Don't Wait to Update for a Future Buyer - Update Your Home Today

For most of us, buying a home is the biggest financial investment we’ll make. And despite the thrill of flipping homes for profit, most people buy a home with the intent to live in it for an extended period of time. And over time, things can happen:

  • Tastes and styles evolve
  • Life brings adventures that necessitate change
  • New and different can be fun

Undoubtedly you’re not wearing the same style you wore five years ago, so why should your house never change? As with everything, trends come and go and keeping your home current will improve your family’s quality of life every day as well as ensure that your home is ready when, and if, you do decide to sell. You can implement home renovations that will pay dividends later in real estate appraisal value while also living with and enjoying those benefits now.

Become the potential buyer of your own home

Sit back and take a look at your home from a buyer’s perspective. What could be done to make it more attractive to today’s buyers? A more trending paint color inside and out? Less carpet? Organized closets? You might find that what they want is exactly what you want and just haven’t made the leap. Today’s buyers are looking for:

  • Convenience
  • Low maintenance
  • Maximized space
  • Luxury

Areas where this especially applies are closets, kitchens and pantries, family rooms, laundry rooms and the garage. If more convenience and luxury sound good to you, Tailored Living® can help integrate those benefits into your living space with custom storage and organization solutions for your whole home. You may even discover that a few key renovations make the idea of selling your home a very distant possibility. And if you are planning on staying in this house, make any improvements that will make you happy without concern for future market value. You'll want to do whatever you can to make your house perfect. So if that means spending money here and there, then you have to do it. This is particularly important if something happens, such as a termite infestation. That's not something that you can just ignore. For peace of mind, you just call up someone like Termite Control Kansas City as soon as you see an issue. Once this problem is sorted then your house will basically be market ready. But obviously, there are other things that could go wrong, and other things that might need updating.

For example, the trend to aging in place has Baby Boomers rethinking how they live in their homes, and making upgrades now to facilitate future needs is one way to guiltlessly spend for home improvements. They can make on-trend, fun and functional upgrades to enhance life now as well as forestall an expensive move in the next few years.

Eight “don’t-wait-for-it” updates that can change your life

  • New color is a major way to freshen up your home. A lighter paint can make rooms feel bigger and one brightly colored or uniquely textured accent wall can add drama and style in any room. Dress up the exterior with a new front door in popular red, blue, green or yellow to spruce up the entryway. Or, you could buy a new garage door, which would be a good investment and a quick way to give your home a major face lift.
  • Outfit all the bedroom closets with custom closet systems to suit each user, making clothes and accessories easily reachable for kids and adults alike. Enhance the storage in hall closets and linen closets with closet organizers to maximize space.
  • Scale back from bulky furniture, including heavy bookcases, credenzas and hutches, and opt for custom built-ins and entertainment centers with clean lines that capture all usable space. Glass -inset cabinet doors and integrated lighting give an elegant look in living rooms and dining rooms. Add decorative accents in shiny metals like bronze and gold to bring a warm, modern element to your décor.

The whole dynamic of this TV room was changed by custom, built-in cabinets to organize and control all the clutter

  • A custom kitchen island with an extended countertop and built-in storage can transform a space into a new favorite breakfast area or a homework spot to connect with mom during meal prep. A custom pantry is another welcome upgrade that brings order and ease to managing your home’s stores.
  • Give the family room a more visual connection to the outside patio with casual indoor/outdoor furniture that ties into the outdoors. Colorful, durable weather-proof fabrics are not only for around the pool anymore, they liven up inside spaces as well with couches, chairs and decorative pillows. Upgrade the patio area for summer fun with outside heaters, awnings and a bricked-in barbeque or pizza oven.
  • A custom home office could centralize all your home management needs even if you don’t actually work from home. Having multiple work stations, equipment like printers, scanners, computers and built-in charging docks for everyone’s electronics in one place can eliminate house-wide clutter and prove to be more energy-efficient. If a dual-purpose room, the shared space could accommodate hobbies and homework, or become a part-time guest room with the addition of a Murphy Bed.

A home office can centralize electronics and recordkeeping needs, for working from home, kids doing homework, bill paying and shopping online

  • Create a spa-like bathroom with an oversized soaker tub and custom cabinets that keep all the bathroom essentials hidden, maybe even a linen closet for towels and bedding. Install dual-purpose grab bars and rails in decorative hardware finishes that can serve as towel racks as well as help aids.
  • Make the garage a comfortable extension of your living space with a custom floor and storage solutions that make it a safe and useful place, especially if it includes the laundry facilities. Start with a custom PremierOne® epoxy garage floor coating or PremierTrax interlocking garage flooring tiles and add cabinets, countertops, hanging and lighting to create a fully-functional laundry room in the garage. Additionally, creating an entryway or mudroom area right in the garage can keep clutter and dirt from entering the house.

A custom mudroom in the garage keeps wet jackets, shoes, boots and sports equipment from entering the house

Where do you start?

Which area of your home would generate the most happiness by implementing some of these ideas? Your local Tailored Living professional designer is ready to help you get the most out of your home right now. If you’re not sure what is possible, a free in-home consultation can answer all your questions and, with our 3D D’Vinci software, you can see how any custom feature will look, including different finishes and colors on cabinets and garage flooring. Custom houses are becoming very popular especially in America, check out buildtrend if you want to find out more.

So what are you waiting for? Call 866-712-3404 today to schedule a free, in-home consultation. Scroll through our online Design Solutions Guide for even more innovative ideas on home organization. Don’t make your house nicer for someone else; make updates to your home that will enhance everyday living for you and your family today.