Custom Garage Storage for a Small Garage

Have you ever thought of the internet as a place where dreams are born? We can “go” anywhere in the world and see things that inspire us to dream. But sometimes when we log off and return to reality, that shiny dream may dim a little. For example, after viewing dozens of images of fantastic celebrity garages, your own one- or two-car garage can seem pretty discouraging. There’s just no room for a pool table, big screen TV and home sports arena, so…woe is me!

While it is true that a small garage or prefab garage may not be able to house a pool table in addition to your car, you can have a functional, beautifully organized garage, no matter its size. Tailored Living’s® designers are experts at maximizing space and increasing utility for any garage, using innovative storage solutions and custom design to make your garage accomplish what is important to you.

The multi-purpose garage

Most garages are “working garages,” meaning they serve a purpose in serving the family. This can include parking a car or motorcycle, space for laundry, tools and general storage, including sports equipment. The first step is to determine exactly what has to be in the garage.

  • If it’s where laundry is done, you have to work around the machines.
  • If you need a work bench, this includes storage for tools.
  • To park one or more cars, adequate space for parking needs to be accommodated. This takes into consideration the size of the car or cars, as well as space to safely open and close the doors when getting in and out.

You may find that outdoor storage sheds can house gardening equipment or an over-abundance of sports paraphernalia, reducing the demands on your small garage. Once the “non-negotiables” are determined, design creativity takes over! Utilizing a combination of garage cabinets, shelves, wall storage racks and overhead storage, you can revolutionize your garage.

Adjustable Wall Rack and Overhead Storage Systems

Wall rack storage systems are especially valuable when you’re tight on space, as is often the case in a small garage. Both Gridwall Racks and Slatwall PVC panels capture vertical wall space, getting stuff up off the floor, with a system of specialty hooks, hangers, attachable baskets and shelves to accommodate both large and small items, from bikes to hand tools. These systems keep storage close to the wall, so there’s still room to comfortably park the car. And with everything openly displayed, it’s easy to find exactly what you need when you need it.

Overhead storage can accommodate large items like seasonal decorations, beach and camping gear, sleeping bags, folding chairs, etc. Store seldom-used items up high, freeing up the easily-accessible space for everyday needs.

Custom garage storage cabinets

Garage cabinets give a clean, uniform look to your garage by getting everything behind closed doors. Regardless of the space constraints, by customizing to your exact measurements, even corners and nooks can become valuable storage space. Custom garage cabinets can fit around windows and doors, or other “challenges” like sloped ceilings, water heaters or electrical panels. PremierAccessTM sliding doors are an option for even more space-saving operation.

Building custom storage cabinets around a washer and dryer, workbench, or above a car stall, utilizes vertical space that would otherwise be lost. Small unit floor-to-ceiling cabinets provide lots of storage by capturing vertical space while using very little floor space. Whether you have room for just one cabinet or a wall of cabinets, your small garage can become highly functional with the right storage solutions.

Garage cabinets are available in a range of colors, styles and finishes, including six standard wood laminate finishes, Powder-coated doors in Tech Red and Slate, and Thermofoil doors in High Gloss Black or Red, and Carbon Fiber for a textured look. Cabinets can have locking doors or drawers when safety is an issue, and soft-close hinges to prevent smashed fingers.

Open shelving in conjunction with garage cabinets or wall storage systems is another option for things that don’t need enclosed storage. Our heavy-duty, one-inch thick shelves are great for holding individual items and containers, like clear plastic bins that let you see what’s stored inside.

Garage flooring: the finishing touch

No garage design is truly complete without new garage flooring. A new floor can coordinate with your garage storage cabinets and create a space that is stylish, as well as clean and safe for your family. Tailored Living has a range of options for high-quality garage flooring:

  • PremierTrax flexible garage floor tiles are available in 18 standard colors to mix and match to create any number of unique designs. They create a durable floor with a “flow-through” design that eliminates spills and is easy to clean.
  • Our PremierOne® hybrid polymer garage floor coatings are the toughest you can find anywhere. All five unique styles resist chipping, peeling, fading and stains, and dry to a smooth, glossy, hard finish. Check out the beautiful designs and color options: PremierOne, PremierSolids, PremierStone, PremierElements and PremierStratus.

There’s no reason to settle for dysfunction in a small garage! Protect your car and still have useful space for laundry, storage, hobbies or games with a custom garage design from Tailored Living. For a FREE, in-home consultation, call 866-712-3404 today, or go online to to find a designer near you. They’ll bring samples, design guides and even create a 3D rendering of your space with our exclusive D’Vinci design software so you can see exactly how your garage will look.

With winter weather on the way, now is the perfect time to transform your garage and make it more user-friendly for the whole family. Also ask about storage and organization solutions for custom closets, home office design, laundry rooms, entry ways, pantries and more, to get your whole home beautifully organized for the holidays.