionistas. As you consider the new fashion trends, be true to your own style sense and adopt colors, fabrics, and styles that sweeten your personal fashion aura.

Neveragain.jpgNever again say, “I have nothing to wear!” with a spring wardrobe of all the things you love to wear

Here are essentials for a fashionable 2021 spring for the well-dressed woman:

  • White T-shirt and button-up shirt, and white trousers
  • Striped T-shirt
  • Layering tanks and tees, crocheted, knit, and ribbed
  • Denim jacket, lightweight jeans, and crop pants
  • Shorts in denim, linen, and cotton
  • Midi-dress and skirt
  • Floral blouses and dresses
  • Lightweight sweaters or cardigans
  • Trench coat, light jacket, and structured blazer
  • White or fashion-statement sneakers
  • Dressy flats and sandals
  • Everyday tote or handbag
  • Black sunglasses

Your closet, custom made for you

Keeping your wardrobe accessible and ready-to-wear is the ultimate purpose of a custom closet design from Tailored Living. Incorporating features and closet accessories that make your closet truly your own is the result of consultation with you about exactly what you need from your closet right now. Everything will have its own place and your seasonal closet will stay uncluttered and organized.

Anew.jpgA new, custom closet will give you the confidence that whatever you need in any season is right at your fingertips

  • Shoes in any quantity will get custom shoe racks to organize casual, dressy, sporty, sandals and designer boots.
  • T-shirts and sweaters neatly folded and stacked will be easily retrievable from cabinets with glass-inset doors.
  • Tiered hanging rods customize space for long dresses and coats with stacked rods for shorter blouses and jackets.
  • Pull-out pants racks keep jeans and trousers crease-free.
  • Belts or scarves for every outfit stay organized with a custom belt and scarf racks.
  • Purses galore store safely on shelves or in drawers for everything from Hobo bags to evening clutches.
  • Jewelry collections are best preserved and protected in velvet-lined custom drawers, sectioned for rings, bracelets, necklaces, watches, and pins.

So, don’t let the advent of spring find you still digging through winter clothes as you try to dress for warm, sunshiny days. Call 866-712-3404 today or go online to to find a designer near you and schedule a free, in-home, or virtual* consultation to see how amazing your closet can become. Be sure and sign up for our free eNewsletter to get weekly organizing tips for your entire home and garage.

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