Designing Dual-Purpose Rooms to Maximize Living Space

One thing the tiny house movement has done, besides creating new TV shows and the on-going conversation about its credibility, is reawaken an awareness of dual-purpose spaces and multi-function furniture. More and more people are looking at their existing space with an eye to getting better function from the space they have, by doubling up on space use.

Tailored Living’s® whole home storage and organization specialists can help you transform any room into beautiful, highly-functional dual-purpose space with custom design and built-ins to accommodate your lifestyle. From home office/guest rooms to dining room/libraries and laundry room/pantries you’ll be amazed at how easily both uses of space can perfectly coordinate to give you more living space.

Custom built-ins make dual-purpose rooms exceptional

Custom storage solutions from Tailored Living can make the most of any room in your home, including the garage. Building cabinetry to suit the space with coordinating colors, finishes, and hardware brings a designer look and style to your home. Entertainment centers, Murphy Beds, window seats, storage benches, and corner cabinets are just some of the options available to maximize space for multiple uses to make your rooms exceptional.

The busy kitchen

This multi-use kitchen serves as laundry room, pantry, and kitchen. The floor-to-ceiling cream-colored custom cabinets make the space look elegant and organized, even with so much going on in the space. Everything has an appointed place, with the perfect balance of open shelves for display items and enclosed cabinets to eliminate clutter.

  • The see-through dining table frees up visual space to avoid a crowded look.
  • Displayed dishes are color-coordinated, attractive and handy for use.
  • The dining table can serve as a sorting and folding surface on laundry day.


The very versatile home office

A familiar dual-purpose room is the home office/guest room. For everyday use, the home office is fully-functional with a desktop, upper and lower cabinets and drawers for the office paraphernalia and equipment. Out of sight within a beautiful cabinet is a Murphy Bed that magically transforms the office into a guest room.

  • Cabinets hide the work clutter, so the guest room is restful for sleeping and relaxing since our Murphy Beds accommodate regular mattresses and bedding--no loss of comfort here!
  • Any room is a potential guest room with a twin, full, queen or king size Murphy Bed tucked into a cabinet.
  • A media cabinet could house a TV and gaming equipment, transforming the home office into a secondary TV room for evening entertainment.

The many-faceted family room

Family rooms and TV rooms also serve as game rooms, eating areas, and playrooms, as well as for conversation, lounging, and reading. It’s where the family gathers for more than just TV viewing so having storage and organization for all its many uses will make the space more serviceable. Here, one wall is dedicated to neatly housing all the elements of entertaining, eliminating the need for extra furniture in the room, creating a clean, organized atmosphere.

  • Dedicated space for the recessed TV with cabinets to hide electronics and remotes.
  • Open shelving above cabinets and drawers allows for a grand display of collected books, with enclosed storage for games, puzzles, toys and blankets and pillows.
  • At the end is a bar, complete with refrigerator, glasses and favorite spirits for when the adults take over the room.

Challenging spaces, innovative uses

The landing at the top of a stairway is often overlooked as functional space and can end up serving as a catch-all for random things, like a large plant. A stairway landing can become very useful with custom cabinets and workspaces to serve as home office space, homework space for the kids, possibly a craft or sewing room.

  • Though an open space, this landing is neat and tidy with enclosed cabinets to hide any mess.
  • Custom bookshelves could create a library space, transforming the landing into a reading room with a comfy chair or two, tables and reading lamp.
  • For a small landing, a corner cabinet could serve as a linen closet for extra storage.

Wrap-around storage

Sometimes doorways, windows, fireplaces, and other architectural elements can hinder storage or organization elements in a room. Multiple pieces of furniture scattered throughout a room can eat up space and create a cluttered atmosphere. One way to maximize storage is with custom cabinets and shelves that take advantage of available wall space and turn it into beautiful storage.

  • This storage bench window seat with surrounding cabinets could rescue a small bedroom, dining room or living room with space for books, knick-knacks, dishes and more.
  • The window seat provides additional seating and, with a cushion, invites curling up with a good book.


The underestimated garage

A garage is usually one of the biggest rooms of a home and often neglected for anything other than disorderly storage around the cars. Stacks of boxes, towers of rakes and shovels, sports equipment in piles, and light-up pumpkins and Santa in the corner. Tailored Living can help bring order out of this chaos with custom garage storage cabinets and an easy-care PremierOne® garage floor to make your garage work for you.

  • Create a mudroom right by the entry door to the house for depositing muddy boots, wet coats, sports equipment, and backpacks so the house is spared the mess.
  • If the washer and dryer are in the garage, create a full-service laundry area with custom cabinets, hanging space, and a working countertop to make laundry day easier.
  • Capture vertical space with storage cabinets to free up floor space for other activities like a pool table, man cave or she shed retreat, home gym or hobby area.

PHOTO CAPTION: A mudroom in the garage keeps in-house entryways free of clutter while keeping the family organized

If your space isn’t working for you or you’d like better control of dual-purpose rooms, Tailored Living can help bring order and peace of mind by customizing storage and organization solutions to bring calm and comfort to your family.

Call 866-712-3404 to schedule a free, in-home consultation. We’re the whole home organization specialists that let you relax--we do it all, measuring, designing and expert installation. We are there for you with innovative storage solutions, including closet organization systems, entertainment centers, pantries, laundry rooms, entryways, and more.