Easy Home Organization Ideas to Streamline Housecleaning

Housecleaning, and especially spring cleaning, can seem like a never-ending process and sometimes the sheer magnitude of the task makes us put it off, but that only makes it worse. Out of sight, out of mind may work with some things, but not the buildup of clutter, dust and dirt in the home. There are many theories on housecleaning:

  • Go room by room/go task by task
  • Do all the floors last/do all the floors first
  • Dust every day
  • Vacuum once a week
  • Keep the lights down low
  • Hire a maid

Since no one style of cleaning works for everyone, here are some home organization ideas from Tailored Living®--the home storage and organization specialists with 195 locations nationwide--that can streamline housecleaning whether for the daily duster, the once-a-week white tornado or even the maid.

Custom closet systems reduce clutter

Having closets organized will be a great help by keeping clutter up off the floors and eliminating stacks of things with no place to go. With custom shelves for folded clothes, racks for hanging clothes, shoe racks and cabinets with drawers for the extras, just a few minutes a day will keep bedrooms clear of clutter and ready to clean.

A “no-piles” laundry room

One of the best ways to keep a laundry room easy to clean is to have enough hampers for dirty clothes, towels, bed linens, sports uniforms and pet blankets so they don’t end upon the floor. Even if your family is “laundry-sort-challenged” (whites vs. darks vs. delicates), just getting items into a hamper or bin will make it easy to keep work surfaces clear for when it’s time to clean or do the laundry.

Manage the mail blitz

Despite the promise of computers making us a paperless society, that’s never going to happen! Unsolicited mail comes in bunches along with bills, personal correspondence and online shopping purchases. One quick way to master the mess is to have a waste basket handy and drop junk mail directly into the trash. Stack magazines on the coffee table or in a magazine rack and, then, in a designated place in your home office, kitchen or den, use file folders, stack trays or baskets to sort the real mail, such as:

  • Bills to pay
  • Receipts to keep
  • Mail per family member
  • Items requiring further action or response
  • Sales flyers of interest

This way, you aren’t handling the mail multiple times and it isn’t piling up on countertops or getting scattered around the house. When you’re ready to pay bills or answer Aunt Beth’s letter, they’ll be in the appointed place.

Corral the small stuff

Some rooms are more likely than others to have perpetual clutter, like TV rooms with DVDs and gaming implements, family rooms with toys, puzzles and crafts, and the kitchen or dining room table that can become a dumping ground for all sorts of things! Wherever stuff congregates, create organized space that is accessible to the whole family (little ones included) so items can quickly be stacked, shelved, sorted into baskets or bins or even stowed behind closed doors. With cleared floors and surfaces, it’s a breeze to give a room a clean sweep!

An efficient entryway

Make the entryway or mudroom user-friendly so family members can easily stow their gear. Utilizing hooks, cubbies, shelves, cabinets and/or benches will create an organized space for comings and goings. Family members can set out what they need for the next day. Jackets, hats, backpacks, brief cases…they can all have storage that will keep the floor clear, making access into and out of the house safe and sane, as well as easy to Swiffer so the entry way stays neat and tidy with very little effort.

Keep cleaning supplies together

And finally, keeping your favorite cleaning supplies in a tote or carrier will make it easy to go from room to room with everything you’ll need. Having supplies throughout the house to save steps will end up with multiples of half-used spray clearers, redundant dust cloths and an over-abundance of furniture polish. A well-stocked tote makes cleaning go quickly with necessary supplies close at hand. You can see what’s running low so you don’t run out, and cleaning products won’t be shoved to the back of cabinets and forgotten. Useful tools may include:

  • Spray window/mirror cleaner or all-surface cleaner
  • Roll of paper towels
  • Wood furniture polish and lint-free dust cloths
  • Feather or lamb’s wool long-handled duster
  • Spot foam cleaner for rugs and upholstery
  • Handheld vacuum cleaner
  • Swiffer mop with dry and moist cloths

Tailored Living’s designers can help you implement storage solutions that will keep your home organized and make the task of housecleaning a lot easier. We are the experts at maximizing your living space and getting your home beautifully organized with custom storage systems, including closet storage systems, pantry and laundry room design, home office organization, garage storage cabinets, custom garage flooring and more.

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