Cure Overnight-Guest Anxiety with the Perfect Murphy Bed

One of the highlights of the holiday season is visits from family and friends you may not see very often because they live far away. To spend more quality time together, they generally stay with you, and the hustle and bustle of more people in the house is both fun and anxiety-inducing. One big concern is always sleeping space—exactly where will all the bodies fall?

  • Are there enough beds?
  • Do you shuffle all the kids into one room with air mattresses and sleeping bags?
  • Are couches made up and unmade day after day to accommodate daytime use and sleep time?
  • Will the family room become a war zone of mattresses, blankets and suitcases for the duration of the visit?

Tailored Living® has a solution that can keep the holidays calmer and make your home feel bigger. The awesome, versatile and unobtrusive Murphy Bed! A Murphy Bed can instantly transform any room into a comfortable guest room for overnight guests and let you rest easier.

A Murphy Bed is a beautiful addition to your home

Never an intrusion like a roll-away bed or bulky air mattresses, a custom Murphy Bed is real furniture in your home. Housed in beautiful custom cabinetry the bed can be incorporated into an entire wall design with cabinets, drawers and shelves, or be a stand-alone design with or without surrounding cabinets. A Murphy Bed adds beauty and functionality wherever installed, providing enclosed storage and open shelves for displaying decorative items.

Cabinets come in a variety of design styles and finishes from white to dark Chocolate Apple so you can easily match any room’s décor. Raised panel doors and crown molding create a traditional look, or you can present a modern, contemporary look with smooth surfaces free of adornment. Glass-inset doors, integrated lighting, drawers and decorative hardware are additional design options.

Murphy Beds come in twin/single, full/double, queen and king sizes to accommodate the space you have. Available as vertical or side-tilt (not in king size) orientation, cabinets are about 16” deep when closed, taking up approximately the same space as a bookcase. They can fit very nicely in many places around the home.

  • As part of a home office design, creating a dual-purpose guest room.
  • A hide-away second bed in a bedroom where two conventional beds would take up too much space.
  • Integrated into a family room entertainment center so the room easily converts to extra sleeping space.
  • A Murphy Bed in a child’s playroom can be the secret weapon whenever company comes.

A Murphy Bed doesn’t skimp on comfort

A Murphy Bed will fit any coil spring mattress up to 10” thick with the regular height legs or up to 12” thick with the extended legs, so your guests are guaranteed a good night’s sleep. Hands-down, a Murphy Bed will trump any other temporary sleeping arrangement, including an air mattress, the couch, the pool table and sleeping bags on the floor.

  • Overstuffed couches are too soft and firm cushions are too hard for relaxing sleep. Additionally, a couch is narrower than even a twin bed, so adults would be cramped. And if the sleeper is taller than the couch is long, they can’t stretch out.
  • Air mattresses can deflate, and sheets and blankets will slide off unless the sleeper lies very still. Any tossing and turning will have the bed unmade before the morning.
  • Sleeping bags may suffice for the very young, but grownups assuredly will appreciate the luxury of sleeping on a traditional mattress with tucked-in sheets and blankets.

Eliminate the anxiety of having overnight guests

Along with the excitement and good times, the holidays can bring additional stress. Already busy days are filled with more activities, marathon shopping, increased entertaining and more people in the house. If holiday visitors make you yearn for extra beds in the house, a Murphy Bed (or two) may be the perfect answer to reduce holiday tension and eliminate the anxiety.

  • No more shuffling bedrooms around, bunking the kids together when they’d rather be in their own rooms.
  • You don’t have to make and unmake couches or air mattresses every day, the blankets and pillows fold up into the cabinet along with the bed, freeing the room for its regular daytime activities. At bedtime it quickly pulls down, ready for nighttime duty.
  • If winter colds or flu strike, a Murphy Bed can come in handy as alternative sleeping space for someone “in quarantine.”
  • You can rest assured that everyone will sleep comfortably, wake refreshed and be ready for whatever tomorrow brings.

There’s still time to ensure that your holiday guests will have a comfortable place to sleep when they visit. Call 866-712-3404 today to schedule a FREE, in-home consultation. Murphy Beds can make hosting company a more enjoyable experience in addition to expanding your everyday living space in creative ways. As whole home organization specialists, we can help with innovative storage solutions for every area of your home, eliminating clutter and restoring order and calm.