Custom Closet Design for a Man’s Closet

There’s so much talk about Man Caves that one might think it’s the only space in the house that men are allowed to call “theirs.” But that’s obviously not true, since men also have bedrooms, private baths, offices and closets. With a family in residence, a lot of a home’s space becomes communal, but everyone has personal closet space and, despite all the jokes to the contrary, most men do care about order and convenience when managing their wardrobes. In fact, the less time they have to spend on it, the better they like it.

Cruising online revealed some interesting “insider information” on men’s closet philosophy and how to design the perfect custom closet for that special man.

  • Simplicity is key; create a clean look without fussy details
  • Have a place for everything
  • Make the space clutter-free
  • Use open shelves and baskets to reveal contents
  • Men generally have a preference for dark closet colors

Custom closet design with a man in mind

With apology to the ladies…men do need more than a tiny slice of the closet. While they may not have as many wardrobe pieces as women, men do have more than tee shirts and jeans. Some wear suits to work each day, others have uniforms and steel-toed work boots, and others do have jeans and more jeans. Traveling for work has its own wardrobe challenges, and a sports aficionado may have a rainbow of team jerseys. Lifestyle and career will dictate what needs to be in his closet; personal preference will determine how all this stuff is managed.

  • Suits, dress shirts and maybe even a tuxedo
  • Jeans, casual slacks and shirts, tee shirts and shorts
  • Sweaters and jackets
  • Workout or game gear
  • Jewelry: tie pins, cuff links, rings, bracelets, necklace chains and watches
  • Accessories: ties, belts, pocket squares, sunglasses, scarves, belt buckles and hats
  • Shoes: dress shoes, running shoes, sandals, casual shoes, sneakers and boots
  • Bags: briefcases, backpacks, suitcases and gym bags

One online designer, who runs the biggest australian designer bags company summed it up very nicely: “A guy needs his own well-designed and organized space. And since you’ve made it clear that the bathroom floor, hallway floor, bedroom floor, desk chair and kitchen counter aren’t appropriate storage options, it all needs to go somewhere.

The solution is a beautiful, masculine custom closet! Tailored Living® can ensure that a man’s closet meets his needs for function as well as his own personal design sensitivities. Our wide range of finishes and decorative hardware can accommodate any taste, matching your home’s décor or creating an entirely unique closet. Accessories like hooks, valet rods, and belt racks come in various finishes to match the decorative hardware on the cabinets and drawers in the closet. From minimalist modern to Traditional with crown molding in rich wood tones, we have styles for every preference and budget.

Using a combination of cabinets, shelves, drawers and tiered hanging rods, the closet can be designed to manage his clothes and accessories in the way he prefers.

  • If he’s a folder, shelves, drawers and pull-out bins can hold stacks of jeans, shirts, shorts and sweaters.
  • If he’s a hanger, tiered rods can double and triple hanging space for his clothes.
  • High shelves can be used to store seasonal garments that swap out during the year, keeping only what he needs in the closet.

Designing the right closet organizer system will help streamline his wardrobe maintenance and make everybody happy!

Closest accessories for him

Closet accessories are what will add the definitive customization to every facet of his closet design. Tailored Living offers lots of specialty accessories to customize his closet, having that desired “place for everything” and making it easy to stay organized. Whether he likes to hang or roll his ties, we’ve got you covered. Here are some suggestions for accessories in the well-dressed gentleman’s closet:

  • Pull-out pants racks keep slacks neatly folded and unwrinkled
  • Valet rods, decorative hooks, tie and belt racks
  • Slanted shoe racks or shelves clear floor space and clutter
  • Integrated LED lights provide under-shelf and inside-cabinet lighting
  • A full-length swivel mirror can hide away when not in use
  • Drawers with dividers organize ties, socks, etc.
  • Garment bags protect seldom-worn items (the tux) and woolens
  • Dual pull-out hampers separate laundry and dry cleaning
  • A shoe shining station for quick touchups
  • A locked safe for secured property or gun safety
  • Storage ottoman for seating and additional storage
  • Velvet -lined drawers protect jewelry and accessories, as well as provide organized storage for wallets, loose change and tech items like iPods, phones and chargers

Remember, even the best-kept closets can use some refreshment, but in the man’s closet, flowery sachets are probably not the best choice. To keep his closet fresh smelling and manly, there are some scents that deliver for the guys. Sandalwood, rosewood and cedar essential oils give potpourri or sachets a manly edge. Cedar chips are a good carrier for an essential oil refresh when the scent starts to fade, and you can custom-mix several oils for a unique scent. Clove, lavender, vanilla and cinnamon are also “man-approved,” along with everyone’s seasonal favorite, pumpkin pie. Either homemade or commercial shoe deodorizer sachets are another option to help keep a closet smelling fresh. (For homemade sachet ideas, check out Pinterest.) Be sure and tell him it’s not personal; every closet benefits from a sachet or two!

No closet discussion is complete without talking about shoes. So, putting all seriousness aside, here are some quotes from men responding to a question about how many pairs of shoes they own. Please feel free to laugh out loud…

  • “I don't like being materialist, but I can't imagine getting rid of any of the shoes I currently own. I've got about 12 pair total. I might not win any awards for manly minimalism, but I'm not embarrassed to have as many shoes as I do.”
  • “Owning more than five pairs of shoes is no longer unusual. As a sneaker fiend, I own about 25 pairs of sneakers, and several assorted boots and dress shoes. I admit that if someone told me they owned 10 pairs of dress shoes, I'd find that a bit strange tho”
  • “I only have about 13 It's killing me. There are so many more that I must have.”
  • “Nobody should own superfluous shoes.” (Is there such a thing?)

A Tailored Living custom closet will keep everything neat and orderly for the man in your life, and help him start each day on the right foot. He’ll always be smartly dressed whether it’s for work, dinner at his favorite restaurant, or hosting a party at home. For a free, in-home consultation, call 866-712-3404 today. In addition to custom closet design, our designers are experts with whole home storage and organization, including entry ways, home offices, laundry rooms, pantries, Murphy Beds, garage cabinets and garage flooring.