Decorate for the Holidays with Kids’ Craft Projects

Nothing says “holiday cheer” like the box of ornaments and decorations that grows every year with new additions from crafty family members. Who doesn’t have a hand turkey, tissue paper ghosts and bread dough and popsicle stick ornaments? Half the fun of decorating around Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and Hanukkah is reliving the fun times around all those handmade treasures. The years may add a few wrinkles and the colors may fade a bit, but the memories are still vibrant every time you open up the box!

Provide a creative environment

Encouraging creativity in children is important to developing their imaginations and growing their creative thinking abilities. Whether you suggest they take an art class online or just get creative with some paint, creativity is key! The ability to “think outside the box” positions children as future scientists, engineers, artists, performers, writers, designers and inventors. Creative fun for a child can become a lifelong passion that translates to a vocation or a pleasurable hobby that follows your child into adulthood.

A curious, creative mind is never bored with paper, scissors, pencils, paint, glue and glitter around. But filling the hours with creative fun can often result in clutter and chaos. A crafter or two in the house with all sorts of arts and crafts supplies can produce a very messy space. Rather than stress over the mess until the projects are no longer fun, let Tailored Living® help you design a crafts room especially for fostering creativity and, at the same time, keeping everything organized.

  • Custom solutions maximize your space according to specific needs
  • Countertops provide space for big projects
  • Capture vertical storage with shelves for stacking supplies
  • Drawers can hold lots of small items and eliminate clutter
  • Cleanup is quick when it’s time to put everything away

A dedicated crafts room is every artist’s dream. Supplies are safely stored, there is plenty of workspace and, since the room is not used for other activities, in-progress projects can be left out until you have time to work on them again. Regardless of the many tools of the trade, the combination of enclosed storage and open shelves keeps the room neat and organized with easy accessibility to all supplies. Whenever you have time to relax, your favorite pastime is waiting.

A dual-purpose room can also become an efficient crafts center as well as a home office or guest bedroom. With a busy family, home space is often in demand and innovative storage solutions from Tailored Living can facilitate all the possible uses for the rooms in your home.

The elegant design below includes volumes of storage space with upper and lower cabinets, desktop space and two separate work stations. You can envision all kinds of activities in this room, including a home office for paying bills, a family computer station, homework space for students and a crafts and hobby area. Then, when overnight guests appear, all the work and craft clutter is hidden away and the Murphy Bed is opened to instantly create a comfortable guest room.

Extend crafting fun to the garage

Garage space can house hobbies as well, including motorcycles, bikes, sports equipment and woodworking or gardening tools. With organization and planning, your garage can become a lively crafts and hobby center for the whole family.

  • Floor-to-ceiling garage storage cabinets transform the garage into functional living space
  • Wall hanging storage systems like Slatwall panels can organize tools and sports equipment, providing easy access
  • Overhead storage racks keep large or seldom-used items, like camping gear, off the floor and out of the way
  • A new garage floor, either PremierOne’s epoxy garage floor coatings or PremierTrax flexible tiles, creates a safe, clean space for family activities

A gift wrapping center can be incorporated into your garage hobby area along with the art and craft supplies. No matter the event, you’ll have what you need to present the perfect present, including wrapping paper, ribbons, gift tags and cards. Or get creative with homemade cards and decorated gift bags to make the holidays extra special. Kids will enjoy creating personalized items for friends and family reflecting their own unique style.

So don’t let the inherent messiness of arts and crafts limit the creativity of your family. Your local Tailored Living designer can help you set up the perfect space or spaces for all the crafts and hobbies your family enjoys. You‘ll be able to count on new, handmade ornaments and decorations every year to make the holidays brighter. Call 866-712-3404 today to schedule a free, in-home consultation.

As whole home organization specialists, we are experts with custom closest storage systems, home offices, laundry rooms, pantries, entertainment centers, entryways, garages and garage flooring, and more. View our online Design Solutions Guide for inspiration on maximizing the living space in your entire home. Innovative storage and organization solutions can take you from chaos to a calm that will last all through the holidays and into the New Year.

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