Discover More Space In Crowded Rooms With A Custom Murphy Bed

If you’re feeling the squeeze of continuing to balance work and school from home, custom Murphy Beds can help create more breathing room for the whole family. Where single-purpose rooms have become dual-purpose rooms, it can become uncomfortably crowded if additional furniture or “stuff” has moved into a space. Introducing a Murphy Bed in conjunction with innovative storage and organization solutions from Tailored Living® can allow a room to serve for more than one function without gobbling up necessary living space.

Murphy Bed in Office Night-time bedroom becomes a full-time office during the day with a fold-up Murphy Bed

Stylish Murphy Beds enhance their surroundings

Space-saving Murphy Beds are beautiful, functional furniture pieces designed for the way you live. Gone are “comedy routine” old-fashioned wall beds with wobbly frames and lumpy mattresses that folded people inside. Available in a variety of cabinet styles and finishes, today’s Murphy Beds are designed to match your home’s style and décor, with options of decorative molding, glass-inset doors, integrated lighting, and adjustable shelves to meet your every need. With our eight beautiful cabinet styles, your options to create a unique and personal space are endless.

  • The Murphy Bed can be incorporated into any wall system design as an integral part of the coordinated cabinetry throughout the room.
  • Murphy Bed cabinets are only about 16” deep, so they take up very little floor space.
  • There’s no loss of comfort with a Murphy Bed. You sleep on a real mattress, traditional twin/single, full/double, queen or king sizes, with any coil spring mattress up to 12” thick.
  • Patented technology and advanced steel hardware with spring-loaded mechanisms ensure smooth and easy opening and closing, giving years of worry-free operation.

Murphy Bed in Living Room Sleek, modern minimalist cabinetry beautifully hides the secret of a Murphy Bed in this living room

Have your home office and guest room too

Transitioning to working from home has presented many homeowners with the dilemma of keeping the guest room or building a home office. With a Murphy Bed, you can have both, comfortably fit into the same space. The Murphy Bed below doesn’t have any side cabinets, it’s part of the overall home office design. When closed, it just looks like a matching cabinet to the rest of the office furniture. When needed as a guest room, merely put away the office clutter and create an atmosphere for a good night’s sleep by opening the bed, fluffing the pillows, and leaving your guests to enjoy comfort and privacy in the part-time guest room.

  • For work, cabinets, drawers and shelves can accommodate your personal work style, with drawers for filing or open bins to organize stacks.
  • Locking cabinets and drawers securely protect confidential work documents or keep equipment secure.
  • Clear away the remnants of work and free up space for guests, including desktop space for a laptop, hanging space in the closet, and a drawer or two.
  • Make sure your guests know where outlets are to charge phones and access the internet, as well as any password they may need.

Murphy Bed in Home Office and Guest Room

Home office and guest room; you never have to sacrifice the comfort of one use to the functionality of the other

Maximize family rooms, playrooms, and home gyms

Stay-home mandates combined with closed venues like movie theatres, arcades, and gyms have many families rethinking having a guest room. They’ve opted to convert that precious space for more everyday activities such as family TV rooms, playrooms, and home gyms. With a Murphy Bed, you can still have guest room availability as well as a full-time family room, game room, or gym. Determine what you need in the room, such as furniture and storage for a media room or yoga mats and exercise equipment for a home gym. Your local Tailored Living designer can help you create cabinetry and storage solutions that will facilitate the functionality needs of the main purpose of the room, with the inclusion of a Murphy Bed

Murphy Bed in Playroom No need to sacrifice valuable living space; just close the bed until you need it and the room is yours for other pursuits

  • A dual-purpose room with a Murphy Bed offers up comfortable sleeping space for family or overnight guests when the occasion arises.
  • Especially in small spaces, a Murphy Bed allows you to have beautiful furniture and a great bed.
  • Dual-purpose rooms let you use your space more efficiently and a Murphy Bed gives you that extra bedroom when you need it.

Solve space challenges with custom Murphy Beds

Sometimes a room is just too small for everything you want it to be. If sleeping space is an issue, there are many ways a Murphy Bed can resolve the problem of not enough space for conventional beds. For instance, as a second bed in a small bedroom, a Murphy Bed can provide adequate sleeping comfort for two roomies in a one-bedroom apartment or siblings in a shared bedroom, folded away during the day to free up functional space. A custom Murphy Bed with surrounding storage cabinets, shelves, and a plush mattress can be the permanent bed in a bedroom, open all the time. In a narrow room, limit the bed’s extension into the room with the side-tilt option (except for king size). A Murphy Bed can also be designed with built-in desk capability for especially tight spaces.

Innovative Desk in Small Living Space The addition of an innovative desk feature makes a Murphy Bed the ideal solution for small space living

You’ll be amazed at the extra space you’ll acquire with a Murphy Bed (or two) maximizing your rooms’ functionality, whether it’s organizing dual-purpose rooms or giving you peace of mind knowing that you’ll always having an extra bed for company. Call 866-712-3404 today or go online to to find a designer near you and schedule a free, in-home or virtual* consultation. We strictly adhere to recommended social distancing and safety precautions while in your home or, if you prefer, we can virtually evaluate your needs, design a Murphy Bed to your specifications, and present a realistic 3D color display so you can see how it will look. When everything is perfect, we’ll schedule an installation at a time that works for you.

*Virtual consultations are not available at all locations