Design A Family-Friendly Entryway To Calm The Chaos Of Winter

At the best of times, entryways can be challenging and when winter adds freezing temperatures, ice, snow, slush, storms, rain, and mud, it can be a nightmare for your home at every entrance--front door, back door and garage--bringing wet feet and dripping coats through the door. If you’re not sure how to make your entryway or mudroom functional and convenient for your family, Tailored Living® can help with innovative storage and organization solutions to calm the additional chaos that winter brings.

Organized Custom Entryway Custom entryway design will maximize your space with extreme efficiency, cloaked in beauty

Tame the overabundance of outerwear

In cold weather, the number of coats, hats, scarves, vests, and gloves exponentially increases to an alarming degree, severely cluttering up the entryway. Most people start peeling off these outer layers the minute they come in, so having plenty of hanging space with an assortment of hooks will eliminate dropping jackets to the floor and piling soggy hats and gloves on the nearest surface. High- and low-level hooks will make it easy for the tall and the small to hang up their things, and designated hooks for each family member will eliminate fighting for space. Especially in wet weather, you need enough hooks so that coats and other wet garments don’t get layered on top of each other because they won’t dry properly, creating a whole other problem.

Organized Entryway HooksKeep your entryway organized with hooks and more hooks to provide space for hats, coats, and scarves

  • In conjunction with cabinets, hooks will keep coats and accessories organized for an exceptionally neat entryway.
  • Decorative hooks can also be used independently to create hanging space in small or narrow entryways.
  • Young kids will be more likely to use reachable, fun hooks of their favorite animals or Superheroes.

Win the war on muddy shoes and boots

In a class by itself for messing up the house is muddy footwear. In wintertime, shoes and boots are perpetually wet and muddy, and treads packed with mud can deposit that dirt all over the house. Entryway design should include storage specifically to control winter’s footwear, with integrated benches, shelves, and cubbies so shoes and boots can leave the mess at the door. A bench makes it easy to sit to remove dirty shoes and, in conjunction with rugs and waterproof trays, you eliminate rain, mud, and snow from being tracked into the rest of the house. Additional preventative measures are boot scrapers and outdoor rugs to eliminate the worst caked-on mud before ever coming through the door.

Entryway Mudroom Storage Accessories No more mess from muddy shoes with entryway and mudroom storage designed to contain the problem

  • Cubbies keep shoes separated so they have a chance to dry out and the mates don’t get lost.
  • Boot scrubbers quickly get rid of mud and dirt and keep it outside where it belongs.
  • Electric dryers protect your boots and shoes by ensuring they get completely dry.

Organize the little things that matter

Entryways also tend to collect random things; some that should be elsewhere and some that should be in the entryway—but organized. Shopping bags, sports equipment, books, purses, laptops, umbrellas, sunglasses, coffee mugs, toys, and phones can all add to unhelpful clutter. Design options let you choose what works best for you, and including baskets, bins, drawers, shelves, a side table, or a bench in your entryway will provide organized storage to keep track of everyone’s everything. Storing like items together makes it easy to find what’s needed for next time out, such as a bin just for gloves or a tray for keys, sunglasses, or mail. Individual cubbies or baskets will allow each family member to keep their own essentials together so things don’t get lost.

Accessible Entryway StorageA family-friendly entryway with convenient, accessible storage will help the whole family stay organized, safe, and dry all winter long

  • Enclosed cabinets can hide sports equipment or other large items to keep the area neat.
  • A bench or table lets you download packages or groceries so you can hang your coat.
  • Trays or containers for often-misplaced items like keys, sunglasses, charger cords, and pens will keep them easy to find.
  • Shelves can hold baskets or bins to organize small items.
  • A “health and safety” basket can store necessary items at the front door, so no one leaves the house without gloves, hand sanitizer, and face masks.
  • Keep all of Fido’s leashes, sweaters, treats, waste bags, and drying towels in a bin, ready for the next walk.

You deserve a break today

Now is the perfect time to whip your entryway into shape with the holidays right around the corner and before the full force of guests and winter arrives! A custom entryway designed for your family’s needs will contribute to peace at home by eliminating clutter and having you prepared for those extra cold-weather challenges. You’ll spend less time cleaning up after everyone and be able to enjoy a beautiful and welcoming entryway that lets you relax and embrace the season. Call 866-712-3404 today or go online to to find a designer near you and schedule a free, in-home or virtual* consultation.

Your local, whole home Tailored Living design specialist can also help with any other areas that may need improved storage or organization, like unruly closets, chaotic pantry, inefficient laundry room, messy home office, or the out-of-control garage. We’ll work with you in the way you are most comfortable, complying with social distancing and safety mandates and scheduling an installation when the time is right for you.

*Virtual consultations are not available at all locations.