Eliminate Household Clutter With Small Space Storage Solutions

If you’re living with unwanted clutter in your home, platitudes like, “A place for everything, and everything in its place,” isn’t going to help much. What you need are actual solutions to your clutter problem, including how to turn small spaces into great clutter-busters, letting you get control of all your spaces from the closets to the garage. Tailored Living® has five storage options that can help you utilize every inch of available space by customizing to your space and needs:

  • Baskets
  • Shelves
  • Cabinets
  • Hooks
  • Pullouts

laundry-storage-solutions.jpgBaskets large and small provide storage for cabinets, closets, and countertops as well as stand-alone decorative storage

Baskets make organizing effortless

Baskets are the go-to for all manner of storage and can eliminate clutter in a heartbeat by corralling all kinds of clutter. Available in wicker, plastic, woven woods, wire, and metal you can find a style for every need and to match the décor in any room.

  • Large baskets that sit on the floor can hold toys, blankets, and shoes in the entryway.
  • Smaller baskets can sit on shelves or countertops in kitchens, pantries, laundry rooms, and bathrooms to hold miscellaneous items.
  • Under-bed storage baskets and bins can organize everything from shoes to books and bed linens to keep the bedroom neat and uncluttered.
  • Lidded baskets or storage ottomans can hide contents you don’t want on display.

Shelves create instant storage space

Shelves are a decorating phenomenon. They are amazingly versatile and come as shelf units, floating shelves, and recessed shelves to accommodate any space constraints. Customized to fit anywhere, you can create storage in a corner with a corner shelf unit or with individual shelves, one or two or floor to ceiling. Colors and styles are unlimited from mounted railroad ties to delicate glass shelves; painted and natural woods, metals, and wire for storage exactly where you need it.

home-shelves-storage.jpgShelves can bring storage into any space, adding dimension and character along with valuable storage and display capabilities

  • Shelf units come in all sizes, floor standing or wall hanging, to bring big storage to small spaces.
  • Install floor-to-ceiling shelves inside a closet to convert it to pantry, linen closet, or crafts storage.
  • Floating shelves bring storage and organization to any room, including kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, living rooms, and laundry rooms. Wherever there is wall space, you can create storage.
  • Recessed shelves are a creative solution when space is at a premium. Flush with the wall, recessed shelves take up no space at all yet provide storage opportunities.

Cabinets with customized fit

Enclosed cabinets provide storage that not only organizes the clutter but hides it as well. Premade or custom built, you can use cabinetry in small places or as a full wall of storage. That awkward space at the end of a hallway or under a staircase can become a linen closet, pantry, or sewing and crafts closet. Small corner cabinets can add just enough storage in a room so that clutter doesn’t get the upper hand.

Portable or built-in, cabinets can help you eliminate clutter by having a place for everything!

  • In a small room, outfit one whole wall with cabinets so you don’t need other furniture in the room for storage.
  • To gain countertop and storage space in the kitchen, bring in a wheeled island that can be moved to wherever it’s convenient.
  • Combining cabinets with window seat design can greatly multiple storage in bedrooms and breakfast nooks.
  • Tailored Living’s wide range of styles, finishes and colors ensures that you can match your home’s décor, so the new cabinetry looks like it truly belongs.

Utilize wall space with hooks of all kinds

Think about what makes up the clutter at your house and determine how hooks can help. Are jackets and hats scattered all around? Do car keys clutter up the kitchen counters or get lost down sofa cushions? Do the kids’ pajamas perpetually live on the bedroom floor? One word … hooks. Strategically placed hooks can eliminate clutter of all kinds in closets, entryways, kitchens, bedrooms, and the garage.

organized-wall-space-hooks.jpgHooks are ideal for utilizing vertical wall space to eliminate clutter in every area of your home

  • In closets, hooks can add valuable hanging space in the tiniest places for robes, belts, scarves, and purses.
  • An assortment of hooks at entry doors will eliminate dropping jackets, hats, and bags to the floor or on the nearest surface.
  • A decorative key holder with hooks for every family member will eliminate lost keys.
  • Decorative hooks in kitchens can organize pans, utensils, and aprons, or in bathrooms, towels, robes, and shower caps.
  • Keep the dog’s leash on a hook handy by the door so there’s no excuse not to take him out.
  • In the garage or utility closet, Slatwall panels can be customized with specialty hooks, attachable baskets, and shelves for large and small items.
  • Over-the-door hooks of all kinds can provide storage where you don’t want to impact the walls.

Pullout shelves and drawers expand storage capabilities

Hard-to-reach floor-level cabinets are impossible storage! The same with deep cabinets that you have to crawl into to reach what’s stored. Most of the contents are out of sight past the first few inches so a lot of the space goes unused. Custom pullout shelves and drawers installed within existing cabinets provide easy access to all that inaccessible space so you can store more things and cut down on clutter.

pullout-shelves-storage.jpgMake unusable space usable with pullout drawers and shelves that give easy access to all the storage space your cabinets have to offer

  • Clear kitchen countertops by storing small appliances in now accessible cabinets.
  • Under sink cabinets in the bathrooms will become usable for storing cleaning products, hair dryers, and toiletries.
  • No more expired foods in a closet pantry with deep shelves, you’ll be able to see and reach everything that’s stored.
  • Saves wear and tear on your back and your knees!

Declare a clutter-free new year

Hopefully these suggestions have made you realize the potential of all the nooks and crannies and small spaces that could help you win the war on clutter. Maximizing the storage space you have, as well as creating storage space where there is none will let your family live clutter-free. Tailored Living can help with custom organization and storage solutions for every area of your home, including closet storage systems, pantries, laundry room organization, Murphy Beds, and home offices. Call 866-712-3404 today or go online to www.tailoredliving.com to find a designer near you and schedule a free, in-home or virtual* consultation.

*Virtual consultations are not available at all locations.

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