Create Your Own Celebrity-style Closet with Custom Accessories

It’s always exciting to catch a glimpse of how the other half lives. With celebrity closets, however, it can cause a severe case of closet envy. Closets the size of ballrooms filled with designer clothes, exquisite accessories, and walls of expensive shoes are the stuff impossible dreams are made of! Reserved for singers, TubeV stars, movie heroines and leading ladies - the rest of us just have to make do.

But, even if you don’t have a gigantic closet and exclusive designer frocks and footwear, you can still have a spectacular, celebrity-style closet. A Tailored Living® custom closet design can catapult your closet to celebrity status with specialty closet accessories and stylish design features that make your closet truly exceptional.

Custom accessories add distinctive style

All closets accommodate hanging clothes, folded items, shoes, and accessories like purses, jewelry, belts, hats, ties and scarves. It’s how you manage the closet that makes the difference. Celebrities take the ordinary tasks of wardrobe maintenance and make them extraordinary with closet customizations and personal touches. And you can do the same thing. Start with a bold color or elegant wallpaper pattern for the walls of your closet and give in to the urge for a zebra stripe rug. Create a special ambiance just for you, and use custom accessories to make your closet both functional and fabulous, with its own celebrity-style fashion statement. For example:

  • Lisa Vanderpump, a “real” housewife of Beverly Hills, has shoe racks with integrated lighting.
  • Jennifer Lopez has full-length mirrors in her closet suite.
  • Actress Jessica Alba has a hat wall with specialty hooks for her signature chapeaus.
  • Kourtney Kardashian uses retractable valet rods to help manage her extensive wardrobe.
  • Hotelier, Steven Wynn, has custom tie racks for his hundreds of colorful ties.
  • Paris Hilton's walk-in closet includes a mirrored-chest island, pink rug and crystal chandelier.
  • Celebrity fashion stylist and designer, Rachel Zoe, implemented custom belt hooks for her eclectic belt collection.
  • The legendary Sir Elton John has custom shelves to display his iconic collection of sunglasses ranging from the70s to today.

Shoe racks and shelves

Shoes and boots are a major part of anyone’s wardrobe. In celebrity closets, shoe racks and shelves take up considerable space to contain the eye-popping collections. What they do in volume, you can do on a smaller scale.

  • Mariah Carey has climate-controlled closet space, with a separate room to house her 1,000+ pairs of designer shoes and boots. (Well, maybe you can’t do that!) Organized by color, her shoes rest on slanted shoe shelves so they’re easy to see. Boots line the bottom shelf, standing upright to eliminate creases from folding over.
  • Fashion icon, Kimora Lee Simmons, has a boutique-style closet, with purses and shoes side by side on custom shelves so they’re easy to mix and match; no jumbled piles or missing mates.
  • Khloe Kardashian uses a neat trick to maximize her floor-to-ceiling shoe storage. Each pair is turned one toe out, one toe in, so more shoes will fit on a shelf (since she reportedly buys her favorite styles in multiple colors).

Adjustable hanging rods

A major role of a closet is hanging clothes, which sounds easy enough, but without some planning, chaos can reign. Tiered, adjustable hanging rods maximize closet space by grouping like clothing together, accommodating short and long items in neat order, keeping blazers, pants and dresses easy to locate. In large celebrity closets, storage and hanging space are captured with the same innovative solutions that you can incorporate.

  • Actress Brooke Shields has floor-to-ceiling shelves and tiered hanging rods in her closet, with a sliding library ladder to reach up high. Built-in cabinets with drawers and a rolling shoe rack ensure no wasted space in her closet.
  • Socialite Olivia Palermo’s closet looks like a fancy drawing room with high-end and vintage décor. Amidst all this beauty, it’s the functional, tiered hanging rods that keep her couture and vintage wardrobe organized and ready to wear at a moment’s notice.

Cabinets, drawers and storage islands

Custom closet design incorporates cabinets with adjustable hanging rods, open and closed shelves, drawers, pull-out bins, laundry hampers and more. Tailored Living offers numerous styles and finishes to choose from, including laminates, wood stains and glazes in a range of colors, with decorative molding and hardware to personalize your closet and give it celebrity style. If space permits, an island can provide additional storage space with drawers or shelves. Velvet-lined jewelry drawers will keep all pieces separate to avoid tangled necklaces, scratched pearls or chipped gemstones. Drawer divider inserts can organize ties, scarves and lingerie for perfect order.

  • Oprah Winfrey has a large island in her walk-in closet with shoe shelves. Her closet walls are floor-to-ceiling cabinets and drawers, with glass-inset doors to show what’s inside and to protect the contents from dust.
  • Designer Ralph Lauren has mirrored doors and a leather upholstered bench in his English estate style closet/dressing room.

So, don’t hate them because their closets are beautiful; create a beautiful closet for yourself! If your closet is totally missing the mark or just needs some TLC to make it your happiest place on earth, call 866-722-3404 today to schedule a FREE, in-home consultation. With samples, design guides and borrowing a few tips from your favorite celebrity closets, you’ll be able to create an enviable closet of your own.

The Summer Savings Event is going on now, so once your closet is absolutely perfect, talk to your Tailored Living designer about any other home or garage organization and storage needs you have, including home office, entertainment center, entryway, laundry room and more. There’s no better time to get your whole home organized!