Creating a Dream Garage Design for Rev Run and Justine Simmons

Last year, rapper-tuned-preacher Rev Run (Joseph) Simmons and his wife, Justine, undertook a massive renovation of their 9,000 sq. ft. home in New Jersey, and invited the whole world to watch on the DIY network TV series, Rev Run’s Renovation. The ensuing design discussions, clashes, compromises and resolutions made for very entertaining viewing, as well as some intriguing decorating ideas. (Can you imagine a spa room Man Cave or a basement bowling alley?)

Week after week unfolded as the entire home, including six bedrooms, eight bathrooms, kitchen, great room, dining room, music studio, backyard, pool and three-car garage all got floor-to-ceiling makeovers. Tailored Living® was on hand to help transform the cluttered basement into a super sleek bowling alley and game area, and to revolutionize the controversial garage space into a haven where both Rev Run and Justine got exactly what they wanted with garage storage cabinets and new garage flooring.

There must be room in a three-car garage for the Rolls Royce

The tired, cluttered garage needed lots of help. Justine shared that she had wanted to do the garage for years, craving organization and storage space. She was more than ready to pitch in and make it happen.

Rev Run was frustrated with the clutter and the fact that a three-car garage could only house one car, his Rolls Royce. He complained, “Nice car, not a nice garage. It needs to be done over. The swag of the garage needs to match the swag of the car that matches the swag of my mindset.”

Justine worked with designers Charles Dennis and Jay Feingold of Tailored Living serving Northern New Jersey, and came up with garage plans to accommodate everybody’s needs. Tailored Living’s exclusive 3D D’Vinci program showed her how each area would look prior to installing anything.

Then everyone got to work. Justine cleared out the garage so the new PremierOne® Stratus floor coating could be applied as the first step, and she even took a turn at prepping the floor and swirling the resin pattern. An avid DIYer she says, “You know me; I just want to get my hands dirty.”

Lots of garage cabinets were installed, using available wall space for valuable storage and functionality in the garage.

  • Floor-to-ceiling cabinets in Windswept Pewter with powder-coated Slate doors provided lots of general storage space, keeping clutter behind closed doors.
  • Upper and lower cabinets and an extended countertop give the laundry area beauty and functionality; lots of sorting, folding and storage room.
  • Gray Slatwall panels created quick and easy organization for all of Justine’s pink tools in her “tool station” for all her DIY projects. Work countertop and cabinets completed the design.
  • The new garage floor, an industrial-strength hybrid polymer floor coating has a high gloss, mirror finish and truly reflects the grandeur of Rev’s Rolls Royce in coordinating colors of Graphite and Smoke.

The perfect garage solution

At the start of the garage renovation, lines were drawn in the sand as to who wanted what.

  • Rev: “She’s trying to put more things in; I’m trying to take more things out.”
  • Justine: “I want to have cabinets all around and my own little tool station. Pink. And a washer and dryer.”

What’s a designer to do? Make it perfect, of course!

When completed, the garage was precisely what they each wanted.

  • Rev: “This is incredible, I love it! Colors in the garage match the Rolls, same exact color of my car. It looks like a marble floor too. I thought it would be too cluttered with all the stuff, but actually it created more space. This is definitely organized. I can’t believe they would make a pink tool station, but she has all her pink tools. I love the job you did and I love you too.” (Last comment was to Justine, not the TL designer, although Rev was really happy...)
  • Justine: “[They] gave me exactly what I wanted!”

If your garage could use some organization and storage help, give your local Tailored Living designer a call today! With spring around the corner, it’s the ideal time to rethink, refresh and redo your garage. Whether your garage is for housing your Rolls, a home gym and pool table, or a laundry center, we can maximize your garage with garage storage cabinets, wall storage units, organization accessories and new garage flooring.

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