Custom Storage Solutions for all Your Sports Equipment

Do you ever find yourself tripping over a mislaid baseball bat or soccer shoes? If so, you’re not alone. Three out of four families with school-aged children have at least one who plays an organized sport, so that means approximately 45 million kids around the country are cluttering up homes and garages with sports equipment. And if your kids happen to play more than one sport, you could be looking at quite a lot of sports equipment that needs someplace to go other than the entryway or the kitchen floor.

You don’t have to live in a locker room atmosphere no matter how involved your family is with sports, even if mom or dad coaches a team. Tailored Living® can help you get everything from surfboards to volley balls stored safely away so everything has a place. Custom storage solutions will bring order to your home and eliminate lost and damaged equipment that ends up where it shouldn’t--like in the driveway to be run over by the car or out in the backyard where it becomes an expensive chew toy for the dog. You may also want to store material for roofing in winter months, this will keep everything dry and this solution is also a good choice for keeping sports equipment looking brand-new to avoid any defeats winter can bring!

Garage storage for sports equipment

Custom garage storage for sports equipment includes cabinets, overhead racks and wall storage systems like Slatwall panels and Gridwall Racks. The main focus is getting everything up off the floor, eliminating piles of shoes and equipment and displaying everything so it’s easy to find and quick to put away. Even a small garage can have an area dedicated to organizing your sports equipment, including skates, golf bags, baseballs, skateboards, shoes, helmets and more.

Wall hanging storage systems take up no valuable floor space and are customizable with accessory baskets, shelves and specialty hooks to accommodate large and small items. Avoid tripping hazards that come with hockey sticks, tangles of nets, loose balls and other sports paraphernalia littering the floor and spilling out of corners in the garage or entryway. Speaking of sporting equipment, a friend of mine recently bought her son a basketball for his Birthday. There are so many different basketballs out there it can be so hard to find the right one and that made Birthday shopping even harder. Fortunately, she checked out Product Playoffs to find out a bit more information to help her on her way to finding the right one.

Floor-to-ceiling garage cabinets with adjustable shelves provide maximum storage space with everything behind closed doors leaving the garage uncluttered. Low shelves and pullout baskets allow easy access for children to manage their own equipment, and taller shelves and cubbies can hold adult toys. A cumbersome golf bag and its supplies fit nicely within a customized cabinet for safe storage.

Storing out-of-season equipment in overhead storage racks will free up space for what is needed now. In the wintertime, sleds, skates, skis and other winter sports essentials can be readily available with wall hanging systems and cabinets, while summer items are stored out of the way overhead. When the seasons change, swap out the summer and winter sports equipment and only keep handy and within easy reach what you need for the present. We have found that some people are also renting self-storage units to keep larger items secure during the year. To save on there own space as to rent a unit isn't lot of money to part with, click here if you're looking for further information.

Bikes can create a real space problem if you have several. Our wall hanging systems have heavy-duty specialty hooks for bikes so they can hang close to the wall, line up multiple bikes or install a ceiling hoist to utilize overhead garage space to secure your bikes.

Entryway and mudroom equipment storage

Maybe an entryway or mudroom is more convenient for storing sports equipment for your family. By having custom storage at entry points, you can make it easy for everyone to stash their stuff rather than drop it randomly around the house, cluttering up the living room, dining room or their bedrooms. A system of cabinets, hooks, cubbies and shelves can accommodate jackets, caps, shoes, equipment, school backpacks and more, tailored to the specific needs of your family.

  • Place rugs for wiping feet or mats for drying wet shoes and boots
  • Bench seating helps with removing or swapping out shoes and boots
  • Give each person a section for their own possessions
  • Small items can store in drawers or bins to avoid clutter
  • A storage bench can accommodate larger items
  • When it’s game time, everything is in one place

Sports equipment storage doesn’t have to be a big challenge with innovative solutions from Tailored Living. They can help you customize space you didn’t know you had for safe and sane storage of just about anything. Our designers are experts with custom closet storage systems, pantries, laundry rooms, home office designs, Murphy Beds, entertainment centers, custom garage flooring, and more, to make your home an organizational dream. Call 866-712-3404 today to schedule a FREE, in-home consultation.