Creating a Fun Closet That Grows with Your Kids

Most companies do not design closets with kids in mind. While those who do, often need to renovate the closet space every few years to accommodate their growing children’s needs. However, lately, more people are turning to custom-designed closet solutions that incorporate the needs of kids of different ages and grow with them over the years.

As kids get older, they accumulate stuff in their rooms and closets. Since parents don't like to discourage their kids from exploring new interests, their wardrobes, drawers, and cabinets are often a jumbled mess of clothes, toys, and burgeoning adult interests like hobbies, fashion, and sports.

A proper closet organization system with kids' closet ideas in mind is essential. It alleviates the stress of clutter, provides ample space to store a growing wardrobe. It should offer basic, essential storage features like shelves and drawers to hold personal belongings and folded clothing. It should also have hanging sections and additional amenities such as a clothes rack and mirror.

With so many things to hold and limited space, you need to organize your closet space to maximize storage and ensure that the closet grows with your kids. Let's look at kids' closet ideas and different clothes organization ideas.

Design Fluid Closets That Grow with Your Kids


The following are some helpful tips for creating a fluid, child-friendly closet that accommodates your growing kid's needs.

1. Always Consider Placement

Every closet has a prime area where it is easy for users to reach. For younger kids, this area is smaller and lower to the ground, so ensure that you place their daily items here. Select appropriate component placement, shelving depths, and bar heights that are ideal for your child's size and are accessible to them. Younger kids have little need for vertical closet space, so use the limited horizontal space they can access.

2. Stay Adjustable

The use of adjustable components allows your closet to remain flexible and support different clothes organization ideas. Make shelves, bars, and valet hooks easily repositionable as needed. Ensure that the closet has space for everything now and as your child grows.

Although adjustable components offer great versatility, remember that these items are prone to dislocation, especially around curious or climbing kids. Therefore, opt for solidly constructed and lockable elements in the closet's lower areas to keep your kids safe.

3. Separate, Contain and Label

Proper organization is always trouble for children, so expecting them to keep their clothes neatly folded on an open shelve can be challenging. But if you have open shelves, ensure that they are short enough to keep piles growing too high.

Where possible, choose drawers and child-friendly, breathable storage bins to keep clothes and other items in and encourage tidiness. Use colorful labels as reminders to help young kids remember where everything goes.

4. Have a Treasure Drawer

Ensure that you have at least one drawer designated for keeping personal treasures and other prized collections out of sight. The drawer should be within reach for easy access. As your child grows, they develop new interests, and this is the perfect storage space to keep sports clothes, uniforms, or diaries.

How to Maximize Wardrobe Storage

To maximize your kid's closet space, use double hanging and keep clothes that your kids often wear on the lower hanging area and less frequently worn clothing on the top.

Also, ensure that you make the entire closet adjustable. You can use a system of predrilled holes, which allows you to move shelves around as you please. Get extra hanging bars and other necessary hardware that you can use to add in or take out as needed. That way, when your kids grow, you could use lower spaces for shelves to create room for hanging clothes or take them out completely for a full-height hanging.

An adjustable closet makes things fun and easy as you try different configurations to suit the current space needs or new kids’ closet ideas.

How to Make a Small Closet Look Like a Boutique

You can turn your ordinary closet into a deluxe storage space that resembles a boutique with a few simple changes. If you have a big budget, you can completely remodel your closet space. However, you can still achieve that chic boutique look and feel by making some creative design changes as follows:

  • Organize your closet into quadrants, just like a boutique. For example, you can have four quadrants for your spring, summer, fall, and winter clothing. Then sort your clothes by categories such as sportswear, formal wear, and office wear. Organize your clothes by color and from lightweight to heavyweight, so they stand out.
  • Update your hangers. Buy thin, velvet hangers to maximize space and use different colors for your closet's quadrants. Also, point all hangers in the same direction with the hooks facing the back wall.
  • Display your shoes at the bottom of the closet where they are visible. Other shoe storage ideas include hanging them using a shoe divider or stacking them in clear boxes.
  • Use properly labeled wicker or canvas baskets to store T-Shirts and sweaters instead of plopping them in a heap on shelves.
  • Use a colorful pegboard to hang ties, belts, or necklaces.
  • Hang a mirror if you have the room or install a pull-out one.

Think of the project as an evolving one instead of a one-time event to reflect your clothes organization ideas or kids' closet ideas.

Over to You

Adults and kids have very different closet needs and ideas, yet many manufacturers design closets for grown-ups only. Organizing closet storage with your kids in mind can help them get self-reliant and responsible for their space and simultaneously takes some of the load off you. Since what works when your kids are young, not when they get older, it's best to design closets that grow with them.

Tailored Living offers custom closet organization systems to maximize storage space for all your clothes and accessories. We feature different vertical solutions such as floor-to-ceiling cabinets, adjustable shelves, and personalized solutions (like shoe racks, decorative hooks, or velvet-lined jewelry drawers).

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