Decorating Do’s and Don’ts for the Holidays

This is the time of year when holiday decorating takes the world by storm, from individual homes to whole neighborhoods and shopping malls to downtown squares. October through January is jam-packed with holidays, including Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Winter Solstice, Chinese New Year and New Year’s Day. People of all faiths and beliefs celebrate religious heritage and culture in conjunction with holiday celebrations, marked by sumptuous food, gift giving and lots of decorating.

Does holiday decorating cause dread or delight at your house? When it’s time to decorate for the changing seasons or for specific holidays and the thought of decorating makes you shudder, maybe you’re doing it wrong.

Decorating do’s so you can enjoy the holidays

  • First and foremost, your decorating style should reflect who you are and how you want your home to look. Holiday decorations are sort of like the icing on a cake. The cake/holiday is the main feature; the decorations, or icing, is enhancement and enrichment and can take the form of thick, creamy icing, fresh fruit garnish or a simple sugar glaze. However you like it.
  • Make it easy on yourself by having decorations that transition from one holiday to the next. Regardless the holiday, staples of decorating include candles, garlands, lights, table runners, seasonal items like pumpkins, pinecones, snowflakes and holly. With a little planning, fall decorations can highlight Halloween and Thanksgiving, swapping out Jack-o-lanterns and black cats for pilgrims, pumpkins and gourds. A winter wonderland of white can become Christmas, Winter Solstice or New Year’s by adding holiday-specific elements.

  • Put safety first if you have little ones or curious pets in the home. Use decorations that will not present a hazard to children and pets such as unbreakable ornaments, battery-operated candles, non-toxic plants and out-of-reach garlands and strands of lights or beads. You’ll have less worry about someone getting hurt and you won’t be stressing with constant, “No, don’t touch that.”
  • Use fragrances to enhance your decorating style. Candles, potpourri, and simmering cider can fill your home with seasonal scents like cinnamon, cloves, peppermint and pine. Scented candles, candle melts, cinnamon pine cones and fresh greenery create a” scent-sational” atmosphere for holiday entertaining.

Decorating Don’ts to make your spirit bright

  • Don’t decorate to impress other people. Decorate in a way that creates a feel-good atmosphere for you and your family. Just because your sister decorates every room in her home doesn’t mean you have to. If a mantle display and table centerpiece is more your speed, then create two fabulous points of holiday cheer. (Check out 15 Christmas Mantle designs.)
  • Don’t attempt the impossible. If life events like illness, new baby or a move cramp your decorating style, step back to what is doable and enjoy guilt-free, scaled-back holiday decorations this time around.
  • Don’t try to do it all yourself, get the family involved and make decorating part of the festivities. Put on some music, bake that first batch of holiday cookies, serve hot chocolate and cider and make it a memorable time.
  • Don’t be afraid to try something new. “We’ve always done that” shouldn’t preclude some new twists on old favorite traditions. For example, the classic wreath may surprise you with some modern twists to make your holidays merry and bright.

Organization is a big help when it’s time to decorate

Decorating should enhance your enjoyment of the holidays and not become a difficult chore. Having all your decorations organized will make the task of decorating your home even easier. Nothing is more frustrating than not being able to find a specific item, or opening a box from the bottom of a pile and realizing that all the breakables are, indeed, broken.

As whole home organizers, Tailored Living designers can help you safely store and organize all your holiday decorations. Whatever the season, whatever the reason, including birthdays and anniversaries, you’ll know where everything is with innovative, custom storage solutions.

  • Garage storage cabinets with adjustable shelves can safely house all your holiday decorations in marked bins as well as provide enclosed storage for large items like trees, angels and outdoor yard decorations.
  • By installing storage cabinets and a custom garage floor, you’ll turn your garage into storage nirvana for all the storage needs of your family, including parking the car.
  • A custom pantry can keep holiday dishes, serving pieces and linens neatly stored and readily available.

So don’t let decorating run you ragged. Your local Tailored Living designer can help you find the perfect space for all your holiday decorations, making decorating and putting away the decorations an easier task. Call 866-712-3404 today to schedule a free, in-home consultation. Ask how you can “Gift Yourself With Whole Home Organization” and save up to $500 with our year-end promotion going on now.

We can also help with custom closest storage systems, home offices, laundry rooms, pantries, entertainment centers, entryways, Murphy Beds, and more. Act now and turn holiday chaos into calm with custom home storage solutions from Tailored Living. We want you to enjoy everything about the holidays!
For holiday safety tips to protect your family: